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April 7, 2017

Wimbledon Village is named as one of the best villages to live in Britain by The Sunday Times.

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Wimbledon Village has long been attracting families, young professionals and many celebrities such as June Whitfield, the actress and Darcy Bussell, the former ballerina, who can now be seen as a judge on the hugely popular show, Strictly Come Dancing.

With over 1,000 acres of Wimbledon Common to explore (where you might just spot a “Womble”), an abundance of good schools and the charming High Street lined with boutiques, chic shops, restaurants and traditional pubs, the Village has started to attract increasing numbers of international buyers in recent years. It’s no surprise when you consider that Waterloo Station is just 17 minutes away by train. Quite simply, Wimbledon Village offers the perfect balance of town and country living.

As well as hosting the most famous tennis championships in the world every year, the Village also hosts one of London’s largest free outdoor events. The annual Wimbledon Guild Village Fair on Wimbledon Common is a landmark in the local social calendar and attracts more than 35,000 people to Wimbledon Common each summer.

Wimbledon Village really is a great place to be…but don’t just take our word for it…iconic brand, The Ivy Café, clearly agreed with us when they decided to open their newest restaurant in the Village last year, bringing a touch of glamour to the Village.

Church Road, Wimbledon Village

If you’d like to live in one of the best Villages in Britain why not pay a visit to our branch and we’d be delighted to show you what we have on offer. We are currently marketing this delightful maisonette in the heart of Wimbledon Village, just a stone’s throw away from all the action.

This is just one of a range of properties on offer, please do register with us so we can stay in touch and help you make the perfect move.

February 10, 2017

Actions speak louder than words

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Tim Firth BW

Tim Firth, Sales Director

Here at Jackson-Stops & Staff we work hard to stay true to our values of trust and service. These are values that are often talked about, but they are themes that run through all levels of our business and the importance of them is engrained into every member of staff on a regular basis. So naturally we were delighted when Tim Firth, Sales Director of our Weybridge office, received this wonderful email from a client recently, extolling the virtues of the service he had received throughout the complex sale of his property:

‘’Tim, you have convinced me to stay with the deal, you have been very candid with me. I have stuck with this deal because I think the price is good, I think highly of you, and I think that you have been clever in looking for unusual ways to keep the deal alive, and fundamentally I trust you. I thought your creativity was worthy of me writing to your superiors, if you have any, or your peers, in their absence, to share my praise of your abstract thinking, and patience.’’

Do get in touch with your local Jackson-Stops & Staff office if you would like to discussing your property requirements, we would be delighted to be of service.

August 26, 2016

‘A Word From’ Harry Buchanan, Director, Pimlico Sales

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Harry-Buchanan Colour

Harry Buchanan, Director, Pimlico Sales

Good afternoon and HAPPY BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND, I hope the sun is shining where you are!

I thought I would just send you a quick update about some recent happenings in the local area. The property market has continued to feature heavily in the headlines, but it will not come as a surprise to learn that most of what I hear and read is not wildly accurate, or indeed relevant, to our little micro-climate, otherwise known as Pimlico and Westminster!

Since Brexit we have heard all sorts of different ideas, suggestions and predictions about what the future holds, but the truth of it is, nobody knows at this early stage of the proceedings. It is also fair to say that Brexit happened in June, a time when our market traditionally begins to slow down ahead of the summer break. Comment suggesting that the market has slowed already as a direct result of the (rather surprising) outcome of the vote simply does not ring true; from our point of view, any signs of a ‘slowdown’ do not reflect anything more than the usual seasonal ebb and flow of a year in agency.

What we have witnessed over the last two or three months, however, is a change in the type of buyer. By this, I mean we have focused heavily on making sure that the people we spend time with are not mere window shoppers or speculators but are genuine buyers who have tangible, pressing reasons to move. No seller deserves anything but a fully committed buyer and in uncertain times it is even more important that they, to quote Kipling, ‘keep their head when all round are losing theirs.’ This approach, combined with consistent evidence-based pricing/appraisals has begun to reap real rewards. It has not been an overnight turnaround and I will admit we have enjoyed easier June and July trading in previous years; however, looking back on the last few weeks, the results speak for themselves – this August has seen a four-fold increase of agreed deals compared with June and July. We now expect this trend to continue into the autumn months, which is traditionally our busiest period of the year.

If there is anything you might wish to discuss then please do not hesitate to get in contact.


August 5, 2016

Happiness in Holland Park

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Holland ParkAs many a disgruntled W11 resident will be aware, Holland Park Tube station has been closed since the beginning of the year. However, to the delight of local commuters, the station has just re-opened with a shiny new lift replacement!

The new and improved station also features a new ticket hall, passenger help points on both platforms and increased CCTV coverage. Keen to remain eco-friendly, the station has energy efficient lighting and has also improved passenger accessibility.

Holland Park residents, we are delighted that your travel plans have just been simplified and improved! And for those living further afield, why not take the opportunity to visit this beautiful part of London and pop in to meet our friendly Holland Park Sales & Lettings team; our office is located on Portland Road, just a short stroll around the corner from the tube station.


July 15, 2016

Three weeks on: how the London market has reacted to the EU Referendum vote

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Ref graphicOur London Research Department assesses the reaction within the property market following the vote to leave the European Union, as at 15th July 2016.

The result of the Referendum was announced three weeks ago and although it is too early to gauge any marked trend in the property market, the immediate response evidenced by our offices appears relatively moderate.

Caution among buyers, sellers and EU tenants stemming from the uncertain economic and political position of withdrawing from the EU, which was very obvious in the months leading up to the vote, still resonates in the Press. However, looking at new demand for residential property from applicants registering their interest in buying or renting across our London offices, we have not detected any notable downturn in demand following 23 June.

The graph below shows the weekly average for the past three months of applicant registrations including the three week period following the Referendum.

main graph - JSS












Among our London network of offices, there has been no significant fall in demand in the sales market which is relatively stable, just below its three month average. Demand for rental property started to gain momentum in the weeks leading up to the vote and has continued to increase since 23rd June.

The Sales Market

To help gauge pressure on house prices, we compare the proportion of those new entrants into the market registering interest to buy against those interested in selling. Our offices have seen a fairly steady ratio of three applicants to every seller over the past six months.

sales ratio - jss












However, despite relatively steady demand, transaction numbers have fallen and the market is likely to see a continuation of the lower number of sales across London in 2016 compared with last year. That has and will continue to be most pronounced at the high end, which has a greater degree of price sensitivity with the market still adjusting to the Stamp Duty reforms. In the prime central regions where overseas demand is more significant, the value of the Pound Sterling has made buying UK property cheaper. For example, for the Indian Rupee or the United States Dollar, the Pound is currently 13% lower than on the day of the Referendum. This ‘discount’ should attract investors and those looking to buy in London, especially those holding a medium to long term view. Despite the uncertainty over the future of Britain’s trading position, London is still likely to retain its ‘safe haven’ status. It is seen as one of the world’s leading Capital cities where its history, diverse architecture, quality of life and overall appeal to the international community is unique. Significantly, London’s resilience to previous major economic downturns has been proven.

In the lower value and peripheral areas of London where demand for housing is more heavily influenced by mortgage markets, the fact that the base interest rate has just been held at its record low of 0.5% and may be reduced in due course will support buyers’ ability to purchase. This bodes well for those re-mortgaging or new entrants to the housing market. Lenders may be rigid in passing on lower rates and still be strict on loan to value ratios but the historic low cost of borrowing will continue to underwrite demand and thus support prices.

However, what we are likely to see in London is greater price sensitivity and thus lower capital growth. In May, the Chancellor suggested that property values in the UK could be 10-18% under their expected trend by mid-2018 because of a short term economic shock following our withdrawal from EU membership. London is arguably most at risk due to being the least affordable region in the UK but the very constrained supply, low interest rates and our Capital’s institutional factors will help support prices. The Nationwide House Prices Index recorded London prices had grown 10% in the 12 months to July 2016. Therefore even with a fall in demand, it would need to be significant to stop annualised capital growth.

We have seen certain purchasers seeking to take advantage of the uncertainty by making offers well below asking prices and some vendors have agreed to discounts. However, we have also seen some record and full asking prices achieved which indicates that some purchasers are taking a longer term view over the value of properties they are purchasing.

The Lettings Market

Not unsurprisingly the lettings market has shown greater resilience than the sales market to the uncertainty leading up to the Referendum and continues to do so. On average, we have witnessed an increase in activity for those looking to rent a property. Comparing the ratio of prospective tenants to landlords, there has been some variation over the past six months but in the last three months there have been progressively more tenants seeking rented property across our London network. However this does mask some regional variations where those offices more reliant on European and corporate tenants have not seen such resilience.

lettings ratio - jss













Although both sales and rental demand appear to be stable following the vote to leave, Britain has not begun the negotiations of withdrawing from the EU and until the mechanics of re-establishing our trading positions have taken hold we will not know the extent of any adverse consequences. However we now have greater political stability with the rapid succession of our new Prime Minister and the swift appointment of a new Cabinet. The FTSE 350, which is more representative of British commerce, is at a higher level than before the Referendum as is the FTSE 100. The Bank of England is strategically ready to counter any downturn in economic activity through quantitative easing, relaxing commercial lending criteria and reducing the base interest rate. The Treasury may also implement fiscal measures such as reducing corporation tax to encourage more investment. The new Chancellor has already announced that he will aim to ‘scale back austerity’ and has pledged to ‘protect the City’. This improved political and economic position will encourage greater confidence and should help support prices.

Rob JSSS issue - CroppedRobert Butterworth
Head of London Research Department

Disclaimer: Any figures, commentary and opinion published in this report is for general information only and in no way intended as financial advice and should not be relied upon in any way. Jackson-Stops & Staff assumes no responsibility for any loss from the use of any material in this report.

July 13, 2016

The Lure of London and Super Surrey

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Tim Firth BW

Tim Firth, Director Weybridge Sales

Tim Firth, Director of Sales for Jackson-Stops & Staff’s Weybridge branch, comments:

  1. What sort of person makes this return to London – is it all about empty nesters, early retirees, or younger people just fed up of being away from London and sitting on the drain? Who are the archetypal returners?

Over the past six months we have noticed a real increase in the number of retirees and grandparents in particular that are moving back to the London suburbs. They are looking to downsize and favour locations such as Wimbledon and Battersea, which are still very residential but close enough to the city to offer easy access to all amenities.

  1. What are the key reasons they want to move back to London? What do they tell you about why they feel they’ve had enough of the Home counties and commuting?

The primary reason for the move among this demographic is to look after grandchildren. Very often, there is real comfort is moving to be closer to their family, particularly if a partner has passed away and they are now living alone. For the younger family, with childcare costs in London at such high levels, this is often a great solution which ensures that the grandparent is now a closer part of the family unit.

  1. What sort of property are they typically selling – a large country house, family home in a town, flat …

Typically, they are moving from large family homes they have lived in for around 20 years.

  1.  What sort of property do they want to buy? And why?

They now want to live in relatively spacious, modern lateral apartments, which also benefit from great views. Something that is low maintenance but which appeals to their lifestyle is key.

  1. What locations do they seem to prefer, and why?        

Their preference appears to be prime South West London, which is generally where their children live. This area also offers fantastic housing stock and is well served by transport links so it is often a relatively easy decision on where to locate themselves.

  1. If I assume that most will end up with smaller properties is this simply because the equity they have won’t stretch as far in London? Or is it a positive choice to have a lower maintenance, cheaper to run home? Or a bit of both?

In our experience, they often want to move to smaller properties not only because they are more manageable but chiefly for future financial planning. Smaller properties cost less which frees up capital, ensuring that they have enough equity later on in life. At present, it is usual to purchase at around 50% of the value in which they are selling.

  1. Do you think this sort of mover is increasing/decreasing? and if so, why.

The migration of retirees back to London is certainly increasing as grandparents play a more important role in their grandchildren’s lives. In addition, increases to house prices over the past few decades means that many are now relatively cash rich if they sell so there is an appeal to moving back to London and being able to enjoy all of the cultural amenities available.

Tim can be contacted on 01932 821160 in our Weybridge branch for more information

June 15, 2016

When to market your property…..

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Property sells throughout the year and not always when you expect. I often have discussions with home owners as to the best time to bring a property to the market, is there one? The key to all house sales, whoever you are selling to, is to make sure your property is presented to the full spectrum of buyers looking at that particular time.

board-928378_1920There are three times of the year when new applicant registrations go up noticeably, these are after the major school holidays and once a new school term has settled into its routine. So late January, after Easter and mid September and statistically these spikes of activity last for a couple of months. However these are also the times when most property comes to the market so the supply and demand equation does not necessarily work in your favour.

Many property sellers ‘want to wait until the Spring when the garden looks it best’ – what should be remembered is that so does everyone else’s and buyers have more choice at that time of year.

On the flip side, launching your property in the middle of August or middle of December can ruin the initial flurry of activity but there will still be a few ‘possibly perfect’ buyers looking.

In summary then there is no perfect time so long as you sell when you want to not when you need to.  Tim Firth, Weybridge Sales, timfirth@jackson-stops.com 01932 821160

March 1, 2016

Sold on Chelsea

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We are delighted to welcome the newest members of our Chelsea Sales team, Toby Whittome and Judy Wykeham, who will be working alongside our successful Lettings team, Stephen Pamnani and Chloe Cooper, at our Cadogan Street office. Toby and Judy have worked together for many years and bring with them a wealth of Sales experience within the Chelsea property market.

Introducing Toby Whittome, Sales Director, Jackson-Stops & Staff Chelsea:

JSS Chelsea Staff Feb 2016-65

Toby Whittome, Sales Director

Toby has worked in Prime Central London for nearly 20 years and has a superb knowledge of the local area, specialising in Chelsea and Belgravia. Toby’s experience includes acting for clients at all levels for both the sale and acquisition of London properties. Before joining Jackson-Stops & Staff, Toby was a Partner at another major Central London firm where he became well known for his very personal approach and careful attention to his clients’ requirements as well as his in-depth knowledge of property, the market and ability to achieve the very best prices for his clients.

After studying ancient history and philosophy at university, Toby went on to develop his love of sailing. Indeed, this particular passion has seen him sail approximately 6,000 miles across the Pacific from French Polynesia to Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Borneo and across to Singapore; he has also sailed across the Mediterranean. Toby lives with his wife Emma and two daughters, Millicent and Eva, on the same farm in West Sussex where he was brought up. At the weekend he loves to spend time with his family as well as working on the farm and enjoying many of the usual country pursuits, including shooting and fly fishing. Toby himself comments that “I am extremely excited about joining Jackson-Stops & Staff – it is a highly respected brand with a long established office in Chelsea which is ideally placed to provide clients with a very personal and tailor made service.”     

Introducing Judy Wykeham, Sales Manager, Jackson-Stops & Staff Chelsea:

JSS Chelsea Staff Feb 2016-49

Judy Wykeham, Sales Manager

Judy began her career in property about 17 years ago and witnessed many exciting changes in the prime central London property market; during that time, she learnt how certain areas attracted certain types of purchasers with varying demands and saw new build developments standing next to refurbishment projects of Victorian flats or houses – sometimes on a dizzying scale.  Judy believes it is London’s deserved reputation for being a safe, international city with strong infrastructure, great educational facilities and fabulous shops and restaurants, combined with the world renowned museums and parks, which have always made it the best city to live and work in, with the Borough of Chelsea and South Kensington being particularly desirable.

Judy brings a valuable international perspective to her role, as she hasn’t always lived in London; she was born in Singapore and grew up in Malaysia, with a sojourn of some fourteen years in the Netherlands. As an expat through and through, she believes it is this which has stood her in good stead with international clients and that being able to understand the complexities of moving house and country – and swapping into different educational systems – has proven invaluable. Besides property, Judy has a real passion for fast cars – in particular, pre-1964 sports cars, having had the privilege of racing a Cobra 289 for a number of years… she can confirm that it’s not as easy as it looks. As Judy herself says, ‘I’m hugely excited about my new role at Jackson-Stops & Staff in Chelsea and very much look forward to racing around the Borough on behalf of my clients and buyers – but never above 30 mph’.


JSS Chelsea Staff Feb 2016-75

Charles Puxley, Sales & Acquisitions

Both Toby and Judy will be in the fortunate position of being able to call upon 37 years of estate agency experience in the form of Charles Puxley. Charles has been a highly respected, popular member of the Jackson-Stops & Staff Chelsea team for many years and is now stepping into a Consultative role within the office, where he will continue to deal with the sale and acquisition of properties within the area.

Chelsea Team

Our Cadogan Street Chelsea team




Do pop in to meet the whole Chelsea team, they would be delighted to discuss your property requirements with you; L-R: David Williams, Head of Sales; Toby Whittome, Director, Chelsea Sales; Judy Wykeham, Sales Manager; Tracey Cumming, Head of Lettings; Stephen Pamnani, Lettings Manager; Charles Puxley, Sales Consultant; Harriet Morris, Central Administrator; Chloe Cooper, Lettings Negotiator; Jordan Kennedy, Central PA


February 18, 2016

Launched and Sold in 2016

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Burwood Park, new build with large garden, circa 6,000sqft @£3.55m

Launched & Sold in 2016 Burwood Park, new build with large garden, circa 6,000sqft @£3.55m

Tim Firth, Director, Weybridge Sales writes: “Now that we are fully in the throes of 2016, I anticipate that the market will continue to rise at sustainable levels throughout the year. The national economic picture backs this up along with the desirability of the Elmbridge location, the only potential hiccups being the prohibitive stamp duty over £2m that may stall the market top down and a potential interest rate rise towards the end of the year that many of our potential ‘upsizers’ have yet to experience in their property lives. The overall picture, however, remains positive as long as the low levels of property stock do not diminish further.

That well-known saying, ‘location, location, location’, has been an overused term for buyers’ property requirements for some time but what does it really mean? In Weybridge it could easily stand for the train links, excellent schools and green space. A commuter town of the highest order, with quick, frequent and direct trains to London, a choice of quality schools for all ages and easy access to the green spaces of Surrey countryside. The mix of property also lends itself equally well to the upwardly mobile and the downsizer: from newly built mansions on the many private Estates, to Victorian and Edwardian villas on residential roads behind the high street, through to large lateral apartments offering secure and convenient living. The safety net of strong property prices is another big bonus; the last recession showed that whilst activity may have slowed prices held their own and have been moving steadily upwards for the last few years.”



February 16, 2016

History repeats itself – the Haselbury House at Herbert Road

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48801_WIM160041_IMG_01Our Wimbledon sales team is delighted to be able to bring Haselbury House to the market and we couldn’t help but smile when we saw that it was situated on Herbert Road. The name ‘Herbert’ holds particular resonance for us all at Jackson-Stops & Staff, as it is the name of our company founder, Herbert Jackson-Stops, who, in 1908, at the age of 24, opened an office practicing as an Estate Agent from the Town Hall in Towcester. Haselbury House is a wonderful detached Victorian house dating back to 1875, which means that Herbert would not have been born at the time when it was built; however, it’s interesting to48801_WIM160041_IMG_00 think that as a young boy he was perhaps himself growing up in a Victorian-styled property which might have shared some of the same beautiful period features of Haselbury House – the high ceilings, fireplaces and cornicing so beloved of the Victorians. To quote one of our favourite company mottos, ‘times change, standards endure.’ Please contact our Wimbledon Sales team for further information and to arrange a viewing of Haselbury House.

September 2, 2015

‘A Word From’ Oliver Griffiths, Richmond Sales Manager

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Oliver Griffiths BW LowResThe Richmond market has remained surprisingly steady over the summer months, with a record number of sales being agreed by us in July and August. There remains, however, a genuine shortage of stock available in the market for the strong levels of slightly frustrated buyers looking to find a property in Richmond. September is traditionally an excellent month to market your home in the Borough, as buyers are frequently highly motivated to purchase a new home in time for the Christmas festive period.


Having been the manager of our Richmond office for almost three years, I continue to feel genuinely privileged to work in such a  beautiful part of London, being able to help people find their dream home gives me a real sense of satisfaction. Buyers are most often drawn to Richmond for its excellent schools, semi-rural feel, superb transport links into central London and its family friendly environment. Of course the eyes of the world will be upon us from the 18th September once the Rugby World Cup begins, with viewers from across the globe being able to appreciate this great borough of London. I would wish England all the very best in the upcoming tournament, but as a loyal Welshman and with England being in our group, I will just leave it at that for now!


If you are considering a move this autumn please do to pop into our office on Lichfield Terrace for a coffee and a discussion, or call me to book a convenient time for an up to date appraisal of your property.

July 31, 2015

‘A Word From’ our Chelsea Sales Manager, Charles Puxley

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Charles Puxley BWLife in Chelsea has been busy since the events of the general election in May; however, the expected return of confidence has not yet materialised fully and asking prices have largely remained at the same, steady levels since May. In terms of the sales enquiries we receive at our office in Chelsea, we are finding that a large proportion of potential purchasers tend to be investors from overseas and UK developers. As a consequence of this demographic shift and in order to satisfy the demand of these purchasers we are expanding the area in which we operate. Recently, we brought to the market a large house in York Terrace East, just off Regents Park at £8,750,000, and were able find the right buyer within a short timescale.


Our local residents return from their traditional long August break in time for the busy September market and we are looking forward to being of service to them during that time. For a no obligation market appraisal or any advice on selling, please do get in touch or pop in to see me.


July 16, 2015

‘A Word From’ our Wimbledon Sales Manager, Stuart Mills:

Stuart Mills BWWith another wonderful Wimbledon Tennis championship now over, the Village returns to normal – well, Summer normal, at least. Private schools have already broken up for the holidays and the local state schools will be doing the same later this week. In terms of property, this will no doubt signal the start of a cooling of the pace within the market whilst many families enjoy sunnier climes during this period. However, period properties in particular continue to sell over the summer period and it can be a good time to buy, as there may be less competition from other buyers. Do make sure you are in regular contact with us as we frequently hold properties discreetly which may not be advertised on the open market, so relying on the internet alone could mean that you lose out.

2015 has proven to be an interesting year for the market so far. The earlier months prior to the election felt slightly jittery, with talk of mansion taxes and the prospect of a Labour government’s changing housing policies. With a convincing win for the Conservatives, it was widely predicted within the industry that the market would take off immediately. In fact, this has not proven to be the case. The market has no doubt benefitted from knowing the outcome but I think that many buyers perhaps feel they have time on their side and are therefore not rushing to make that purchase. Mortgage rates remain historically low, and with the real shortage of homes in the UK, it is in some ways rather perplexing as to why sales remain at a lower point than might be expected. This is very likely to mean that with growing, pent-up demand we will see a surge in the market, possibly not necessarily in prices but certainly in the number of sales completed.

All this means that if you are considering selling then now is a great time to get any minor works done to your property and then arrange for Jackson-Stops to give you an up-to-date market appraisal, in readiness for the Autumn market.

Some properties within our patch have been on the market for some time. If this rings true with your own home it can often be beneficial to have a reappraisal. I was looking at properties online recently and was amazed by how many still had Spring images of their garden showing…no leaves on the trees is big give away and makes you wonder how much care and attention is being given by the agent. Of course, being realistic about your own property’s value can, quite simply, mean that the move you want to make does indeed happen. We have been very successful in selling properties that have been on the market for some time with other agents; bringing enthusiasm, experience and a fresh pair of eyes to a property really can make all the difference.

My team and I would be delighted to offer advice to you, whether you are looking to sell, buy, let or rent. We are here in the Village to help in any way we can – do make that move.

July 2, 2015

‘A Word From’ our Mayfair Sales Manager, Nicholas Austin:

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Nick Austin BW

Well, celebrity homes seem to be the latest trend in our Mayfair office at the moment, having taken on two lovely properties recently with celebrity connections.  We are currently marketing a wonderful three bedroom apartment just behind Grosvenor Square that was once owned by Christina Onassis. Christina was the daughter of the shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis, who married Jackie Kennedy in 1968 following the untimely death of her husband, President John F Kennedy. Christina lived in the apartment during the 1970’s and 1980’s up till her death in Argentina in 1988, and her parents were regular visitors. Apart from being a fabulous apartment, the property also comes with an added, extremely rare gem in Mayfair, a wonderful roof garden measuring approximately 930 sq ft.  If you are looking instead for a freehold, we also have a fantastic mews house that was once the home of champion racing driver, Stirling Moss.  The house is a technical whizz’s dream, as everything can be controlled from your iPad and also comes with its own private cinema. If you are hoping to bump into Stirling himself then this is the house for you; when he sold it, he simply moved next door to a property with a larger garage.  Mayfair is steeped in a rich history and has many secrets still to uncover.  Properties with the blue plaque factor always receive a huge amount of interest from buyers.  If you would like any more information on these properties, or indeed on Mayfair in general, then please do pop in and see me at 17 Curzon Street, I would be delighted to meet you.       

June 20, 2015

‘A Word From’ our Holland Park Sales Manager, Sebastian Anduze:

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Sebastian Anduze BWThe central London property market overall continues strongly into the summer months; following the recent General Election, property prices are expected to rise over the next 5 years by at least 25%, according to some sources. As an area, Holland Park tends to experience the perennial situation of a lack of sales stock available when compared to the immediate demand from motivated buyers.

Holland Park, Notting Hill and Kensington all prove extremely popular with not only domestic but foreign buyers seeking to park their money in either owner occupier or buy- to- let properties. This is hardly surprising, given the positive future capital appreciation of both flats and houses in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea; this combines with a reasonable annual yield received from letting, averaging between 2.5%-3.0%.

I have worked in a variety of different areas within London over the last 25 years and I must admit I experience a great deal of satisfaction managing the Holland Park sales operation of Jackson-Stops from our office in Portland Road. With each passing day spent working in this part of London, it becomes increasingly clear why it has been-  and will always be – attractive to buyers from many walks of life. The area boasts close proximity to the West End and the City financial districts, a fabulous selection of schools, wonderful parks, a complete mix of ethnic cultures and a stunning range of architectural styles, in amongst an eclectic range of cafes, bars and restaurants.

Our market tends to operate largely on a seasonal basis, with the spring, early summer and autumn months tending to be our busiest sales periods. During school holidays, business tends to be understandably quiet in terms of trade activity and enquiries. However, there is always a sale to be made at the right price…like all of my colleagues across our national network of Jackson-Stops & Staff offices we are always actively looking to assist our clients in every way possible throughout the entire course of the year! Please do get in touch, I would be delighted to hear from you.

June 19, 2015

A runaway success at Oatlands

JS & Oatlands 2Members of staff from our Weybridge office were delighted to pay a visit to Oatlands School this week and present them with a cheque, as part of our sponsorship for their PTA fundraising event, which involved dedicated parents running in the Brooklands Half Marathon this year.

The school’s Head Teacher, Patricia Beechey, was extremely pleased to receive the cheque from Kelly Harris (Sales) and Lucy Jones (Lettings) for her primary school, which is based in St Mary’s Road, in the favoured Oatlands area of Weybridge. We hope that the participants’ aches and blisters have healed since the race and that they allowed themselves a bit of time out from their training schedule once the event was over. Congratulations to all the PTA runners on their phenomenal fundraising efforts and we wish them well for next year!

March 14, 2013

Chelsea property market gets off to a flying start in 2013

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Chelsea estate agents Jackson-Stops & Staff are pleased to announce that the 2013 property market has got off to a flying start. Transaction levels of £5m+ properties are up 15% compared to this time last year and we are seeing strong buyer demand.

Writes Senior Negotiator Jamie Hope: “A good example is a house we have just sold on Moore Street, SW3 for £4,250,000. The house was on the market last year but due to speculation about changes in the Stamp Duty Land Tax legislation, a buyer could not be found at the appropriate level.

“This year we re-launched the property and an international buyer was found who was willing to pay the asking price for his perfect home. Happy vendor and happy buyer!”

“We are also launching some spectacular properties onto the market at the moment including a property on Ormonde Gate, SW3. With far reaching views over the greenery of Burton Court, this is one of the best apartment addresses in Chelsea. For more details, please click here or call our Cadogan Street office on 020 7581 5881.”

Property for sale in Chelsea

February 27, 2013

Fabulous quadruple aspect apartment for sale in Chelsea

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Chelsea Estate Agents Jackson-Stops & Staff have just taken in an exciting new instruction, a fantastic family flat situated moments from Sloane Square and all of the amenities of the King’s Road and beyond.

The spacious quadruple aspect apartment in Ormonde Gate, set over two floors in the corner of the building, includes three double bedrooms and a large, south-facing kitchen.

Writes Jamie Hope, Senior Sales Negotiator at the firm’s Cadogan Street office: “We also have many other properties ranging from £5m up to £20m that are available confidentially and will not be advertised. If you are looking for a prime property in London, please do contact us to discuss how we can help you further.”

Click here for full details and pictures of call Jamie on 020 7581 5881.

Exterior shot of apartment for sale in Ormonde Gate, Chelsea

February 25, 2013

Fabulous riverside property for sale in Shepperton

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Weybridge estate agents Jackson Stops & Staff are delighted to be marketing a beautiful seven bedroom riverside property in Shepperton, with a garden that backs directly onto the River Thames and even a private mooring.

‘Alceda’ is situated on a quiet road and dates back to the 1920s. The house includes great views from all its four bedrooms and three bathrooms. There is also an annexe which houses three beautifully presented studio apartments plus a large double garage.

Guide price is £1,850,000. For more information please contact our Weybridge sales team on 01932 821160 or click here for full details and images.

Fabulous riverside property for sale in Shepperton

January 16, 2013

Buy an apartment on the historic and charming island of Whittets Ait, Weybridge

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Weybridge estate agents Jackson-Stops & Staff are marketing two beautifully presented two bedroom apartments on the historic and charming island of Whittets Ait.

Just a short walk from the town centre, both flats enjoy the tranquil surrounds of the communal gardens and some stunning views over the River Thames.

The first property is a stylishly presented two bedroom, two bathroom ground floor apartment with private patio while the second is a two bad flat in a gated development which includes a large open living room and off street parking.

For more information please contact our sales team on 01932 821160 or visit our Weybridge sales page here.

Property for sale Whittets Ait

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