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April 24, 2015

It felt like a marathon!

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IMG_5178The Virgin London Marathon on Sunday marks the pinnacle of months of cold, wet, wintry mornings spent hammering the pavements around the UK, as dedicated runners make their way to the capital for this momentous event. We are delighted that our very own Camilla Molyneux, Mayfair Lettings Manager, will be taking part and we wish her every success. Camilla was delighted to receive some energy drinks from one of her valued clients this morning and we are sure they will give her the boost she needs!

We have several properties for sale and rent along the route of the marathon,  Bride Court, EC4Y, Skyline Court, SE1, Queens Quay, EC4V, Hertford Street, W1J, and  Penthouse Hertford Street W1J,  so if you’re looking for a perfect place to watch the event next year please do get in touch. In the meantime, the link below will give you all the details you need to make the most of this special day in London.

The Virgin London Marathon

Good luck to all the runners!



April 23, 2015

International currency remains strong in London

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Overseas demand for property in London and currency implications

Foreign demand for London property has been significant for decades. However, since the financial crisis in 2008 overseas investment has been a notable key component of the property market’s aggregate demand.

London is regarded as a global focal point and the reasons behind the influxes of foreign capital can be considered in two aspects:

Personal use: Work and employment needs, historic appeal, friends and family connections, education and the idea of a trophy asset.

Investment: Comparatively stable political and economic environments, few legal restrictions, long history of price growth and further potential capital growth, escape from domestic wealth taxes and diversifying portfolios.

Both reasons typically overlap and amplify one another to create a strong incentive to buy property in London.

world map

Where our buyers originated in 2014

The diagram to the left shows the percentage of the significant purchases that came from overseas in 2014 through our London offices.

We saw demand emanating from all continents with the strongest interest from Europe and the Middle East and countries including China along with the USA.



Proportion of overseas purchasersJSSMAP

In 2014 a majority of our purchasers were from overseas in central London such as Mayfair (80%) and Chelsea (81%) whereas further out in Richmond a quarter were from overseas and in Teddington only domestic applicants bought a property.


Outlook for foreign demand

Economic slowdowns in countries such as China will reduce the ability of further investment into London. Recent tax changes including the increase in Stamp Duty Land Tax along with a higher rate for companies and investment vehicles, the extension of Capital Gains Tax to include non-residents and an Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings have all made investing from abroad less attractive. The threat of a ‘Mansion Tax’ depending on who wins the impending General Election, is also weighing. However, whilst these factors may slow the rate of interest from overseas in the short run, particularly from an investment perspective, the World’s wealth is still increasing with London only growing in attraction. We are still experiencing good levels of demand from abroad and anticipate this continuing going forward.

Currency and its significance on property purchases

The first half of 2014 saw the UK’s economic recovery exceed expectations, causing the Pound (GBP) to appreciate against many currencies as markets bet that a UK interest rate increase was not far away. This Sterling strength further increased the price of London property for international clients, highlighting the risks of not accounting for Foreign Exchange moves during international property purchases. In the 2nd half of 2014, the run up to the Scottish independence referendum in September created significant market uncertainty. Inflation moderated even further, and with it expectations of a near-term UK interest rate rise fell, such that sterling lost a lot of strength against many currency pairs – much to the relief of international clients moving funds to the UK towards their property purchases.


GBPEUR Graph, 150415GBPUSD Graph, 150415






GBP has had an interesting start to 2015, gaining significant strength against the Euro following the announcement and start of Quantitative Easing in the Eurozone, political uncertainty in Greece and the Swiss National Bank removing its peg against the Euro (EUR). GBPEUR (currently 1.3935) is over 11% stronger than last summer (1st July), having cooled in recent weeks from a 7 year high in March (above 1.42). This has hugely affected European clients looking to buy property in London, and to put this in perspective, a £1m property purchase today would cost a European client around €145,000 more than last summer, purely from a currency perspective.

Conversely, we have lost a lot of ground against the US Dollar, following continued progress in the US jobs recovery such that the US unemployment rate is now not far from levels the Federal Reserve would view as consistent with the ‘longer-term’ rate. This leads the Fed to adjust (and adjust again) its policy guidance, moving expectations of a rise in near term US interest rates to the forefront of minds, certainly sooner than in the UK. Consequently the pound is 13% weaker against the US Dollar since 1st July, so that a £1m purchase would today cost a US Dollar holder around $232,000 less than in the summer. Similar positive trends can be seen for buyers moving funds from the UAE, Hong Kong, China and to a lesser extent Singapore.

If the above demonstrates anything, it is that currency plays a very important role in UK property purchases for international clients. Often overlooked, movements can make a huge difference to the final amount your property costs in your local currency. Just as relevant are those selling property in the UK and transferring the proceeds back overseas.

Looking forward

The coming months promise to be interesting with much of the focus on the upcoming UK General Election. Opinions polls are too close to give any clear indication of the likely shape of any UK government after the 7 May vote and we expect a lot of uncertainty as we approach the big day. This uncertainty may see GBP weaken against major currencies, bringing further relief to international clients. Another key consideration will be the UK’s approach towards an interest rate rise which is now generally expected for 2016. However any change in sentiment or MPC language to indicate an earlier rate rise will see further stimulus for the pound.

Investec’s Private Client Foreign Exchange team works with internationally-focused property investors to provide competitive exchange rates, a personal currency expert and access to tailored protection from exchange rate movements. If you would like to discuss any cross-currency purchases or sales, please contact James Glynne-Percy and he will be happy to help.

Any figures, commentary and opinion published in this report is for general information only and in no way intended as financial advice and should not be relied upon in any way. Jackson-Stops & Staff and Investec Bank plc assume no responsibility for any loss from the use of any material in this report. Currency figures and graphs are accurate as at 15/04/2015 and subject to change continually with movements in the currency market.

Investec                                                                                                   Jackson-Stops & Staff
James Glynne-Percy                                                                               Robert Butterworth
Private Client Foreigh Exchange                                                             Research Department
james.glynne-epercy@investec.co.uk                                                     research@jackson-stops.com
020 7597 3695                                                                                         020 7581 5881









April 18, 2015

Valuable Vinyl and Period Property

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td59105Today is Record Store Day.  Sales of Vinyl Records in the United Kingdom untitledrecently recorded an eighteen year high with people’s appreciation of the tactile nature and quality of sound which records give.

This weekend is national record day where leading local  independent record shops offer the public exclusive deals and music to fans with numerous artists making unscheduled visits.  I may be worth supporting your local record shop as you never know who might turn up.td59105d

As Teddington’s leading independent local estate agent we are pleased to present to the market this period house in Teddington Park which boasts an integrated music system throughout the property allowing you to enjoy your music from the kitchen to the bathroom.  To view this period property, please call Mark Birch and the lettings team on 0208 943 9955


April 14, 2015

London Market Update

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Activity in the residential property market in London has been suppressed since last summer for a variety of reasons but the most commonly quoted is the uncertainty caused by the impending General Election.

The Election is having a significant impact. Economic activity is heavily affected by political uncertainty, amplified by housing policy being high on each Party’s agenda. The main concern is over potential polices that may be introduced by a Labour government including rent controls, minimum-term tenancy agreements, a Mansion Tax along with other implications for the higher end of the market and overseas owners.

This uncertainty has affected market activity in London which has seen reduced transactions. Sales volumes were 20% lower at the end of December 2014 compared with the previous year. It is interesting to note that at the higher end, the number of properties sold at £2m+ has seen a lower than average reduction in volume with only a 10% fall in demand. However, the impact of higher Stamp Duty (in effect from 4/12/14) and extending Capital Gains Tax to non-residents (in effect from 6/4/15) are being increasingly cited by purchasers at the top end of the market and it will take time for these to be reflected in price movements before volumes increase. Therefore it is likely that prime London transactions will be significantly reduced over this year’s first two quarters.

Despite the reduction in the volume of market transactions, prices, according to the most recent information published by the Land Registry, show an average increase of 13% in London between February 2014 and February 2015.


The average increase masks varying increases across the London boroughs which have ranged from 7.8% to 18.7% over the year to February 2015 recorded by the Land Registry.


Despite the decrease in activity, buyer sentiment remains broadly positive. A vital component to continued activity and price growth is buyer expectations. The Halifax price optimism index increased to 60 in March (it was 20 in 2012) showing that expectations are sufficiently conducive to prices rising. The Bank of England has reported that there were 61,760 mortgages approves for house purchases in February, the highest level in six months. This is additional evidence to support a growing market ahead. Post-election we should see activity swiftly resume, providing clear policies are formed by the new government.

Rental values are reported to have increased slowly in central London over the last few months according to the main residential indices. Jackson-Stops & Staff’s London group’s figures for the last financial year show that the number looking to rent a property is 12% higher than the year before with those looking to let out their property increasing by 8%, suggesting a slight upward pressure on rents. Uncertainty in the sales market has prompted more to rent than buy of late as prospective purchasers hold off until after the election. However, post-election the sales market could strengthen negating this boost to rental demand. Fundamentally however, it is London’s strong and stable economic conditions which is why rental prices are increasing.

April 13, 2015

Georgian Grandeur

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We’re delighted to have just brought a newly refurbished Georgian 18th Century townhouse to the market to rent, situated on a cobbled street in the heart of Mayfair. Interestingly, Derby Street is on land which, until the middle of the 18th Century, had formed open fields adjoining Hyde Park, known as Great Brook Fields, with part of the freehold being owned by George Augustus Curzon, 3rd Viscount Howe. The street is thought to have been part of the open land upon which the annual May Fair was held and from which event the area took its name.  Do call us on 0207 644 6644, if you would like to rent a property ensconced in some fascinating local history!

April 9, 2015

Why Choose an Agent that is ARLA Registered?

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ARLA, the Association of Residential Letting Agents, promotes itself as being the only professional self-regulating body to be concerned solely with lettings and letting agents.   As such, it provides a professional trading standards’ platform for letting agents, tenants and landlords alike.  From a landlord’s point of view, there are a number of reasons why you should choose an ARLA registered agent; here are just five:


1.  When you choose an ARLA registered agent, you can be sure that your agent is bound by the ARLA Client Money Protection Scheme.  This means that if your agent goes bankrupt or deals on the wrong side of the law, your money remains safe and recoverable (conditions apply).

2.  An ARLA agent must hold Professional Indemnity Insurance, which means that, as a landlord, you have peace of mind when it comes to potential negligence, bad advice or a whole host of other misdealings.

3.  ARLA agents are required to be trained and qualified and to follow a structured programme of Continuous Professional Development, in order to keep their skills up to date.  This means that the advice you are given is based upon solid, up-to-date specialist knowledge.


4.  All ARLA agents adhere voluntarily to the Code of Practice and Rules of Conduct of their professional body, which means they trade to the highest professional standards possible.

5.  If something does go wrong with an ARLA agent at any stage of the letting process, you are safe in the knowledge that you can redress the situation by taking the matter up with ARLA.

March 30, 2015

Spring has come early to the mid-market

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People Property Places - CopySpring has come early to the property market for houses under £1 million, in contrast to high-end properties where a pre-election chill prevails, according to national estate agents Jackson-Stops & Staff.

Movement has increased in the low to mid level of the market as buyer confidence returns, owing to low interest rates, favourable long term mortgage deals, stamp duty reform and positive employment growth.  In contrast, sales of properties over £1.5m remain slow, with the more nervous sellers choosing to sit tight until after the General Election in May.

Nicholas Leeming, Chairman of Jackson-Stops & Staff, with 44 offices nationwide in London’s smartest districts and across the cathedral cities and market towns of England, said: “The positive effects from the stamp duty reform later last year are now starting to be felt, with activity levels increasing for properties priced below the £937,500 mark. Coupled with low interest rates, improving regional economic recovery and investment in infrastructure, it appears that Spring has come early for this section of the market.

“At the top end of the spectrum, owners of homes priced at £1.5m and above are treading carefully, as fear of increasing property taxation, regardless of the political colour of the next government, continues to dominate. Transaction levels have slowed in London, with a distinct lack of stock in certain prime areas such as Mayfair. International buyers who have purchased property in the capital are holding on to their investments.”

Activity in the mid-market has been felt across a number of regions in the South East, with Alastair Hancock, Director of Jackson-Stops & Staff’s Sevenoaks office, reporting that well priced mid-level properties are “selling very quickly.”

He says: “Stamp duty reform has boosted the market at the low-mid level where we have seen lots of activity – although we are still burdened by a lack of new stock. Well priced property in commuter towns continues to sell well and while the threat of mansion tax is looming at the upper end of the market, the effect has not been too detrimental. People whose children have secured school places for September will move after May regardless of the election outcome.”

The Cotswolds market has also enjoyed a busy start to the year. William Leschallas, Director of Jackson-Stops & Staff’s Burford office, says: “We had an incredibly busy January and February to the year but activity levels have started to wane with sellers becoming anxious ahead of the election. We have a good supply of buyers from all over the UK, not just London, waiting to pounce when the right property comes up at the right price – but properties must be well presented as buyers are incredibly choosey at present.”

The early spring has also come to East Anglia where Nigel Steele, Director of Jackson-Stops & Staff’s Norwich office says that the increase in confidence comes as welcome news following a slow winter.

He says: “It looks as if the ripple effect of rising property prices in in London and the commuter belt is finally making its way up to Norfolk, we anticipate an improving market as the year progresses.  Norwich itself and the nearby market towns are performing well, as there has been a marked increase in those looking to relocate back to more urban areas to avoid travelling and for the convenience of being within walking distance of shops and good schools.”

Tim Dansie, Director of the Ipswich office, said: “There is no doubt that the changes in stamp duty have helped the market below £1,000,000 and we have seen good interest and strong trading through January and February for this section of the market.  The upper end in excess of £2,000,000 is wary of the possibility of the introduction of mansion tax, although three of our sales above this figure did go through even allowing for a significant increase in the amount of stamp duty paid and the possibility of mansion tax in the future.

“The signals from London are that the market in the capital is slowing down.  There has been a bull run for nearly 10 years in London and, as a result, vendors have been reluctant to sell and move to the country.  Now that this market has stalled it has allowed vendors to consider their position in London, to see what their property is worth and then relate it to the country market which now looks very good value.  We saw a number of our high end properties sell in the last 6 months to buyers who were selling in London close to £3,000,000 and buying in the country for under £2,000,000 with significant change in the bank.

“The Essex/Suffolk borders is a popular place to buy with attractive villages and countryside close to Colchester and Manningtree stations and anything of quality here sells well.  The hotspots on the coast remain the same with a very strong market in Woodbridge, Orford, Aldeburgh and Southwold.”

Tim Sherston, Director of Jackson-Stops & Staff’s Newbury and Goring offices says: “Transaction levels so far this year have been reassuring, and the percentage of London based buyers on our mailing list has also risen significantly, due to the current wide margin between London and country prices, which is likely to decrease as country prices eventually catch up. Crossrail is already a key point of discussion in and around Reading with many predicting that we are due a price lift – although this is yet to be felt. The market for properties priced at £1.5m plus is on pre-election hold, with buyers and sellers waiting to see the outcome of the General Election before committing to a move.”

In Dorset, political uncertainty is also impacting the market with both buyers and sellers sitting on the fence, resulting in limited new stock levels. James Wilson, Director of Jackson-Stops & Staff’s Shaftesbury office, also highlights that buyers are increasingly unwilling to take on renovation projects, he says: “Buyers are more reluctant than ever before to take on projects or indeed properties where overheads are likely to be high.”

In West Sussex,Nick Ferrier, Director of Jackson-Stops & Staff’s Midhurst office, has also seen more interest in properties with turnkey appeal. He commented: “Appetite for property in immaculate condition appears to out-perform property with ‘potential’, with buyers seeking something that they can move into without carrying out any work.”

He adds: “Overall, we are shaping up to be on a positive trajectory for 2015. We expect that the market will continue to liven up but as expected, election jitters are at play, with numerous enquiries about stamp duty, mansion tax and the perceived price correction in London. We are already seeing an increase in registrations from London based buyers.”

In Northampton, homes under the £600,000 level are moving quickly as the impact of stamp duty reform becomes apparent. Quentin Jackson-Stops, Director of Jackson-Stops & Staff’s Northampton office says that there are a number of additional factors helping to boost the market at this level: “Positive employment outlook combined with low interest rates has resulted in greater buyer confidence, with strong levels of activity at the middle of the market. Despite this, stock levels remain generally low.”

In the country house market, the threat of mansion tax is a concern for owners of listed buildings.

Dawn Carritt, Director of Jackson-Stops & Staff’s country house department, says: “There is a case for listed buildings to be exempt from mansion tax. Many of these properties fall into the £2 million bracket, yet are not large enough to be open to the public (at the moment any listed building open to the public commercially  is exempt from ATED) meaning that the owners face a heavy tax bill.  It will also potentially stop owners embarking on expensive restoration programmes which could take the value of the property over the £2 million mark, let alone restoring redundant outbuildings and putting them back into use.”

Click here for a full list of offices and contacts.


March 23, 2015

A runaway success

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2015 team_Home Start ElmbridgeHuge congratulations to the Oatlands School PTA runners who all completed the Brooklands Half Marathon in Weybridge on Sunday morning, raising a fantastic amount of sponsorship for their incredibly worthy causes – Oatlands School itself and Home Start Elmbridge, a wonderful local charity that works to support children and their families within the community.

Eugene Kinghorn, a local Oatlands school father, commented that ‘all of this was never meant to be a competition to see who can run the fastest or raise the most money – it was only about using our legs (a lot!) to make a difference, directly to our community via Home Start Elmbridge and indirectly via giving our school the best chance to provide fantastic education to children.’

Of course there’s still time to donate if you would like to, simply by clicking on the link below:


Congratulations to all the runners who participated and we wish your tired limbs a speedy recovery.


March 13, 2015

London goes green – for St Patrick’s Day

St-Patricks-Day-300x257There’s no doubt about it, the Irish know how to throw a decent party. So it’s no surprise that us Londoners are so keen to celebrate St Patrick’s Day every year.

The festival of Ireland’s patron saint actually takes place on Tuesday 17 March but there’s no need to wait until then to start enjoying the ‘craic’. London’s official shindig takes place on Sunday 15 March when around a quarter of a million people will join the St Patrick’s Day parade through central London.

Headed by former boxer Barry McGuigan, the procession of floats and marching bands starts in Green Park, before making its way along Piccadilly and Whitehall to Trafalgar Square. In the square there will be a celebration of all things Irish. As well as lots and lots of people dressed in green you’ll find Irish music, a food market, a children’s theatre and a comedy festival. For more information go to www.london.gov.uk.

For something a little different, dance the night away at what’s being billed as the highest St Patrick’s event in Europe. The Shard is hosting a St Patrick’s Day Silent Disco on its Level 69 viewing gallery. The choice of music from the resident DJs will include one channel that only plays Irish folk and ceilidh music. The evening kicks off with a glass of Jameson Irish whiskey and ginger ale to get you in the mood and there’s also Guinness on tap in case you start flagging.

If all that dancing sounds far too energetic, why not visit one of London’s traditional Irish pubs for a glass of the black stuff?

The tiny Harp pub in Covent Garden is renowned for its beer having recently been voted CAMRA National Pub of the Year. On a grander scale entirely is Covent Garden’s Porterhouse, the London outpost of Dublin’s Porterhouse Brewing Co. This vast pub is set over 12 levels and sells a range of beers including no less than three stouts. If stout’s not your thing try their Brain Blasta, which they describe as a ‘strong’ ale. At 7%, when they say strong, they mean strong.

The Tipperary at 66 Fleet Street dates back to the 15th century and claims to be the first pub to serve Guinness outside the Emerald Isle. This pub has all the charm of a traditional Irish boozer and sells no less that 16 Irish whiskeys.

We hope you enjoy your St Paddy’s Day. You’ll know you’ve had a good one when you not only wake up the following morning wearing something green, you also look green, too.

Happy St Paddy’s Day from all at Jackson-Stops & Staff

March 10, 2015

Oakfield, Misprision and the ‘rise’ of Somerset House.

wi60091Over the years Wimbledon has been home to some of England’s most notable members of royalty, businessman and socialites. As such, it is the backdrop to some of the most distinguished mansions, homes and estates in south west London, noted for their grand architectural styles, sprawling gardens and progressive building methods. One such estate was that of Oakfield’s, its name accredited to the mansion house built there in 1852 by acclaimed English medical publisher, John Morss Churchill.

John Churchill was in residence at the manor house until 1860; prior to his time living at the house he published his well-known book, entitled ‘Robert Liston’s Practical Surgery, 1837,’ of which there were many repeated editions. This text, however, is not known simply for its informative approach to surgery in the 18th Century, but also for its involvement in misleading the entire medical society the world over.


299px-Caduceus_svgInterestingly, Churchill’s printer’s mark was that of a caduceus, a symbolic object that represents the physical manifestation of the Roman God of Mercury, Hermes, which represents trades, occupations or any undertakings associated with the God himself. Due to its circulation around the USA it has been suggested that this particular printer’s mark was adopted by sheer misprision, as a symbol of medicine rather than the Rod of Asclepius, which represented the Greek God Asclepius and, by extension, healing and medicine.

Oakfield and its residents are a paragon of the interesting and diverse nature of Wimbledon and the people who have called it home over the decades. Indeed, knowing the history and the stories behind any particular property is an important part of understanding a modern market and its clientele. This interesting anecdote is just a small insight into the rich history that lies behind the Oakfield estate.

Since we opened many years ago in Wimbledon Village, Jackson-Stops & Staff has dealt with a multitude of properties in and around the Oakfield estate. One such recent instruction is a rare opportunity to purchase a spacious, light-filled apartment with two exceptionally large paved terraces in a private, award-winning freehold development with four acres of communal landscaped grounds adjoining the Bathgate Road conservation area and the All England Lawn Tennis Club. Please do take this opportunity to come and view not only a lovely local property but a piece of English history.


Please pop into our Wimbledon Village office at 17-21 Church Road, Wimbledon Village, SW19 5DQ
or call 020 8879 0099
… our Wimbledon team are here to help!




February 25, 2015

Surrey is one of three counties outside London to record double digit house price growth

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NEW LOGOLondon is not the only winner in the housing market this year, as Surrey, Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire all recorded double digit house price growth, topping the county league tables outside of London, according to new research for national estate agents Jackson-Stops & Staff, with 44 offices nationwide.

Surrey recorded price growth of 10 per cent, coming fourth in the overall league table behind London at 16 per cent, Oxfordshire at 15 per cent and Hertfordshire at 12 per cent.  The remaining top ten performing counties all recorded eight per cent or nine per cent annual average price inflation and included Wiltshire, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Cambridgeshire, East Sussex and Buckinghamshire.

In the top 10 table for price growth for detached homes, North-west London was first at 15 per cent, with Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Essex and Hertfordshire close behind. Greater Manchester showed growth of 10 per cent, along with Dorset and Cambridgeshire.

The research into the performance of house prices by county in 2014 in England and Wales for Jackson-Stops & Staff, which has more than a century of experience in the prime property market, showed that Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire and Surrey are the top performing counties across all price ranges outside London, with double digit average price growth and strong price inflation across the whole range of property stock. In Hertfordshire, average asking prices reached £636,368 in December, up from £569,870 the previous year whereas Oxfordshire has seen year on year price growth of 15 per cent, just below Greater London at 16 per cent. Surrey meanwhile, has seen average asking prices rise to £732,235.

Counties including Wiltshire, Cambridgeshire and Berkshire all displayed nine per cent annual average price inflation, highlighting wider levels of recovery throughout southern England, with strong price growth beyond London and the Home Counties. This is a positive message for those counties outside of the traditional commuter belt, with steady growth recorded in Somerset, Dorset, Gloucestershire and Warwickshire.

While Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire performed well in all property sectors, the top performing counties differed depending on property type and bedroom count. In terms of first time buyers of one or two bedroom properties, there are six counties appearing in the top 10 for both property types – Hertfordshire, Warwickshire, Berkshire, West Sussex, Buckinghamshire, and Oxfordshire, excluding London. Berkshire saw a 12 per cent and 18 per cent rise in asking prices for one and two bedroom properties respectively, whereas West Sussex recorded 11 per cent and 10 per cent respective price growth.

While Wales and Northern England have seen stagnation or deflation of up to -3 per cent, price growth is slowly dispersing across the UK with levels of steady growth beginning to creep into the Midlands and beyond. The area is set to see rising property values and economic Nicholas Leeming - BWgrowth, thanks to Government plans for increased investment in infrastructure, which should have positive repercussions in the next few years.

Nicholas Leeming, Chairman of Jackson-Stops and Staff, comments: “The economic recovery remains on track but is still fragile in areas of the country well away from London and the south east. Although there  is clear evidence of a slowdown in some parts of Central  London, this research shows much to be positive about in 2015. Some counties in south-east England have recorded growth just shy of the levels experienced in London and this is having a knock on effect further afield, with counties such as Dorset, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire, outside of the traditional commuter belt experiencing steady levels of growth.”

The data was sourced from home.co.uk December 2014 by Insight Advantage for Jackson-Stops & Staff and is based on average asking prices.




February 17, 2015

Interview: This year’s house price predictions for #Richmond

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NEW LOGOHouse prices in Greater London are up 9.7 percent annually and 2.8 percent in the past month, according to figures out today from leading listings website Rightmove.

But what are the predictions for the housing market in Richmond for the rest of 2015? This Is Our Town Richmond spoke to the sales and lettings team at Estate Agents Jackson-Stops & Staff to ask them for their forecasts for the borough.

According to Land Registry figures for 2014, house prices in Richmond surpassed 20% for the year.  Greater London surpassed inner London (Kensington & Chelsea saw an 11.5% rise for example). Why do you think this happened? Has this pace continued so far in 2015?

The Richmond borough has enjoyed sustained and stable house price growth historically and 2014 was clearly no exception, as we witnessed incredibly strong house prices being achieved in the Borough. A combination of factors was responsible for this, including improved economic health, on-target inflation and low interest rates, which all helped to fuel demand. All London boroughs recorded double digit annual growth in 2014; however, Richmond clearly enjoyed an incredibly strong ‘ripple effect’ out from central Prime London areas, which were beginning to reach saturation towards the end of 2014 and which, in turn, made Richmond appear relatively better value to buyers. So far this year, we continue to see strong demand from buyers and particularly renters, many of whom are looking to find a property, enjoy the excellent commuting links, great quality of life, brilliant schools and then settle long-term into this beautiful area as their families grow up.

The new progressive stamp duty rules introduced in December is a bit of a mixed blessing for Richmond. Over 5% of all million pound plus house sales in the whole of the UK in 2014 were in Richmond Upon Thames (according to research last year by Lloyds Bank). What impact is this new system having on house sales in the area?Boat and Bridge - Copy

In an affluent borough such as Richmond, the percentage of those affected by the stamp duty rises at the upper levels is clearly significantly higher than the national average. It is difficult to predict how the market will react so early on; however, we could find in the coming months that the rises will allow some purchasers to reduce their offers accordingly, in order to accommodate the hike in their overall purchase costs. It’s perhaps worth remembering that the new levels of stamp duty introduced back in December will benefit financially 98% of all property purchasers in the UK; indeed, we are seeing less price sensitivity around the old threshold prices such as £250,000 and £500,000, which are still relevant to Richmond residents.

A couple of weeks ago, Jackson-Stops & Staff hit the headlines because they were marketing an unbelievably small property (322 square feet – see picture below) in Twickenham for £300,000. This seems excessive. Is this the property market going mad or have you overpriced?  

I’m delighted to report that this property went under offer within just a few days of being brought to the market by us; because it was something rather unique, it garnered a huge amount of interest and there were a large number of viewings across our Teddington and Richmond offices. As always, we did our research and looked at comparable properties in terms of location, style and size that have sold in the area, and we priced it accordingly; the buyer particularly loved the location of the property and we wish him happiness in his new home.

Traditionally, is the property market quite cautious ahead of a general election? Is that the case now. Should people be putting their house on the market this side of a general election or should they hold fire?

691A0456_tonemappedEditIt’s certainly true that a general election tends to cause a slightly more ‘wait and see’ approach amongst buyers and sellers alike, as there is an inevitable period of uncertainty in the run-up campaign. Housing is, of course, a major issue in the political arena and whilst there is a cross party consensus to increase supply, there are also very real differences of opinion when it comes to taxation. The latest stamp duty overhaul signals continued political interest regarding intervention in the housing market. In our Richmond office, we have not started to see the effects just yet but we do expect that market could slow slightly for property sales; however, we continue to register large numbers of applicants looking to buy, the majority of whom are looking to purchase for their own use and aspirations, as opposed to any political timescale. We never forget that a house is an emotional purchase for most people, a home, not simply a financial transaction.

The Mansion Tax on £2m plus homes will be introduced if Labour wins the next election. It is a hugely contentious issue especially in Richmond where residents will be particularly hit. Would this completely stall the top end of the market in Richmond?

The Mansion Tax on £2m plus homes has been viewed by some as uneconomical and unfair. There is also concern over those ‘asset rich’ but ‘cash-poor’ households who have seen their property rise in value over £2m over a long period of time; this would certainly apply to a large number of long-term Richmond residents. Labour has tried to counter this problem through allowing such owners to defer payments until the property is sold. Having said all that, we generally find that if people are motivated to move then they will be keen to make it happen according to their personal timescales, irrespective of political issues such as mansion tax or stamp duty changes. It is impossible to predict how much the tax could stall the market at this stage and we will be monitoring all party manifestos on this topic closely during the lead-up to the election in May.

If people want to find an up and coming part of Richmond to buy in at the moment, where would you suggest would be a good investment for the future?

Well, it’s true that most areas in and around Richmond have truly ‘up and come’ in recent years! However, your budget will stretch a little further if you look out beyond the Hill and The Green towards the other side of the A316 in East Twickenham and also off the Kew Road. North Sheen and Lower Mortlake Road have seen several new developments being built recently and we certainly have Landlords who have purchased buy-to-lets in these schemes, which are producing strong rental yields.

What are the main reasons people want to move from other boroughs into Richmond?

There are so many reasons why people want to move from other boroughs into Richmond, it’s hard to beat on so many levels: there’s a great feeling of community spirit amongst its loyal residents, who enjoy the expansive green spaces and vibrant array of boutiques, cafes and bars on their doorstep. For families, schooling is a real pull, with some of the finest state and private schooling options in the country; commuters enjoy the excellent transport links into central London and our clients tell us frequently that Richmond offers them the best of town and country living.View with paintingEdit

What are the main reasons people leave the borough to go elsewhere?

We find that many of our clients choose to stay long-term in the borough if work commitments allow; this is particularly true of families once parents see their children settled happily in the local schools. Quite apart from the usual reasons for leaving an area – job relocation, returning to childhood roots, downsizing or upsizing – we do unfortunately see a relatively small number of people ‘priced out’ of the borough if they are looking to move to a larger property. However, the strength of the market does provide huge stability to those homeowners who have lived here for many years and who have seen an excellent return on their property investment.

What are your best Richmond-based properties for sale or rent at the moment?

For those looking to buy a stunning period property in a prime location off Richmond Hill Road, we are delighted to have brought a house to the market for the first time in 45 years; the accommodation is spread across three floors and offers six bedrooms, four receptions, three bathrooms, large entrance hallway, garden with side access, double garage and cellar. For those looking to rent in Richmond, we have a fantastic three bedroom apartment situated in a modern residential development that’s located 0.5 miles from Richmond centre and station. Do get in touch with our Richmond office to find out more about these and all of our other instructions, we’d be delighted to help : Oliver Griffiths, Sales Manager; Edward Simpson, Lettings Manager; 020 8940 6789; jackson-stops.co.uk/london

Sarah Bruce-Ball, from This is Our Town Richmond, spoke to Oliver Griffiths, Sales Manager and Edward Simpson Lettings Manager at Jackson-Stops & Staff Richmond. 




February 12, 2015

Jackson-Stops … we’re Inn!

jackson_stops_front2014We recently received a visit to our Pimlico Office from a former landlord of a pub called ‘The Jackson Stops’ in Rutland and we thought you might be interested to find out how it came to take its rather unusual name. The pub was originally known as the ‘White Horse’ and was converted from an old farmhouse. Over time, the ‘White Horse’ sign was lost or taken down; when the property was put up for sale in 1955, the only sign remaining was the ‘For Sale’ sign of the selling agent, Jackson-Stops & Staff; since that time, the public house has been known as ‘The Jackson Stops’. A review tells us that ‘the pub has one of the only two nurdling benches (a game involving old pennies) left in Britain.’ jackson_stops_fine_food_3


Back to today and the kitchen creates hearty dishes with an international slant, from crayfish and avocado ‘baskets’ to Thai fishcakes, from local sausages and mash to pan-fried duck breast with rosemary potatoes and confit rhubarb. There’s also an extensive blackboard menu of paninis and baguettes with an impressive choice of up to 30 ingredients for mixing and matching.

The pub has three beautifully furnished, intimate dining rooms, a comfortable main bar complete with sofas and a snug noted for its traditional ‘nurdling bench’ and games of ‘pitch and toss’.jackson_stops_fine_food_4

Jackson Stops Inn is also featured in the Michelin Guide, AA Guide.

A Jackson-Stops & Staff pub? We’ll drink to that!


January 30, 2015

Flat For Sale in Poirot’s Whitehaven Mansions

202805_BAR150003Star of 33 books, 1 play and over 50 short stories spanning a lifetime of more than 50 years, Hercule Poirot is one of the literary icons of the 20th century and synonymous with the diminutive Belgian Detective is his Mayfair home of Whitehaven Mansions. When a number of the books were serialised for the small screen during the late 1980’s, television producers scoured London’s property scene in search of the perfect building to replicate the 1930’s art deco Whitehaven Mansions that had been so meticulously described in the books. After compiling and subsequently whittling down a long list of potentially suitable blocks the producers decided upon Florin Court in Clerkenwell.

Florin Court is a ten-storey block of flats that was built between 1935 and 1937 (almost the exact scope of the television series chronology) for Charterhouse Ltd by architects Guy Morgan & 202805_BAR150003MPartners and builders J. Gerrard & Sons. In 1988, the block was refurbished and modernised for Regalian Properties at a cost of about £2 million by architects Hildebrand & Glicker. That was when the building acquired its current name, Florin Court. More importantly, however, this was also exactly when the first series of Poirot started shooting.

The serendipity of the find was almost too good to be true, at the precise time they needed to commence filming a block precisely matching the description of Whitehaven Mansions, lovingly restored to former glories and entirely devoid of occupants was found. Unfortunately the vacant nature of the block was not going to last and as such the producers set about filming every conceivable angle of the block and its’ environs, in light and darkness, for a 72 hour non-stop period. But for a few exceptions in later incarnations, the footage shot that weekend has been used to recreate Whitehaven Mansions ever since.

In post Poirot days Florin Court has maintained its’ reputation as one of the most sought after blocks in Clerkenwell. Sitting around the historic Charterhouse Square the building offers superb facilities to its residents including a swimming pool and roof garden with stunning panoramic views west across London.202805_BAR150003O202805_BAR150003N

January 27, 2015

Timekeeping in Teddington

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td59462bThis year marks the 60th anniversary of the first successful atomic clock built by Louis Essen and Jack Parry at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in Teddington.  The most recent Atomic clock in the building, named the NPL-csF2, has been revealed recently as being the most accurate long term timekeeper in the world; it plays an essential part in global communications, satellite navigation and the time shaping of financial transactions. Read more


This year, there is one man who hopes time will stand still for him; Andy Green, the driver of Blood Hood SSC, will be attempting to break the world land speed record this year but attempting to travel up to 1000mph faster than a bullet.td59462


A number of companies have provided technology and support for the project, including BMT, a company based in the iconic NPL building in Teddington.


Jackson-Stops & Staff is proud to present a stunning spacious Victorian conversion apartment located opposite the NPL, where the high ceilings large windows and luxury interiors will ensure a viewing is time well spent. 


For more information, please get in touch with Mark Birch in our Teddington office.


January 20, 2015

UK property portal, OnTheMarket.com

OTM_26JAN_Colour-01With the New Year comes the launch on 26 January 2015 of major new UK property portal, OnTheMarket.com.

At Jackson-Stops & Staff, we pride ourselves on being progressive in our approach and we are delighted to have joined thousands of other prominent estate and letting agents in supporting the most important new venture of its type in many years. We have reviewed our overall digital strategy and firmly believe that OnTheMarket.com will rapidly become a major player in the market and a ‘must view’ destination for serious property seekers.

OnTheMarket.com is launching with a multi-million pound marketing budget which will include sustained TV advertising on the main terrestrial and digital channels. In addition, it is running a high-profile press campaign in titles such as the Daily Telegraph, Times, Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Scotsman, Glasgow Herald and Western Mail, as well as in key magazines such as Country Life, The London Magazine and Fabric. There will also be a very heavy digital display and pay-per-click campaign.

As a mutual organisation, OnTheMarket.com has no external shareholders and, as such, it is able to plough profits back into improving the property-searching experience and connecting motivated buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords. So, from Monday 26 January 2015, we will be displaying all our instructed properties at OnTheMarket.com. We believe that the state-of-the-art website will provide the most uncluttered, user-friendly and modern UK property search service. Because the technology is new, OnTheMarket.com will adapt seamlessly to whichever type of device and screen size its visitors use.

In the words of David Parris, our Group Operations Director, ‘we look forward to supporting the launch of the new OnTheMarket.com property portal from 26 January. So, whilst we will not be renewing our contract with Zoopla, we shall continue to market all of our properties on Rightmove, which remains the UK’s largest property portal and which provides us with the highest volume and value of leads. After extensive analysis of web traffic and the quality and quantity of leads generated for our clients’ properties, we have decided that this combination of portals will best serve our clients in reaching the highest quality of prospective buyers and tenants. Naturally, we shall continue to market our instructed properties on our own award-winning website, jackson-stops.co.uk, as well as working as closely as ever with our valuable database of registered buyers and tenants.

For further information please contact your nearest Jackson-Stops & Staff branch office.

January 7, 2015


OTM_26JAN_Colour-01Jackson-Stops & Staff will feature all of its properties at OnTheMarket.com, a new property website which launches in January as a direct competitor to Rightmove and Zoopla, the national upmarket agent announced.

Properties from across all Jackson-Stops & Staff 44 offices nationwide, including seven London offices, will feature on the new property website. In addition, all Jackson-Stops & Staff will continue to be listed with Rightmove.

Jackson-Stops & Staff has more than a century of experience in the prime property market from houses and apartments in London’s smartest districts, to country houses, farms and estates and listed buildings, from residential development and new homes sales to professional services.

OnTheMarket.com – which launches on Monday 26 January 2015 – is a mutual organisation focused on providing an outstanding service for property searchers, estate and letting agents, vendors and landlords. The venture already has the support of more than 4,000 estate and lettings agency branches nationwide, including those of leading national, regional and local firms. OnTheMarket.com is expecting many more to join in the coming weeks as momentum continues to grow. Its member agents will be moving hundreds of thousands of properties to OnTheMarket.com from other websites to create a unique set which cannot be found elsewhere.

When OnTheMarket.com launches, neither Rightmove nor Zoopla will be able to claim their property listings cover the entire market because many estate and letting agents will be leaving them to join OnTheMarket.com as the best platform to showcase their properties in the clearest and simplest way.

The property search at OnTheMarket.com will be slick, simple, fast and state-of-the-art, compatible with the latest technologies. The website will adapt seamlessly to fit the screen of any device being used to view it. There will be no clutter from irritating and distracting third party adverts, nor any spam email.

Every property at OnTheMarket.com will be marketed by a locally-based estate or letting agent because OnTheMarket.com knows the majority of the public recognises the benefits of having a local professional in place who can manage the sales or lettings process on their behalf. Also, there is no substitute for their detailed knowledge of a property, the local area, the current market conditions and the vendor’s/landlord’s personal circumstances.  OnTheMarket.com will not feature properties marketed by online-only agents.

Tim Dansie, on behalf of Jackson-Stops & Staff, said: “Our directors and staff combine a first-class understanding of residential property with the very highest standards of services for clients. We believe OnTheMarket.com will rapidly grow to become a major player in the portal market because it will provide a clean, crisp and simple search function and a highly effective platform for our vendor and landlord clients and be a great place to launch new properties onto the market.”

Ian Springett, Chief Executive of OnTheMarket.com, said: “We are delighted Jackson-Stops & Staff has committed to OnTheMarket.com and we look forward to matching motivated buyers and tenants with all the properties our member agents are marketing for their clients across its 44 offices nationwide.”

Notes to editors:

OnTheMarket.com is the property website of Agents’ Mutual Ltd. Agents’ Mutual is a company limited by guarantee and was established in 2013. Its purpose is to provide a first-class property search service to local estate and lettings agents, their clients and the property-seeking public and it is not driven by narrow shareholder value motives.

Every estate or letting agent firm which lists properties with it becomes a member of the company and has an equal interest in it. One firm = one member = one vote, irrespective of the number of offices a firm has. OnTheMarket.com member agents have provided more than £8 million of pre-launch development funding for the new venture. This has been provided by way of loans and pre-launch subscriptions made in proportion to the number of offices each firm has.

The property websites market was reviewed by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) in 2012 when it considered the merger of Digital Property Group (parent DMGT) and Zoopla Group (a private equity backed business). It found that the market was not working well and there was too little competition and choice for property market participants. The OFT approved the merger which created Zoopla Property Group in April 2012.

In 2013, Rightmove income was £140M and profits were £104M (74% profit margin).  Zoopla’s profits were £29.4M.

The senior management team behind OnTheMarket.com has proven expertise in creating, running and growing successful brands and businesses. They were responsible for the founding and the development of Primelocation.com which is now part of Zoopla Property Group.

All estate and letting agents joining OnTheMarket.com commit to list all their properties at OnTheMarket.com and a maximum of one other competing property website, which in practice means in most cases removing their properties and their listing fees from either Rightmove or Zoopla. This element of the strategy is widely seen as essential in enabling the business to disrupt the duopoly which currently exists in the property website market.

OnTheMarket.com will not accept listings from private vendors and landlords.

OnTheMarket.com will cover the whole of the UK and its member agents are spread according to the national market distribution.  Approximately 70% of its member firms are located outside of London and 30% inside London.

For further information, please contact:

Vikki Thomas on Vikki.thomas@agentsmutual.co.uk or call 0203 714 3985

Marion Hardman, for Jackson-Stops & Staff, on 0203 697 4358 or jss@fourcommunications.com

December 15, 2014

Lettings and Property Management Services from Jackson-Stops & Staff

JSHO Holland Park, W11 (1) - CopyLettings and Property Management Services from Jackson-Stops & Staff
Jackson-Stops & Staff would be delighted to provide you with a seamless lettings and property management service for your buy-to-let investment property, or portfolio of investment properties. We operate from our well-established network of 12 prime office locations in North, City and South West London, covering a wide geographical area across London.  All our offices are linked through industry specific software which contains the properties’ attributes and details; we record tenant requirements and send out electronic alerts when suitable matches are found.  We offer a range of stunning properties, from studio apartments through to large family homes in the prime areas of Mayfair, Chelsea, Pimlico, Holland Park, Richmond, Teddington, Weybridge and Wimbledon, as well as key central locations in The City, Bloomsbury and Southbank.

Client management and service excellence
In order to work successfully for you we make sure that we listen carefully to your specific requirements and deliver on the services we promise, aiming to exceed your expectations whenever possible. The starting point is our people; your dedicated team would bring together the relevant mix of sector, client management, lettings and property management expertise. We enjoy unrivalled knowledge of the areas local to our offices and we are willing and able to respond to any enquiries you may have. Our experienced teams are industry qualified and able to deal with all levels of enquiries.  As the only current firm of estate agents to take up membership to the Institute of Customer Service, we have placed client service firmly at the top of our business agenda, carrying out the necessary audits and staff training in order to attain accreditation from this highly-regarded organisation.  We work hard to provide a flexible, bespoke service to our clients. By listening closely, the Jackson-Stops & Staff team will take time to hear the things that others can miss.

Knowledge and experience – an unrivalled track record
We have a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from working with other Landlords and high profile corporate companies and we would be happy to discuss this in further detail with you. The talent and experience that Jackson-Stops & Staff can offer is unequalled and the proficiency of our professionals is endorsed by the following list of major clients, for whom we work across the globe.

Our dedicated, experienced property management department is based at our newly refurbished Wimbledon office and ensures that our managed properties are fully compliant with all safety regulations (including Gas Safety, Electrical Safety and Furniture and Furnishings Acts) and that they meet with the Association of Regulated Lettings Agents (ARLA) standards; this provides an assurance to our clients that we are specialist advisors on the letting process, from the initial enquiry through to ending the tenancy and handling the deposit. 

Our people, your team
Jackson-Stops & Staff is confident of the value its staff will bring to you. Tracey Cumming, as Head of Lettings, and Simon Quinn, as Head of Property management, will work hard to ensure that we deliver beyond the required service levels to you; that we exceed your expectations and that our relationship with you is managed effectively at all levels.

We believe that good communication is key to successful collaborative working and we are completely committed to ensuring we maintain an ongoing, effective dialogue with you.

We are able to offer very competitive rates and would be happy to discuss this in further detail once we progress to the next stage.

Why Jackson-Stops & Staff?

  • An unrivalled knowledge of the property sector;
  • A bespoke estate agent with long and existing property management department, enhanced continually over the years;
  • Innovative leadership which provides a dedicated resource of highly experienced people ready to facilitate your immediate needs;·
  • A single point of contact for Landlord and Tenant in Property Management;·
  • Access to experienced and trusted portfolio of Contractors;·
  • Regular property inspections with full written report and photos;
  • COMING IN 2015: Landlord Login with ability to access statements, invoices, and inspection reports.

December 9, 2014

The Great Christmas Pudding Race

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Victoria George Fran Rob Tina Rob (2) - CopyThe morning of Saturday 6th December saw Tina Evans, Georgina Rabl, Francesca Phillips & Victoria Ogilvie from the Frank Harris & Co. City Office take part in the Annual Great Christmas Pudding Race in Covent Garden. The four ladies made up the ‘Property Puddings’ team alongside two colleagues from Jackson-Stops & Staff; Robert Dawson from the Pimlico branch and Robert Butterworth from the Holland Park Office.The Pudding - Copy

The morning consisted of a costume parade which saw the six ‘Property Puddings’ model their fetching Christmas Pudding hats and branded t-shirts. The competitors then took part in a Zumba workout to warm themselves up as the weather was bitterly cold! This lead to the event itself- an obstacle course relay race throughout which all the competitors were carrying a Christmas Pudding! The course included several inflatable obstacles, whipped cream and icing sugar. Everyone that took part had such fun and it was made all the more worthwhile due to the £1100.00 raised so far for Cancer Research.

December 1, 2014

6 tips for making buying or selling your home less stressful

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Buying or selling a property is the most stressful part of modern life, according to a recent report. The anxiety of moving is rated as worse than being made redundant or even getting divorced. The reasons for the sleepless nights include the huge sums involved, slow solicitors and the risk of the deal falling through, to name but a few.

To help take the stress out of your next move, just follow these simple tips from David Williams, our Head of Sales for London.

1.  Consider holding an open day

Holding viewings can be disruptive and it’s stressful having to keep your home tidy all the time. One way round this is to hold an open day. This can create a buzz around your property and help find a buyer in a short space of time.

2.  Get a good solicitor

Don’t shop solely on price: the cheapest solicitor is unlikely to be the best. Engage one who has been recommended to you and knows the area you are selling or buying your home in. This is likely to be the biggest transaction you ever undertake so getting the right solicitor is important.

3.  Put your home on the market for the right price

You will want to maximize the amount you sell for, of course, but if your asking price is too high you risk having it on the market for months on end. Worse still, it can get stale so may not sell even if you later reduce the price. Make sure your estate agent can justify the asking price they suggest to you.

4.  Instruct your solicitor as soon as your home goes on the market

Ask your solicitor to prepare a draft contact and apply for the title deeds before you have even secured a buyer. This can shave weeks off the time it takes to exchange contracts.

5.  Get all your paperwork in order

Your buyer will want to see all the planning permissions, building regulations consents, FENSA and other guarantees relating to your property. Having this paperwork to hand can save frustrating delays on your sale.

David Williams6.  Ask your agent questions

Buying or selling a home is complex and stressful and it’s not always easy to know what’s going on or why it is being delayed. Don’t be shy to tap into your agent’s expertise to find out what is going on or to explain the reason for any hold ups.

David can be found at our Chelsea office on 59 Cadogan Street, London SW3 2QJ.  You can contact him on 020 7581 5881 or at davidwilliams@jackson-stops.com.

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