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May 8, 2015

“The clouds over the London property market have now dispersed” – Nick Leeming on today’s Election results

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Nick Leeming, Chairman of national estate agents Jackson-Stops & Staff, with 44 offices nationwide, comments on today’s Election results:

“With the Conservatives looking set to win the majority, the clouds that have hung over the London property market have now dispersed. Having seen the number of property transactions slow down sharply over the last six months, as the prospect of mansion tax loomed on the horizon, with today’s result, we expect to see greater activity in the London market from now on. High valued properties, whilst still affected by some of the more recent tax changes, should see more stable demand and the resurgence of international interest. Now that London is open for business again we expect the wider markets to respond accordingly.”

April 29, 2015

De-clutter your home for a quicker sale

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Thinking of moving house?
Summer is traditionally the best time of year to sell your house, and Shurgard, the self-storage expert, wants to help make the process as easy as possible.

The ideal move sees you wave goodbye to your old property and walk straight into the next. The reality is that there is usually a limbo period where paperwork and legalities are waiting to be finalised.

Making the most of your home by de-cluttering before the move could mean the difference between a quick sell and months of uncertainty during an already stressful process.  A clutter free home could also result in a higher sale value.

House to rent Towpath, Shepperton, Surrey TW17 9LL

House to rent Towpath, Shepperton, Surrey TW17 9LL

People like to think of the house they are viewing as their home… not yours. Therefore consider moving some of your more personal items and leaving just the bare essentials. Less is more, so be as minimalist as possible.  Although photos, ornaments and trinkets may be to your taste, they might not be to potential buyers.

De-cluttering adds to the sense of space, which should make the house feel bigger, lighter and brighter.

Getting started
Tidy away all knick-knacks. From kitchen counters to bathroom surfaces everything should be clear. Don’t hide things in cupboards or in the loft; a perspective buyer may want to really nosey around and you don’t want them to stumble across a big pile after seeing such a clutter free home! Pack these bits, along with additional bulky items like extra furniture, and arrange to store them at Shurgard for the duration of the house views.

Leave no room unturned
First impressions count! And the hallway is usually where the tour starts so move shoes, coats, keys and umbrellas. The same goes with paintings and family photos. An entrance hall should feel big, open and neutral to allow visitors to visualise how they would decorate the house.

As everyone knows, kitchens and bathrooms sell homes so move your shampoo and conditioner, novelty toaster and fridge magnets before booking any viewings. Think clean and minimal.

The garage is another space that is often full of old gear; bikes, sports equipment, tools and junk. It is not uncommon for new buyers to look at the garage as an opportunity to create an extra living space – a bedroom, study or utility room. Show off its potential by clearing it to really show buyers how much space they would have to work with.

How Shurgard can help
With 20 years of expertise, Shurgard offers a convenient, safe and flexible solution throughout the moving process, keeping treasured possessions, seasonal items and household goods secure. To

Detached House for sale Park Road, Kingston KT2 5LE

Detached House for sale Park Road, Kingston KT2 5LE

make things easier, when putting items away label each box with the room it came from and ensure they are put into your storage unit facing out, so they can be easily retrieved when the move is complete.

Shurgard has 22 stores across London and the Thames Valley so wherever you are in the capital you’ll never be far from a store or your belongings. Just pop your postcode in online to find your nearest store location.

Whether you need to store one box or a mansion house full of them, Shurgard offers units from 10 to 240 square feet.

Shurgard knows how important every single item in storage is. Each facility has PIN code entry into the buildings and car parks, 24hour CCTV coverage and customers have sole access to their unit.

Moving is an expensive business, and Shurgard isn’t going to charge the earth to store your items. For first time users, various promotions and discounts apply, including £1 storage for the first month.

If the move takes longer than expected, or you only need extra space for a few weeks in-between a move just let Shurgard know and they will be happy to accommodate your needs.

For advice when planning a move check out http://www.shurgard.co.uk/ or call 0800 368 0420 or please call our any of our London Offices.

April 23, 2015

International currency remains strong in London

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Overseas demand for property in London and currency implications

Foreign demand for London property has been significant for decades. However, since the financial crisis in 2008 overseas investment has been a notable key component of the property market’s aggregate demand.

London is regarded as a global focal point and the reasons behind the influxes of foreign capital can be considered in two aspects:

Personal use: Work and employment needs, historic appeal, friends and family connections, education and the idea of a trophy asset.

Investment: Comparatively stable political and economic environments, few legal restrictions, long history of price growth and further potential capital growth, escape from domestic wealth taxes and diversifying portfolios.

Both reasons typically overlap and amplify one another to create a strong incentive to buy property in London.

world map

Where our buyers originated in 2014

The diagram to the left shows the percentage of the significant purchases that came from overseas in 2014 through our London offices.

We saw demand emanating from all continents with the strongest interest from Europe and the Middle East and countries including China along with the USA.



Proportion of overseas purchasersJSSMAP

In 2014 a majority of our purchasers were from overseas in central London such as Mayfair (80%) and Chelsea (81%) whereas further out in Richmond a quarter were from overseas and in Teddington only domestic applicants bought a property.


Outlook for foreign demand

Economic slowdowns in countries such as China will reduce the ability of further investment into London. Recent tax changes including the increase in Stamp Duty Land Tax along with a higher rate for companies and investment vehicles, the extension of Capital Gains Tax to include non-residents and an Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings have all made investing from abroad less attractive. The threat of a ‘Mansion Tax’ depending on who wins the impending General Election, is also weighing. However, whilst these factors may slow the rate of interest from overseas in the short run, particularly from an investment perspective, the World’s wealth is still increasing with London only growing in attraction. We are still experiencing good levels of demand from abroad and anticipate this continuing going forward.

Currency and its significance on property purchases

The first half of 2014 saw the UK’s economic recovery exceed expectations, causing the Pound (GBP) to appreciate against many currencies as markets bet that a UK interest rate increase was not far away. This Sterling strength further increased the price of London property for international clients, highlighting the risks of not accounting for Foreign Exchange moves during international property purchases. In the 2nd half of 2014, the run up to the Scottish independence referendum in September created significant market uncertainty. Inflation moderated even further, and with it expectations of a near-term UK interest rate rise fell, such that sterling lost a lot of strength against many currency pairs – much to the relief of international clients moving funds to the UK towards their property purchases.


GBPEUR Graph, 150415GBPUSD Graph, 150415






GBP has had an interesting start to 2015, gaining significant strength against the Euro following the announcement and start of Quantitative Easing in the Eurozone, political uncertainty in Greece and the Swiss National Bank removing its peg against the Euro (EUR). GBPEUR (currently 1.3935) is over 11% stronger than last summer (1st July), having cooled in recent weeks from a 7 year high in March (above 1.42). This has hugely affected European clients looking to buy property in London, and to put this in perspective, a £1m property purchase today would cost a European client around €145,000 more than last summer, purely from a currency perspective.

Conversely, we have lost a lot of ground against the US Dollar, following continued progress in the US jobs recovery such that the US unemployment rate is now not far from levels the Federal Reserve would view as consistent with the ‘longer-term’ rate. This leads the Fed to adjust (and adjust again) its policy guidance, moving expectations of a rise in near term US interest rates to the forefront of minds, certainly sooner than in the UK. Consequently the pound is 13% weaker against the US Dollar since 1st July, so that a £1m purchase would today cost a US Dollar holder around $232,000 less than in the summer. Similar positive trends can be seen for buyers moving funds from the UAE, Hong Kong, China and to a lesser extent Singapore.

If the above demonstrates anything, it is that currency plays a very important role in UK property purchases for international clients. Often overlooked, movements can make a huge difference to the final amount your property costs in your local currency. Just as relevant are those selling property in the UK and transferring the proceeds back overseas.

Looking forward

The coming months promise to be interesting with much of the focus on the upcoming UK General Election. Opinions polls are too close to give any clear indication of the likely shape of any UK government after the 7 May vote and we expect a lot of uncertainty as we approach the big day. This uncertainty may see GBP weaken against major currencies, bringing further relief to international clients. Another key consideration will be the UK’s approach towards an interest rate rise which is now generally expected for 2016. However any change in sentiment or MPC language to indicate an earlier rate rise will see further stimulus for the pound.

Investec’s Private Client Foreign Exchange team works with internationally-focused property investors to provide competitive exchange rates, a personal currency expert and access to tailored protection from exchange rate movements. If you would like to discuss any cross-currency purchases or sales, please contact James Glynne-Percy and he will be happy to help.

Any figures, commentary and opinion published in this report is for general information only and in no way intended as financial advice and should not be relied upon in any way. Jackson-Stops & Staff and Investec Bank plc assume no responsibility for any loss from the use of any material in this report. Currency figures and graphs are accurate as at 15/04/2015 and subject to change continually with movements in the currency market.

Investec                                                                                                   Jackson-Stops & Staff
James Glynne-Percy                                                                               Robert Butterworth
Private Client Foreigh Exchange                                                             Research Department
james.glynne-epercy@investec.co.uk                                                     research@jackson-stops.com
020 7597 3695                                                                                         020 7581 5881









October 24, 2014

Delights of Smithfield

202805_BAR120133CVictoria from our Long Lane Office was very kindly treated to lunch by some future clients of Frank Harris & Co. at Smiths of Smithfield. Home to four different dining spaces, Smiths is one of the many exciting eating houses Farringdon has to offer and it certainly did not disappoint as a lunch venue.

Each of the four floors offer a different experience: the ground floor is a relaxed bar which serves food all day- the décor is quite industrial which reflects the working nature of the environment in Smithfield; the first floor is a lounge style cocktail bar with softer interiors than the floor below. Moving up the building the second floor restaurant has an open kitchen with darker tables which add a sophisticated feel to the exposed brick walls; the top floor restaurant is the epitome of fine dining- the white table cloths and bright view over the meat market and local rooftops make this floor feel truly ethereal.

Victoria enjoyed a fantastic lunch at the Second Floor Dining Room. The provenance of the main ingredients is listed on the right-hand side of the menu with most of the meat produce making the short journey from butchers located in Smithfield Meat Market (Central London’s only fully operational meat market) just across 202805_BAR120133the road; some cuts of beef are even butchered on site at the restaurant! Three out of four of the party enjoyed an escallop of Wagyu veal cooked in parmesan and capers with a rocket salad which from all accounts was absolutely delicious; the other member of the group enjoyed a Thai-style shredded beef salad which had quite a kick! Pudding did not disappoint either as the party devoured a salted caramel cheesecake topped with caramelised pear and toffee popcorn.

The restaurant comes highly recommended, the atmosphere was lively evening at lunch time, the staff too were both helpful and knowledgeable making for a brilliant dining experience all round. Farringdon has so many amazing restaurants on offer it can be hard to choose although Smiths would be high up on our list as one of the best. Located just around the corner of this eatery is Florin Court, a beautiful art-deco building previously used in the filming of Agatha Christie’s Poirot. Frank Harris & Co. are proud to be marketing a charming studio flat with the most astonishing views over St Paul’s Cathedral and the rest of The City. The building has fabulous facilities including its own swimming pool; not to mention this property is five minutes away from Farringdon Station a future stop on Cross Rail which makes it a fantastic investment.



September 5, 2014

Classic Cars & Property

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This weekend, a meeting of  60 of the world’s rarest, most desirable & expensive classic cars will be taking place in the International Concours of Elegance probably one the most exclusive car shows nationally, within the grounds of the Historic Hampton Court Palace.


For your own pride and joy, whether it be a classic Beetle or a Honda Fireblade, it is essential to have secure, dry storage in the shape of a garage.


We at Jackson-Stops & Staff have a range of properties with garages, from a one bedroom in Harrowdene Gardens to a four bedroom house in a gated development.  Properties and garages to suit all budgets available on our website http://www.jackson-stops.co.uk/london



Click image for more details

July 28, 2014

I spy…next door’s got a new kitchen

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Man-looking-through-binoculars-600x256It won’t surprise anyone who has noticed the high number of property shows on TV, but a new survey by furniture retailer Made.com reveals that our obsession with other people’s homes shows no sign of abating. One in every ten of us admits to having viewed a property with no intention of buying it…and surprise, surprise, the practice is most common in the London market.


Some 19% of Londoners have posed as a ‘potential buyer’ in the capital, in order to take a peek around a property; one in 20 of us has even used binoculars or a camera to see inside a neighbour’s house, the survey has found. Many admit they have walked the ‘long way home’  just so they can look through a window, whilst others have snooped around a neighbour’s home or garden without their knowledge. For those aged between 16 and 24, however, there are other opportunities to look around a neighbour’s home without them knowing: some 35% of that age group take unofficial tours during a party or when they are meant to be looking after a pet. The survey polled 1,000 people age 16-24.  (Source: Metro London July 2014).

July 14, 2014

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homepageWe are delighted that Issue 3 of our homepage magazine is out this week, featuring research news and a selection of beautiful properties from our Mayfair, Chelsea, Holland Park, Pimlico and Wimbledon offices.

Do take a look through and if you would like your own copy please do not hesitate to contact your local office, where our staff will be delighted to post one out to you.

January 20, 2014

Property Secrets International

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internationalWe’ve been working with one of our Weybridge Landlords on his exciting new venture, an online magazine called ‘Property Secrets International,’ which features useful tips and advice, as well as interesting articles about buying and renting property abroad.

We were delighted when the magazine went live on the Apple appstore and it has already been downloaded by many people from all over the globe, including Madagascar! Please take a look for yourself and see who you recognise from Jackson-Stops & Staff…



August 8, 2011

Seven bedroom house to rent Weybridge Park, Weybridge

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Weybridge estate agents Jackson Stops & Staff have a fabulous seven bedroom house in Weybridge Park available to rent. The elegant character property is arranged over three floors and located in this sought-after, private estate. It also features a mature garden and secure outdoor swimming pool.

The house includes seven bedrooms, three bathrooms, four reception rooms, 2 cloakrooms, ample storage, kitchen/breakfast room with separate utility room and garage.

Monthly rent is £4,995. For further information please contact the Weybridge office on 01932 859 355 or click here for more details about the property.

July 26, 2011

Luxury house to rent in West End Lane, Esher KT10 8LB

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Weybridge estate agents Jackson Stops & Staff have a luxury house available for rent with around 13 acres of land yet it is just a short distance from Esher town centre (click here to see the map).

Set behind electric gates, this unique and wonderful, imposing family home with a sweeping drive has a private green belt woodland, lawned garden, paddock and stables,

The property itself has spacious reception rooms with wood flooring and underfloor heating throughout which are ideal for entertaining including a kitchen open plan to dining room and family area. Upstairs the bedrooms are of great proportions with three en-suites and family bathroom.

Although it has these wonderful grounds, the property is close to Esher town centre with its cosmopolitan eateries, stylish boutiques, train station and easy access to the A3.

Monthly rent is £8,500. For more details click here or call the Weybridge office on 01932 859355.

July 22, 2011

Wimbledon Village estate agency welcomes new member of the property sales team

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Wimbledon Village estate agents  Jackson Stops & Staff would like to welcome their newest team member Annie Souberbielle to the property sales team.

She has recently moved to London from Birmingham after studying property and deciding that she wanted to have a career in the industry.

Annie can be contacted on 020 8879 6699 or click here for more details.

Annie Souberbielle - Jackson Stops & Staff, Wimbledon Village

July 21, 2011

Luxury five bed house for sale within prestigious gated Richmond Lock development

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Richmond estate agents Jackson Stops & Staff are offering for a sale a luxury house set within the prestigious gated Richmond Lock development.

Set over four floors, the property includes five bedrooms, three reception rooms, three bathrooms plus four further WCs, open plan kitchen dining room, utility room, steam room, garage and a separate half sunk multi-purpose outbuilding currently being used as a gym/cinema.

Built by the highly acclaimed Octagon group, no expense was spared in designing and fitting the house to a very high specification including under-floor heating, air conditioning and state-of-the-art appliances. The property is exceptionally well maintained and would make for very comfortable living.

The house is positioned on a double plot giving a comparatively large garden with numerous seating areas and two lawns. The property also benefits from off-street parking for four cars and direct river views.

Asking price is £3.6 million. For more details and images of the property click here or contact the Richmond office on 020 8940 6789.

Five bed luxury house for sale in Richmond Lock

May 6, 2011

Mansion house to rent West Road, St. George’s Hill

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The Jackson Stops & Staff Weybridge office lettings department are proud to offer for rental this wonderful mansion with indoor swimming pool – http://bit.ly/m2mxZy – at a monthly rent of £11,995.

Located on St. George’s Hill, this charming family house offers a light and bright contemporary interior and a wonderful, mature south-facing garden with and large terrace ideal for entertaining.

A marbled entrance hall leads to a large library/reception room with glass walls, fully fitted kitchen, utility room, dining room, drawing room, study, indoor swimming pool complex with shower room, sauna and gym area and stairs to a gallery landing.

There is a master bedroom with dressing room, twin en-suites and study, guest suite with large dressing room/nursery, three further bedrooms, shower room and family bathroom.

For more information contact Bea Piazza on 01932 859355.

May 4, 2011

Five bed ‘gingerbread’ house for sale in Lower Sunbury’s premier gated road

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Jackson Stops & Staff’s Teddington office have just been instructed on a characterful house on Lower Sunbury’s premier gated road.

Known locally as the ‘gingerbread house’ (a reference to Hansel and Gretel) this five bedroom detached house has fairytale charm thanks to its many individual features – some of which date back as far as the 16th Century.

The full story of this house is featured on page 75 of  the May edition of The Richmond Magazine or click here to see the full particulars.

Priced at £1.25m, viewings can be arranged through the Teddington office on 020 8943 9777 or click here.

The 'gingerbread' house in Lower Sunbury

April 26, 2011

2-bed flat in Holland Park for sale with excellent investment potential

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Jackson Stops & Staff’s Holland Park office has just taken on a two-bed apartment for sale in a purpose built block on Holland Park Avenue.

Situated in a 1960s building, conveniently positioned for Holland Park/Notting Hill Gate Tube stations and also Holland Park itself, the apartment is in need of modernisation but would make an ideal investment or Central London base.

Says Heidi Summers: “This property would make an excellent investment with the potential to get a 4.7% return on rentals.”

Asking price is£495,000 leasehold. For more information click here or call Heidi on 020 7727 5111.

Two bed flat in Holland Park Avenue for sale

April 15, 2011

Got property to sell in Chelsea? Now is a great time to do so says Jackson Stops & Staff

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Writes Jamie Hope from Jackson Stops & Staff’s Chelsea office:

“With so much property having gone under offer before the Stamp Duty increase, we are now seeing a lack of property on the market and prices rising in prime areas of Chelsea.

“So, if you are considering selling, now is an extremely good time to do so. Please feel free to contact our office in Cadogan Street for a free market appraisal on 020 7581 5881.”


Jamie Hope
Sales Negotiator
Jackson-Stops & Staff
59 Cadogan Street

April 14, 2011

Buy or rent in Pimlico and get direct access to European glamour

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Writes Georgina Clark from Jackson Stops & Staff’s Pimlico office:

“If you like a little glamour in your life or just need to get away from London quickly, Victoria and Pimlico are great areas to buy or rent property.

“These parts of the Capital are ideally located for London Victoria Station with luxury international travel to Europe on the Orient Express or fast access to Europe via the Gatwick Express.”

So if you are interested in buying or renting property in SW1, why not give Georgina a call on 020 7828 4050 or click here.

April 13, 2011

Shortage of property being brought to the market in Holland Park

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Heidi Summers from the Jackson Stops & Staff Holland Park office writes:

“We are currently seeing a real shortage of stock in the sales market. With applicant numbers soaring it’s becoming hard to find them suitable properties.

“Speaking with other estate agents in the W11 area, it’s clear that this is across the board. However, with the fine Spring weather we’ve been having,  new investors coming into the market and with the summer season looming, we are still optimistic for a successful year.”

If you have property to sell in Holland Park or W11, why not give Heidi a call on 020 7727 5111 or click here.

April 7, 2011

Spring market in Victoria

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Writes Georgina Clark from Jackson Stops & Staff’s Pimlico Office:

“Head over to Cardinal Place Roof Garden  (first floor level by Wagamama’s ) on Victoria Street for a spring market with delicious food and wonderful gifts. Twenty market stalls will be in situ selling freshly made produce ranging from a Spanish paella and French cheese to delicious sweet treats and gifts. The Royal Collection will also be selling their exclusive range of commemorative china and other gifts to celebrate The Royal Wedding.”

Of course, should you wish to find about the best properties to buy, sell or rent in Victoria or Pimlico, why not pop into the office to see Georgina. Click here for more details.

April 4, 2011

Teddington three-bed property rented in just two hours

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The Teddington office of Jackson Stops & Staff last week managed to rent out a three bedroom house on the corner of Cedar Road and Blackmores Grove in a record time of 2 hours for £2,200 pcm to a lovely family relocating from America.

Says Mark Birch, Lettings Manager: “I think this just demonstrates how busy the market is at the moment with demand outstripping supply and rents continue to rise.”

If you have a property you would like to rent out in the Teddington area, why not give Mark a call on 020 8943 9955 or click here.

Property to rent in Blackmores Grove, Teddington

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