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August 25, 2016

Local Knowledge is Key

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Amelia Redington, Head of our Residential Corporate Services department, explains how it’s the local, on the ground experience of our team that’s key to finding the perfect property for individuals and corporate relocation departments alike.


Your London & Surrey Lettings Team

We can probably all think of certain times in life when a chance conversation with somebody contrived to make life seem just that little bit better: meeting somebody whose best friend happened to be the perfect interior designer you’d been searching for; hearing from a colleague about a fabulous local caterer just before you sent out the housewarming invites. Small things, perhaps, but helpful nonetheless.

However, what if you needed to know about the much more significant details about an area and had no colleagues or friends nearby who could help? What if you’d just been offered a fantastic new job abroad and were right at the beginning of your relocation journey, not sure which way to turn or where to begin?

That’s where the Jackson-Stops & Staff Residential Corporate Services department comes in. Our established, friendly team covers the areas of central and south west London and Surrey and is here to guide you through every step of the relocation process. If you are moving with your young family as well as yourself, then clearly there is a lot more for you to consider, in terms of the area you choose to settle in. What is the catchment criteria for that well-regarded school you’ve heard about and just how close would you need to live to be offered a place there? Will you be able to walk to local shops and a park? Is the train service to London regular and reliable from that location? Is there a good local nursery for your pre-school daughter? Will you be able to join the local tennis club easily? Is there a local youth football club your son can start playing with? We understand how many different important ‘lifestyle’ aspects help to inform your overall decision and there’s no such thing as a silly question as far as we’re concerned. We pride ourselves on the service we provide to our clients before, during and after they’ve settled into their new home.

When you ask us to assist with finding a property to rent, you can rest assured that our professional and highly experienced team will guide you through every administrative and contractual stage of the tenancy. But you can also relax in the knowledge that we are always happy to go the extra mile and answer all those seemingly small queries that all add up to a settled and happy new life in your carefully chosen new area. Please do get in touch to find out how we can be of service or email corporateservices@jackson-stops.com or call 020 7590 7109

August 10, 2016

Rowing in Rio

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It’s hard to believe that four years have passed since London played host to the last Olympic games back in 2012. Despite the various controversies that have threatened to engulf this year’s spectacle at times, the games are now fully underway in Rio and the world’s finest athletes are putting four years of gruelling preparation to the ultimate test, in front of an admiring global audience. One spectator who is paying particularly close attention is our very own Lettings Negotiator, Elouisa Jones-Gray, who is eagerly awaiting the chance to watch her friend since childhood, John Collins, competing in the Rowing Double Scull in Rio.

Terraced House to rent Quayside Walk

Terraced House to rent Quayside Walk

If the sight of the rowers out on the waters inspires you or your family to try your hand at this particular sport, why not take the opportunity of renting a beautiful riverside house that is located just a short distance from Kingston Rowing Club.  The contemporary, four bedroomed property is set on the riverside and could be the start of your very own Olympian journey…roll on 2020!

To arrange a viewing of the property, please contact Elouisa at our Teddington Lettings office on the High Street, she would be delighted to help.


August 5, 2016

Happiness in Holland Park

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Holland ParkAs many a disgruntled W11 resident will be aware, Holland Park Tube station has been closed since the beginning of the year. However, to the delight of local commuters, the station has just re-opened with a shiny new lift replacement!

The new and improved station also features a new ticket hall, passenger help points on both platforms and increased CCTV coverage. Keen to remain eco-friendly, the station has energy efficient lighting and has also improved passenger accessibility.

Holland Park residents, we are delighted that your travel plans have just been simplified and improved! And for those living further afield, why not take the opportunity to visit this beautiful part of London and pop in to meet our friendly Holland Park Sales & Lettings team; our office is located on Portland Road, just a short stroll around the corner from the tube station.


July 15, 2016

Three weeks on: how the London market has reacted to the EU Referendum vote

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Ref graphicOur London Research Department assesses the reaction within the property market following the vote to leave the European Union, as at 15th July 2016.

The result of the Referendum was announced three weeks ago and although it is too early to gauge any marked trend in the property market, the immediate response evidenced by our offices appears relatively moderate.

Caution among buyers, sellers and EU tenants stemming from the uncertain economic and political position of withdrawing from the EU, which was very obvious in the months leading up to the vote, still resonates in the Press. However, looking at new demand for residential property from applicants registering their interest in buying or renting across our London offices, we have not detected any notable downturn in demand following 23 June.

The graph below shows the weekly average for the past three months of applicant registrations including the three week period following the Referendum.

main graph - JSS












Among our London network of offices, there has been no significant fall in demand in the sales market which is relatively stable, just below its three month average. Demand for rental property started to gain momentum in the weeks leading up to the vote and has continued to increase since 23rd June.

The Sales Market

To help gauge pressure on house prices, we compare the proportion of those new entrants into the market registering interest to buy against those interested in selling. Our offices have seen a fairly steady ratio of three applicants to every seller over the past six months.

sales ratio - jss












However, despite relatively steady demand, transaction numbers have fallen and the market is likely to see a continuation of the lower number of sales across London in 2016 compared with last year. That has and will continue to be most pronounced at the high end, which has a greater degree of price sensitivity with the market still adjusting to the Stamp Duty reforms. In the prime central regions where overseas demand is more significant, the value of the Pound Sterling has made buying UK property cheaper. For example, for the Indian Rupee or the United States Dollar, the Pound is currently 13% lower than on the day of the Referendum. This ‘discount’ should attract investors and those looking to buy in London, especially those holding a medium to long term view. Despite the uncertainty over the future of Britain’s trading position, London is still likely to retain its ‘safe haven’ status. It is seen as one of the world’s leading Capital cities where its history, diverse architecture, quality of life and overall appeal to the international community is unique. Significantly, London’s resilience to previous major economic downturns has been proven.

In the lower value and peripheral areas of London where demand for housing is more heavily influenced by mortgage markets, the fact that the base interest rate has just been held at its record low of 0.5% and may be reduced in due course will support buyers’ ability to purchase. This bodes well for those re-mortgaging or new entrants to the housing market. Lenders may be rigid in passing on lower rates and still be strict on loan to value ratios but the historic low cost of borrowing will continue to underwrite demand and thus support prices.

However, what we are likely to see in London is greater price sensitivity and thus lower capital growth. In May, the Chancellor suggested that property values in the UK could be 10-18% under their expected trend by mid-2018 because of a short term economic shock following our withdrawal from EU membership. London is arguably most at risk due to being the least affordable region in the UK but the very constrained supply, low interest rates and our Capital’s institutional factors will help support prices. The Nationwide House Prices Index recorded London prices had grown 10% in the 12 months to July 2016. Therefore even with a fall in demand, it would need to be significant to stop annualised capital growth.

We have seen certain purchasers seeking to take advantage of the uncertainty by making offers well below asking prices and some vendors have agreed to discounts. However, we have also seen some record and full asking prices achieved which indicates that some purchasers are taking a longer term view over the value of properties they are purchasing.

The Lettings Market

Not unsurprisingly the lettings market has shown greater resilience than the sales market to the uncertainty leading up to the Referendum and continues to do so. On average, we have witnessed an increase in activity for those looking to rent a property. Comparing the ratio of prospective tenants to landlords, there has been some variation over the past six months but in the last three months there have been progressively more tenants seeking rented property across our London network. However this does mask some regional variations where those offices more reliant on European and corporate tenants have not seen such resilience.

lettings ratio - jss













Although both sales and rental demand appear to be stable following the vote to leave, Britain has not begun the negotiations of withdrawing from the EU and until the mechanics of re-establishing our trading positions have taken hold we will not know the extent of any adverse consequences. However we now have greater political stability with the rapid succession of our new Prime Minister and the swift appointment of a new Cabinet. The FTSE 350, which is more representative of British commerce, is at a higher level than before the Referendum as is the FTSE 100. The Bank of England is strategically ready to counter any downturn in economic activity through quantitative easing, relaxing commercial lending criteria and reducing the base interest rate. The Treasury may also implement fiscal measures such as reducing corporation tax to encourage more investment. The new Chancellor has already announced that he will aim to ‘scale back austerity’ and has pledged to ‘protect the City’. This improved political and economic position will encourage greater confidence and should help support prices.

Rob JSSS issue - CroppedRobert Butterworth
Head of London Research Department

Disclaimer: Any figures, commentary and opinion published in this report is for general information only and in no way intended as financial advice and should not be relied upon in any way. Jackson-Stops & Staff assumes no responsibility for any loss from the use of any material in this report.

July 13, 2016

The Lure of London and Super Surrey

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Tim Firth BW

Tim Firth, Director Weybridge Sales

Tim Firth, Director of Sales for Jackson-Stops & Staff’s Weybridge branch, comments:

  1. What sort of person makes this return to London – is it all about empty nesters, early retirees, or younger people just fed up of being away from London and sitting on the drain? Who are the archetypal returners?

Over the past six months we have noticed a real increase in the number of retirees and grandparents in particular that are moving back to the London suburbs. They are looking to downsize and favour locations such as Wimbledon and Battersea, which are still very residential but close enough to the city to offer easy access to all amenities.

  1. What are the key reasons they want to move back to London? What do they tell you about why they feel they’ve had enough of the Home counties and commuting?

The primary reason for the move among this demographic is to look after grandchildren. Very often, there is real comfort is moving to be closer to their family, particularly if a partner has passed away and they are now living alone. For the younger family, with childcare costs in London at such high levels, this is often a great solution which ensures that the grandparent is now a closer part of the family unit.

  1. What sort of property are they typically selling – a large country house, family home in a town, flat …

Typically, they are moving from large family homes they have lived in for around 20 years.

  1.  What sort of property do they want to buy? And why?

They now want to live in relatively spacious, modern lateral apartments, which also benefit from great views. Something that is low maintenance but which appeals to their lifestyle is key.

  1. What locations do they seem to prefer, and why?        

Their preference appears to be prime South West London, which is generally where their children live. This area also offers fantastic housing stock and is well served by transport links so it is often a relatively easy decision on where to locate themselves.

  1. If I assume that most will end up with smaller properties is this simply because the equity they have won’t stretch as far in London? Or is it a positive choice to have a lower maintenance, cheaper to run home? Or a bit of both?

In our experience, they often want to move to smaller properties not only because they are more manageable but chiefly for future financial planning. Smaller properties cost less which frees up capital, ensuring that they have enough equity later on in life. At present, it is usual to purchase at around 50% of the value in which they are selling.

  1. Do you think this sort of mover is increasing/decreasing? and if so, why.

The migration of retirees back to London is certainly increasing as grandparents play a more important role in their grandchildren’s lives. In addition, increases to house prices over the past few decades means that many are now relatively cash rich if they sell so there is an appeal to moving back to London and being able to enjoy all of the cultural amenities available.

Tim can be contacted on 01932 821160 in our Weybridge branch for more information

July 12, 2016

Georgina Clarke, Director of Pimlico Lettings, takes a look at what the Government has in store for the Private Rental Sector

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Georgina Clarke, Director, Pimlico Lettings

Georgina Clarke, Director, Pimlico Lettings

Georgina Clarke, Director of Lettings at our Pimlico branch, was a recent attendee at the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) conference in London. One of the keynote speakers on the day was Brandon Lewis MP, Minster of State for Housing and Planning. Mr Lewis explained to his audience that his government was committed to ‘continuing to develop and grow our housing market’, stating that there was a profound need to build more homes over all tenures, which is the defining challenge for our generation. It was encouraging to hear Mr Lewis speak of the ‘need’ for the PRS and that Build to Rent is at the heart of the Government’s housing plans, as it facilitates regenerations and labour mobility. Indeed, by 2025, Mr Lewis stated that

ARLA Licensed Member logo (cmyk)

demand for good quality rental properties was expected to reach 7.2 million. We were pleased to hear that the Government wishes to promote professional Letting agents, redress schemes, higher industry standards and value for money for Tenants. Mr Lewis spoke about creating a database of ‘rogue’ Landlords, introducing penalty notices, fines and compliance standards, all of which would help to create the right market conditions, providing more choice for both Landlords and their Tenants.

Do get in touch with Georgina Clarke to find out more on any of the topics touched upon above, or to discuss your own Letting requirements.  

July 11, 2016

Wine Tasting in Weybridge

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Members of our Weybridge Sales & Lettings team enjoyed a fantastic night out last week, when they attended a thoroughly enjoyable and informative wine tasting event together.

The tasting took place at local venue, 1853 Wine Club, which is situated on Heath Road in Weybridge. Throughout the course of the evening, they were able to sample a number of New World wines whilst eating some delicious food that was catered for by Lebanese restaurant, Meejana, situated opposite 1853 Wine Club.

As well as a chance to catch up with colleagues, it was great for the team to get to know Gautam Nagpal, who manages the shop and was a perfect host throughout the evening. It’s great for local businesses to support each other and we wish Gautam and his team every success with the various events he runs throughout the year…local businesses supporting each together, we’ll drink to that!

After a great evening out, the team is now fully back to business at our office on Queens Road. Please do get in touch if you require any help with selling or letting your property, we would be delighted to be of assistance.


Weybridge Sales and Lettings Team


July 8, 2016

A Word from Catherine Hanley

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Catherine Hanley Colour

Catherine Hanley, Lettings Manager

Catherine Hanley, our Lettings Manager in Holland Park, tells us about her month:

What has been the most challenging aspect of your month?
Obviously we have to mention the Brexit! Prior to the vote, a number of our Landlords were asking about how the market would be affected if we stayed in or left the EU, and there was a palpable sense of nervousness. However, despite all the uncertainty we have had one of our busiest months ever and have agreed a large number of lets. Many of these have been agreed at asking price, with new Tenants moving in quickly, thus avoiding lengthy void periods for the Landlord.

What has been the most surprising thing to happen to you?
I went to value a property recently with a colleague of mine. I was asked by the Landlord whether I had any objections to birds, as they had a parrot; as an animal lover, I had no issue at all, but that was until I realised that the parrot in question was quite vocal. Instead of coming out with the usual ‘pretty Polly’ phrases, it had learnt much more colourful language (more colourful than the parrot itself) that left both my colleague and me blushing.

What has been the most unusual question or request you’ve received from a client?
We had an applicant register recently who wanted to rent a property which would cater for their extensive wine collection – 1,002 bottles to be precise!

Do get in touch with Catherine to discuss your own letting or renting requirements, she would be delighted to help.

July 5, 2016

The Wombles of Wimbledon

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Now that the annual spectacle of the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament is well underway, our Wimbledon Village window display featuring hand-painted Wombles has been busy entertaining the many visitors walking past our office on their way to the All England Lawn Tennis Club.

"Our Wombledon Window"

“Our Wombledon Window”

We have been delighted to participate once again in the annual Wimbledon Village window display competition which – as you might have read on your commute home – was picked up by the Evening Standard last night. Our Wombles have been causing quite a stir in the Village and we are waiting with eager anticipation to find out where we have ranked in the competition. We are fortunate to have received a large number of ‘Likes’ from voters on the dedicated Facebook competition page. Thank you to everybody who took the time to vote for us, do pop in to say hello if you are passing by – and if you have any ideas for our window display for next year we would love to hear them.

The winner will be announced tonight at the official Awards Dinner and we will tweet the result tomorrow.



June 17, 2016

Is your property ready for its close up?

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Tim Firth BW

Tim Firth, Weybridge

‘What do we need to do to show our property in its best light?’ This is possibly the question I am asked most often when appraising a property for sale. Almost every time, my answer is not to spend any money. Rarely will a seller reap financial benefit by replacing a bathroom or laying new flooring in the hallway. Instead, it’s far better to keep your money for improvements to the next home you buy. If your property does require updating, it allows the buyers to come in and decide what they want to do; after all, selling a house is about being able to market it to the widest audience possible and every time you personalise the space you are reliant upon the buyer liking what you have done. Here are my top tips for preparing a property to sell:

Declutter: I would always advise my clients to declutter, whether it be an untidy study or children’s toys littered everywhere. This serves two purposes: firstly, a tidy house gives the impression of a cared for house and secondly, you want the buyers to see the space in a room and not have their eye distracted by the scattered pieces of a jigsaw.


Make the most of your garden

Make the most of your garden: most people take pride in their outside space and put a good deal of effort into their gardens at this time of year, so you need to compete. During the winter, gardens are viewed from the sitting room window, but in the spring and summer months buyers will want to explore every corner of the garden. Think about what they will find and try to create an inviting space for them to picture themselves spending time in.

Create a clear identity for each room: make sure this is true for every room; most buyers find it very hard to envisage a bed in an empty bedroom and can get confused as to whether a room is a nursery/study/small bedroom etc, so giving identity to the room helps buyers picture how they would use the house.

Create curb appeal: if you drove past your house would you want to go inside? First impressions count in all walks of life, not least in property purchasing. Does the front wall look like it is about to fall down? Is the gate hanging off its hinges? Are there still leaves unswept in the driveway from last winter?

We pride ourselves on marketing a wide range of properties in a variety of different ways, with an approach based upon the individual requirements of each of our clients. Please do get in touch to find out how we can help.

Tim Firth, Director, Weybridge Sales
timfirth@jackson-stops.com 01932 821160

June 15, 2016

When to market your property…..

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Property sells throughout the year and not always when you expect. I often have discussions with home owners as to the best time to bring a property to the market, is there one? The key to all house sales, whoever you are selling to, is to make sure your property is presented to the full spectrum of buyers looking at that particular time.

board-928378_1920There are three times of the year when new applicant registrations go up noticeably, these are after the major school holidays and once a new school term has settled into its routine. So late January, after Easter and mid September and statistically these spikes of activity last for a couple of months. However these are also the times when most property comes to the market so the supply and demand equation does not necessarily work in your favour.

Many property sellers ‘want to wait until the Spring when the garden looks it best’ – what should be remembered is that so does everyone else’s and buyers have more choice at that time of year.

On the flip side, launching your property in the middle of August or middle of December can ruin the initial flurry of activity but there will still be a few ‘possibly perfect’ buyers looking.

In summary then there is no perfect time so long as you sell when you want to not when you need to.  Tim Firth, Weybridge Sales, timfirth@jackson-stops.com 01932 821160

June 13, 2016

Our service is in full bloom

We recently saw the end of another spectacular display at the annual Chelsea Flower Show. However, there are more fabulous flowers to look forward to seeing, as we head towards the summer months with the equally famous – and much larger – Hampton Court Flower Show commencing on 5th July.

With spring fully in the air and summer just round the corner, now is the perfect time to find your own perfect green space. Whether you are searching for a bijou balcony or a large, south facing garden for alfresco entertaining, Jackson-Stops & Staff offers properties for sale or to rent at price points suitable for all budgets. Here is a small selection from our Teddington office on the High Street:


Pharaohs Island, Shepperton


Broom Road, Teddington


Church Road, Teddington

If you are looking for something that little bit special, please do contact our experienced team, who would be delighted to help you.



June 9, 2016

Moving your property rental service into Top Gear with Jackson-Stops & Staff

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gear-1294844_1280After much anticipation, we have at last been able to settle down on a Sunday night and enjoy the long-awaited relaunch of the BBC’s Top Gear programme. As you will no doubt be aware, the newly formatted programme is co-presented by Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc, which has been met with mixed reviews from critics and fans alike. I personally feel that the show is pretty good, but so far it slightly lacks the classic chemistry of the previous presenters.


If you’re looking for some classic chemistry, you need look no further than the Hanworth Classic event taking place in Bushy Park on the 26th June, which will feature a host of classic vehicles, many of which have distinctly 50’s vintage vibe.

Terraced House to rent with garage, Fairways, Teddington, TW11

Terraced House to rent with garage Fairways, Teddington, TW11

Here at our established Jackson-Stops & Staff Teddington office on the High Street, we offer a classic service to our many long-term clients, marketing a wide range of properties to sell and rent; these include properties which provide garages, allocated or secure parking, in case you need somewhere safe to park your very own classic. Please do get in touch to discuss your property requirements, we would be delighted to help.

Mark Birch, Director, Teddington Lettings 0208 943 9955


June 7, 2016

Preparing your property to rent

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Lara Thake, Property Manager

Lara Thake, Property Manager

Lara Thake, from our Property Management team, offers some helpful hints to landlords who are about to market their rental property:

It may sound obvious but one thing tenants consider carefully when they are searching for a property is whether it is well maintained. They often see this is as a reflection of how the property will be looked after by the landlord during their tenancy. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but there are some tell-tale signs that indicate you will be a caring and vigilant landlord:

Is the decoration in order, or is it chipped, scuffed and generally tired? Are there historic leak stains present? Redecorating doesn’t have to be done throughout the property, sometimes the woodwork is in good condition but the walls need freshening up, or vice versa. This may only apply to one room or a hallway, which receive heavier traffic, or it could be that just the external parts of the property require attention. We would not recommend carrying out touch-ups if you need to paint a small area, as this can make the area look patchy. It is usually best to paint the whole wall to ensure uniformity of colour; more often than not, the price difference is smaller than you might expect. If you decide to carry out a full redecoration, it is best to stick to neutral colours, as this will mean your property appeals to a diverse group of people. Sometimes a particular colour can put off a potential tenant, which limits your market.
Are the carpets in good condition or are they discoloured, worn and fraying? If the carpets are in bad condition, it is something that people notice straight away. We spend a lot of time looking down, even if we don’t mean to. In a rental property it may be a good idea to replace the flooring with a hard wearing carpet, as this should wear better and prevent you from having to replace it regularly. Again, if you do decide to replace it, choose neutral colours to please the majority of viewing tenants. As a landlord, you have a responsibility to try to prevent accidents in the property and frayed carpet or rips could potentially cause trips or falls, which in turn could end up costing a lot in legal bills. Sometimes, only small parts of the carpet need to be replaced. If you have been prudent, you may have kept carpet off-cuts from the original installation. This will help if there is a small area with a stain or burn mark and there are contractors out there who can easily replace small areas for you. Alternatively, you should consider keeping a note of the carpet details and the contractor may be able to order a sample piece to use as replacement.
Is the garden tidy or overgrown? More often than not, the garden is the first and last thing a tenant sees on a viewing and outside space tends to become more of a consideration during the warmer weather. Simply cutting back trees/bushes/plants, weeding any flower beds and mowing the lawn can transform an ominous Jumanji-looking garden into an enticing area in which tenants can picture themselves during the summer months.
Is the furniture in good condition or it is tired/frayed? Sometimes no furniture is better than old tatty furniture. If you would rather not incur the cost of replacing the furniture, donate the old furniture to charity and market the property as unfurnished.
Are the window dressings in good condition or are they stained and ripped? Sometimes dry cleaning curtains can cost as much as replacing them and there is no guarantee that dry cleaning will improve their condition. It can be a good idea to recycle your old curtains/blinds and start again with a hard-wearing, tenant-friendly, neutral set of curtains or blinds. Tenants like to be reassured that they will have their privacy when they move into a property, so damaged curtains can be off-putting on a viewing.
Does everything work as it should or will tenants encounter loose door handles, rickety wardrobes and items held together with sticky tape? It does not take a lot to tighten up a door handle, add an extra screw to a wobbly shelf or replace a washer to stop a tap from leaking. If the address is number 9 but the door number is loose and has fallen down to read 6, this can be off-putting to tenants, who may worry that they might not receive their post. These are the sorts of issues that go through potential tenants’ minds when looking for a property. If you are unable to do these jobs yourself, a local handyman equipped with his tools and a ‘to do’ list can fix these for you.

House to rent Newstead Way, Wimbledon, SW19

House to rent Newstead Way, Wimbledon, SW19

Is the bathroom floor tiled and are the tiles in good condition or are they cracked/moving? If the bathroom floor tiles are cracked, the tenants may worry about walking on them barefoot, as they could injure themselves. Cracked tiles can also indicate an underlying issue with the level of the subfloor. If it is uneven this can sometimes indicate a leak, as water causes the wood to rot and move. This leak can simply be when someone steps out of the shower and water slips through the perishing grouting, compromising the subfloor. On occasion it can indicate something more sinister such as a pipe leak, so it may be an idea to get this checked. If you have sorted out any background issues and the subfloor is not damaged, it is sometimes possible to replace the individual cracked tiles and re-grout. This is only if you have some matching tiles and the cracked tiles can be removed without damaging the remaining floor area. You may decide it’s worth replacing the whole floor if more than one tile is cracked. Again, it is a good idea to stick to neutral colours and once the new tiles have been laid make sure to keep the grout in good condition to avoid having to replace the tiles too regularly.

Our established, dedicated Property Management team, based at our Wimbledon Village office, would be delighted to discuss any property management issues you might have.
Please do contact Lara on 020 8879 1199, or email on larathake@jackson-stops.com if you would like further information.

June 6, 2016

Meet the team: Adrian Mason

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Adrian Mason BW

Adrian Mason

Adrian Mason, Residential Development Director.

Adrian is based in our Mayfair Residential Development office and operates as a land agent in Central and Greater London.

Adrian specialises in the sale and acquisition of land and buildings suitable for residential and mixed use developments, as well as freeholds and investments for institutions and funds. His experience encompasses all manner of transactions from option agreements, conditional contracts and consented sites.

Adrian lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and two children.  He is a life-long Northampton Saints fan and enjoys skiing and wine, preferably in that order!

June 4, 2016

Are you feeling inspired today?

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13243811_245988485758532_6729931776384790491_oMark Birch, Director at our Teddington Lettings Office was feeling inspired when one of his ceramic sculptures was shortlisted for the V&A Inspired By competition; Mark has created a building block sculpture inspired by a clockwork car which was exhibited recently at the Bethnal Green Children’s Museum.

To view Mark’s building block sculpture, you can visit the Morley Gallery from the 17th May to 17th June, which will perhaps inspire you to create your very own piece of art?

If you are looking for a fresh and inspiring approach to marketing your property, or even some blue sky summer thinking in amongst the grey skies, please speak to the team at Jackson-Stops & Staff, Teddington, who would be delighted to help.     




June 1, 2016

Short Lets in the summer

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Camilla Molyneux Colour

Camilla Molyneux, Mayfair Lettings Manager

With the summer months just around the corner we are entering the popular time for holidaymakers to come to the area for short stays of between 1-8 weeks.

The appeal of Mayfair is, of course, its exclusive location, which is easily recognisable on a map by the marked natural boundaries of Oxford Street, Regent Street, Park Lane and Piccadilly. This highly popular pocket of the West End houses the famous Berkeley Square, Grosvenor Square, Mount Street Gardens and is ideally nestled between two of London’s finest green spaces: Green Park and Hyde Park.

The accessibility to these beautiful areas is just one of the many draws to the area; others include the famous shopping streets, the incredible diversity of restaurants and numerous luxurious hotels. Short let accommodation is always in high demand at this time of the year and the more seasoned traveller will book their accommodation far in advance of the summer months in order to avoid disappointment.

For shorter stays (under 3 months) there are various options in Mayfair in the form of luxury serviced apartments, which are often set within 5* hotels and are highly sought after. The benefit of these self-contained apartments is the availability of services provided by the hotel, such as daily maid service, concierge and room service. If you would like to discuss the options available to you please do get in touch – we’d be delighted to assist you with your holiday planning. Camilla Molyneux, Lettings Manager, Mayfair, 17c Curzon Street, London, W1J 5HU on 020 7664 6644 or email on camillamolyneux@jackson-stops.com


May 24, 2016

London Design

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keyboard-1395316_1920Have you ever thought about the signs that we see in our stations and on our roads on our daily commute through London?

For all those design focused London Residents out there, there is an interesting new exhibition at the London Transport Museum ‘Designology’ exploring all aspects of those familiar daily sights such as the underground symbol.



May 23, 2016

Supply and Demand in the London Rental Market

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calculator-428294_1920Recent research findings from Rightmove suggest that a record number of buy-to-let properties were purchased by landlords in March 2016, just before the latest stamp duty changes came into effect on 1st April, which is good news for our motivated applicants. In theory this should translate into greater choice for tenants over the coming months.

Indeed, the data published by Rightmove showed an increase of 11.5%* in the number of UK rental properties becoming available in April to rent across the UK; in London, this figure was a notable 9.1%*.

Clearly, having a wider range of properties to choose from is a good thing for tenants. However, it will be some time before supply of rental property meets demand from tenants in the London areas we cover.

Our Jackson-Stops & Staff London network markets a fantastic variety of rental properties, which range from centrally located studio apartments through to substantial family houses within catchment of well-regarded schools. If you are a landlord looking for friendly and up-to-date advice from experienced experts then please do contact your local branch, we would be delighted to help.

To find out how much stamp duty will cost you on your buy-to-let property, please take a look at our latest Stamp Duty Calculator.

*Source: Property Partner

May 16, 2016

Make the most of outdoor features to add value this summer

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Tim Firth, director of sales at Jackson-Stops & Staff’s Weybridge branch, provides insight into the value outdoor features can add to your home.

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Detached House for sale Matham Road, KT8

We are now firmly into the busy spring property market season, and for those looking to sell their home in the commuter belt it is essential they ensure buyers are able to imagine themselves making good, active use of their home’s garden. A good-size private garden, on average, adds 15% to the selling price of a property in the Surrey area, so making the most of it by ensuring it is well-maintained and various areas of focus (for example, a patio area for entertaining and BBQs or an area with equipment such as swings for children) are clearly defined, will ensure the outdoor space does add its potential value. Demand for homes with lovely gardens and other outdoor features fluctuates with the seasons. During the colder months potential buyers on a viewing rarely venture into the garden, unable to imagine what it will be like in the summer when they will be looking to make the most of it. However, at this time of the year an attractive and functional garden space holds much more significance.


Detached House for sale Onslow Road, KT12

When it comes to outdoor features, those looking to purchase property in the private estates of Weybridge, Esher, Cobham and Oxshott will often be swayed by a tennis court. They are particularly attractive to families with children who have regular lessons and want to hone their skills further and, of course, a tennis court is great for entertainment. Tennis courts can add around £50,000 to the price of a home. When looking to sell it is important to ensure the tennis court has a well-maintained appearance, which will help prospective buyers imagine themselves making use of it. If it is perceived as needing a lot of work and upkeep, a buyer might not feel it is worth the significant premium.

Swimming pools tend to deter a number of buyers due to the high level of

Detached House for sale Broadwater Road South, Burwood Park, KT12 - See more at: http://www.jackson-stops.co.uk/cgi-bin/properties/summary-details.pl?propID=66444#sthash.UShFtOXu.dpuf

Detached House for sale Broadwater Road South, Burwood Park, KT12

maintenance involved, but in the right area and for the right type of buyer who sees the benefits, they can add value to a property, in the region of £100,000. Large homes in the Surrey area with swimming pools are highly sought after by families, but it is essential that they are perceived as safe. Ways to achieve this include fencing or a walk-on cover.

Now is the ideal time to put your home on the market, so make sure your garden is well-maintained and ready for the summer. If you would like further information on how you can add value to your property or would like to market your home through Jackson-Stops & Staff, please call the team on 01932 821160.

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