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February 10, 2017

Actions speak louder than words

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Tim Firth BW

Tim Firth, Sales Director

Here at Jackson-Stops & Staff we work hard to stay true to our values of trust and service. These are values that are often talked about, but they are themes that run through all levels of our business and the importance of them is engrained into every member of staff on a regular basis. So naturally we were delighted when Tim Firth, Sales Director of our Weybridge office, received this wonderful email from a client recently, extolling the virtues of the service he had received throughout the complex sale of his property:

‘’Tim, you have convinced me to stay with the deal, you have been very candid with me. I have stuck with this deal because I think the price is good, I think highly of you, and I think that you have been clever in looking for unusual ways to keep the deal alive, and fundamentally I trust you. I thought your creativity was worthy of me writing to your superiors, if you have any, or your peers, in their absence, to share my praise of your abstract thinking, and patience.’’

Do get in touch with your local Jackson-Stops & Staff office if you would like to discussing your property requirements, we would be delighted to be of service.

January 2, 2017

Our Weybridge Senior Sales Negotiator, Sean Thomas, discusses why his New Year’s resolution is to obtain a professional RICS qualification

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Sean Thomas Sales Negotiator

Sean Thomas
Senior Sales Negotiator

I have always really enjoyed my job. In a nutshell, it comes down to working with a great team, meeting new people and trying to secure amazing houses for them – and often their families – to enjoy. It’s always incredibly rewarding to receive the call from a solicitor confirming that it’s time to hand over a set of keys to a new buyer, particularly when you know they absolutely love the property and it’s the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for them. I find the work/life balance of my job great as well; I don’t like to be sat behind a desk all day and I’m fortunate that I am often out and about within the local community. That said, I do appreciate my desk and our excellent office coffee machine when it’s freezing cold and pouring with rain outside. I am lucky enough to live locally, just a short distance from the train station, in fact. I do feel fortunate whenever I spy a rather weary bunch of London commuters wending their way home from a long day in the Capital. Living close to the office gives me a real understanding of all that the area has to offer and I fully appreciate why people are so keen to move into this area – one of those reasons being the great commuter links to London, I will admit!

I’ve always enjoyed trying to improve myself as a person, which is why I like to try my hand at a variety of new hobbies (some of which have been rather short lived), but I like to feel I’m always learning new things. This year I’ve learnt to shoot (Clays) and build computers; I’ve even had flying lessons, which was a fantastic experience and made me realise how much I enjoy learning new skills. In the coming year I want to focus on taking the next steps in my career, which is why I have decided to expand my professional skills and knowledge in a more structured way.

Having spent six years as a Sales Negotiator and progressed to Senior Sales Negotiator, I’m not wishing to progress into management positions and am now looking for a way to take my role forward in a slightly less conventional capacity. Our Weybridge office is home to one our RICS qualified Surveyors, Hugo Stuttaford MA MSc BSc MRICS, Director of Residential Development; like me, Hugo splits his time between working in the office and being out and about with Clients, undertaking a wide spectrum of tasks on any given day. The variety of Hugo’s role appeals to me and it made me take a look into surveying more seriously. After doing some research, I feel now that obtaining RICS status seems to be like earning your professional badge of honour, granting access through many doors if one wishes to move into other areas of the property industry. Perhaps one day I would like to become a professional Valuer or a Residential Surveyor; perhaps I would like to help Developers with their new build schemes, or work on Lease Extensions or Party Wall Agreements. The possibilities seem endless at this point in time, and not just in the UK; a RICS qualification is respected all over the world.

On the other hand, I may decide not to move into any of these roles. I may choose to continue doing what I love doing at the moment – continuing to help Clients find the house of their dreams, but happy in the knowledge that I will be be able to offer the expertise and professional insight that comes from being RICS qualified.

Wish me luck…and watch this space!

Sean Thomas
Senior Sales Negotiator, Weybridge

July 13, 2016

The Lure of London and Super Surrey

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Tim Firth BW

Tim Firth, Director Weybridge Sales

Tim Firth, Director of Sales for Jackson-Stops & Staff’s Weybridge branch, comments:

  1. What sort of person makes this return to London – is it all about empty nesters, early retirees, or younger people just fed up of being away from London and sitting on the drain? Who are the archetypal returners?

Over the past six months we have noticed a real increase in the number of retirees and grandparents in particular that are moving back to the London suburbs. They are looking to downsize and favour locations such as Wimbledon and Battersea, which are still very residential but close enough to the city to offer easy access to all amenities.

  1. What are the key reasons they want to move back to London? What do they tell you about why they feel they’ve had enough of the Home counties and commuting?

The primary reason for the move among this demographic is to look after grandchildren. Very often, there is real comfort is moving to be closer to their family, particularly if a partner has passed away and they are now living alone. For the younger family, with childcare costs in London at such high levels, this is often a great solution which ensures that the grandparent is now a closer part of the family unit.

  1. What sort of property are they typically selling – a large country house, family home in a town, flat …

Typically, they are moving from large family homes they have lived in for around 20 years.

  1.  What sort of property do they want to buy? And why?

They now want to live in relatively spacious, modern lateral apartments, which also benefit from great views. Something that is low maintenance but which appeals to their lifestyle is key.

  1. What locations do they seem to prefer, and why?        

Their preference appears to be prime South West London, which is generally where their children live. This area also offers fantastic housing stock and is well served by transport links so it is often a relatively easy decision on where to locate themselves.

  1. If I assume that most will end up with smaller properties is this simply because the equity they have won’t stretch as far in London? Or is it a positive choice to have a lower maintenance, cheaper to run home? Or a bit of both?

In our experience, they often want to move to smaller properties not only because they are more manageable but chiefly for future financial planning. Smaller properties cost less which frees up capital, ensuring that they have enough equity later on in life. At present, it is usual to purchase at around 50% of the value in which they are selling.

  1. Do you think this sort of mover is increasing/decreasing? and if so, why.

The migration of retirees back to London is certainly increasing as grandparents play a more important role in their grandchildren’s lives. In addition, increases to house prices over the past few decades means that many are now relatively cash rich if they sell so there is an appeal to moving back to London and being able to enjoy all of the cultural amenities available.

Tim can be contacted on 01932 821160 in our Weybridge branch for more information

July 11, 2016

Wine Tasting in Weybridge

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Members of our Weybridge Sales & Lettings team enjoyed a fantastic night out last week, when they attended a thoroughly enjoyable and informative wine tasting event together.

The tasting took place at local venue, 1853 Wine Club, which is situated on Heath Road in Weybridge. Throughout the course of the evening, they were able to sample a number of New World wines whilst eating some delicious food that was catered for by Lebanese restaurant, Meejana, situated opposite 1853 Wine Club.

As well as a chance to catch up with colleagues, it was great for the team to get to know Gautam Nagpal, who manages the shop and was a perfect host throughout the evening. It’s great for local businesses to support each other and we wish Gautam and his team every success with the various events he runs throughout the year…local businesses supporting each together, we’ll drink to that!

After a great evening out, the team is now fully back to business at our office on Queens Road. Please do get in touch if you require any help with selling or letting your property, we would be delighted to be of assistance.


Weybridge Sales and Lettings Team


February 19, 2016

Elmbridge; ‘The Beverly Hills of Surrey’

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Yaffingales, Esher, Surrey, KT10

Yaffingales is one of the oldest of the 36 houses on Blackhills. The elegant Tudor style is particularly resonant of the architectural fashion of the 1930s. The name ‘Yaffingale’ comes from a green woodpecker; which is depicted in a beautiful deco style stained glass panel in the reception hall window of the house.

The house dates from the 1930s but has been designed to feel like a much older property, it is a bit of a labyrinth of a house, but the character of the rooms make it feel like it belongs in a story tale.

The area was used in the Sixteenth Century by Henry VIII as his hunting grounds and the area continues to be hugely popular with celebrities.

The Borough of Elmbridge is surrounded 75602_WBL130231_L_IMG_04by a number of parks and there are commons and golf clubs saturating the area. There is excellent shopping, not just provided by Esher with its boutique shops and fabulous restaurants (it even has an everyman cinema), it is also local to Cobham, Weybridge, and Walton-on-Thames. In fact, ‘Elmbridge’ was labelled ‘The Beverly Hills of Surrey’ by newspaper The Daily Mail due to it reportedly offering the best quality of life in Britain.

February 18, 2016

Launched and Sold in 2016

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Burwood Park, new build with large garden, circa 6,000sqft @£3.55m

Launched & Sold in 2016 Burwood Park, new build with large garden, circa 6,000sqft @£3.55m

Tim Firth, Director, Weybridge Sales writes: “Now that we are fully in the throes of 2016, I anticipate that the market will continue to rise at sustainable levels throughout the year. The national economic picture backs this up along with the desirability of the Elmbridge location, the only potential hiccups being the prohibitive stamp duty over £2m that may stall the market top down and a potential interest rate rise towards the end of the year that many of our potential ‘upsizers’ have yet to experience in their property lives. The overall picture, however, remains positive as long as the low levels of property stock do not diminish further.

That well-known saying, ‘location, location, location’, has been an overused term for buyers’ property requirements for some time but what does it really mean? In Weybridge it could easily stand for the train links, excellent schools and green space. A commuter town of the highest order, with quick, frequent and direct trains to London, a choice of quality schools for all ages and easy access to the green spaces of Surrey countryside. The mix of property also lends itself equally well to the upwardly mobile and the downsizer: from newly built mansions on the many private Estates, to Victorian and Edwardian villas on residential roads behind the high street, through to large lateral apartments offering secure and convenient living. The safety net of strong property prices is another big bonus; the last recession showed that whilst activity may have slowed prices held their own and have been moving steadily upwards for the last few years.”



February 15, 2016

Top London property market trends for 2016

Nicholas Butterworth, CEO

Nicholas Butterworth, CEO

Predicting market movements is always more of an art than a science but there are aspects of the property market which provide good indicators for future trends. Our Chief Executive Officer, Nick Butterworth, explains his expectations on how the London property market will perform in 2016.

Last year the prime central London market was dampened by a series of events starting with the uncertainty surrounding the General Election, followed by tax changes introduced in the post-election budget. Commentators and agents now universally agree that the significant increases in Stamp Duty Land Tax and other tax changes affecting overseas owners and corporate ownership of property have had a marked affect on demand.  Latest figures from Land Registry show that prices increased by 3.6% in Kensington and Chelsea and by 6.1% in Westminster, significantly down on previous years. Notably, in the higher value market there was a 30% decrease in the number of properties sold above £5m in central London. We anticipate that those fiscal changes will continue to effect demand in prime central London where we forecast only marginal price increases of 1% to 2% this year. Looking at the wider market beyond the core, the imbalance in supply and demand will continue and we expect house prices to increase by approximately 5% across Greater London.

Since the start of 2016 we have seen an increase in registrations from both prospective purchasers and tenants in all our London offices and that continuing demand needs to be measured against supply. 2015 saw 47,000 units under construction in the capital, some 90% up on the last peak in 2007 according to EGi’s London Residential Research. With no sign of any significant concentration in supply, other than in certain locations such as the Vauxhall & Nine Elms Regeneration Area or further out in Croydon, demand is likely to exceed supply. Such demand is encouraged by the historically low interest rates  and while there is constant talk of the inevitable increase in borrowing rates, the latest indications are that the Bank of England is not likely to raise rates before 2017. Other factors we take in to account when forecasting market movements include the strength of sterling which has been losing strength against a number of currencies in the last few months and maxes UK property increasingly attractive to purchasers from overseas. To put this into context, transferring £1m to the UK today would cost a purchaser from the US $148,000 less than it would have in June 2015. Similar positive exchange benefits would apply to purchasers from Hong Kong, Singapore and the Middle East. Finally, employment and population growth are important factors to consider and data for both indicate decreasing unemployment and population growth across London this year.

With pricing and taxation reducing demand in prime central London last year, areas that have benefitted from an outward movement of purchasers included Richmond, Wimbledon and Weybridge. Those and other areas that showed a high level of activity and annual price growth in 2015 are likely to remain popular this year. These include the boroughs of Barking and Dagenham, Enfield, Lewisham and Merton.

In terms of lettings, the average rent should remain pretty stable in 2016. We anticipate a continuing softening in demand for high-value rented property with reduced requirements from the corporate sector but an increase in rent of between 3% and 5% for mid-range properties, where demand is greatest. The most in-demand properties are one and two bedroom apartments in Pimlico, Wimbledon and Teddington. Demand will continue for apartments in the City of London and we anticipate increased interest in areas such as Bloomsbury and Covent Garden. Traditionally we would have seen students dominating the rental market in these areas but we are now seeing more professionals moving in to take advantage of these excellent central locations. In terms of supply, new developments in Kings Cross, due to be completed this year will serve to satisfy demand and thus limit price growth in the locality.

While the global picture is concerning with the continuing distress in the Arab world, economic slowdown in China and renewed fears about the economic recovery in the Eurozone that have contributed to significant fluctuations in world stock markets, we see property in London remaining the safe haven that it has been for many years and demand albeit moderated from overseas combined with continuing domestic demand will support activity and prices but at lower levels than we have seen in recent years.

January 13, 2016

Tim Firth, Director at the Jackson-Stops & Staff Weybridge branch, comments:

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Tim Firth BW

Tim Firth, Director Weybridge

“I envisage property prices in Weybridge will continue to rise at sustainable levels throughout the year, with property in the Surrey area set to experience growth of 6 10%. The national economic picture supports this, along with the desirability of the location which plays host to a great choice of quality schools, easy access to the green spaces of Surrey and a train station which provides quick and frequent transport into London.


The prohibitive stamp duty will dampen demand for houses over £2million and will also deter current owners of such homes from moving. Eventually houses in the price brackets below this will have nowhere to step up to, thus stalling the market top down. However, the overall picture remains positive as long as the low levels of property stock do not diminish further.


“The mix of property in the Weybridge area lends itself to both the upwardly mobile and those looking to downsize, with a combination of newly built mansions on the many private estates and Victorian and Edwardian villas on residential roads, to large apartments offering secure and convenient living. The safety net of property prices in this area is of course another big bonus, with the last recession showing that whilst activity may have slowed, prices held their own and have been steadily moving upward for the last few years.”

November 6, 2015

Cleves School Lights up the Sky

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Cleve School FireworksWhat a fantastic night we had as proud sponsors of Cleves Fireworks 2015 last night! Thousands of people from the local community ventured out in the pouring rain to enjoy live music, a delicious hog roast and a wonderful display that lit up Weybridge in spectacular style! We were delighted to be manning the tuck stall throughout the evening, which gave us the opportunity to meet many people, young and old, from the local area.

The Cleves School PTA works tirelessly every year to make this community event such a success and we wish them all the best for the next one, which we’re looking forward to already!


untitled shoot-9947 untitled shoot-9927 untitled shoot-9904


June 29, 2015

‘A Word From’ our Weybridge Lettings Manager, Camilla Trussler:

Camilla Trussler BWWe enjoy a strong presence throughout Elmbridge, with our established team operating out of our Surrey flagship office located on Queens Road in Weybridge. This beautiful area caters for all tastes, with Victorian properties nestled within walking distance of the High Streets, as well as properties on a larger scale; these range from completely refurbished, Grade II listed buildings sitting in acreage through to new-build mansions located on dramatic plots within private estates such as St George’s Hill in Weybridge.

With the many private estates in the area (including St George’s Hill in Weybridge, Burwood Park in Walton, Crowne Estate in Oxshott and Fairmile Park in Cobham), the executive and elusive are attracted to the area for the element of seclusion and privacy it provides. We have a number of famous footballers and ‘wags,’ rugby stars, tennis champs, girl band members and established rock stars; we have TV personalities young and old, as well as world famous stars of the screen. We also have some movers and shakers from the political world choosing to base themselves here…and if high flyers of the executive world are of interest, we also have owners of diamond mines living in St George’s Hill.

Another pull is the wealth of educational opportunities provided in the area. We have some of the best performing schools in the country and, of course, three of the best international schools (Tasis, ACS and ISL) all located in the locality. This is a major draw for anyone who travels the world and wishes to provide their children with a top class education. The schools remain a driving force for people looking in the areas we cover and over the last few weeks we have seen increased activity from relocation agents hired by the corporate companies moving families from overseas to make the most of the education provided within the area.

The area caters for the demands of professional individuals and couples alike, especially those who travel the world frequently, either for business or pleasure. Elmbridge provides an easy loop onto the A3 and access onto the M25. When in Weybridge, you are less than twenty miles from Mayfair (useful if popping to Harrods for a spot of shopping, or perhaps The Ritz for a spot of afternoon tea) and on a fast train it can take as little as 25 minutes from Weybridge into London Waterloo. Saying this, there is plenty of opportunity for retail therapy right her on the doorstep, with Cobham and Weybridge both offering boutique shopping that caters for all tastes.

The area also provides easy access to some truly stunning countryside, whether that be for a stroll in the gardens of Wisley, or taking tea in the grounds of Painshill Park in Cobham; the expanse of the Surrey Hills is just a few minutes away, an easy drive down the A3.

In the last few months we have noticed that a number of our tenants currently in occupation are deciding to renew and stay where they are, rather than incur the cost of moving. The knock-on effect of this trend is that there is a limited amount of property available on the market within the rental sector, so demand is high. If you are considering renting out your property, please do contact me or any member of my Jackson-Stops & Staff Weybridge lettings team, on 01932 859355 or weybridge@jackson-stops.com; we would be delighted to hear from you.

June 19, 2015

A runaway success at Oatlands

JS & Oatlands 2Members of staff from our Weybridge office were delighted to pay a visit to Oatlands School this week and present them with a cheque, as part of our sponsorship for their PTA fundraising event, which involved dedicated parents running in the Brooklands Half Marathon this year.

The school’s Head Teacher, Patricia Beechey, was extremely pleased to receive the cheque from Kelly Harris (Sales) and Lucy Jones (Lettings) for her primary school, which is based in St Mary’s Road, in the favoured Oatlands area of Weybridge. We hope that the participants’ aches and blisters have healed since the race and that they allowed themselves a bit of time out from their training schedule once the event was over. Congratulations to all the PTA runners on their phenomenal fundraising efforts and we wish them well for next year!

March 23, 2015

A runaway success

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2015 team_Home Start ElmbridgeHuge congratulations to the Oatlands School PTA runners who all completed the Brooklands Half Marathon in Weybridge on Sunday morning, raising a fantastic amount of sponsorship for their incredibly worthy causes – Oatlands School itself and Home Start Elmbridge, a wonderful local charity that works to support children and their families within the community.

Eugene Kinghorn, a local Oatlands school father, commented that ‘all of this was never meant to be a competition to see who can run the fastest or raise the most money – it was only about using our legs (a lot!) to make a difference, directly to our community via Home Start Elmbridge and indirectly via giving our school the best chance to provide fantastic education to children.’

Of course there’s still time to donate if you would like to, simply by clicking on the link below:


Congratulations to all the runners who participated and we wish your tired limbs a speedy recovery.


December 15, 2014

Lettings and Property Management Services from Jackson-Stops & Staff

JSHO Holland Park, W11 (1) - CopyLettings and Property Management Services from Jackson-Stops & Staff
Jackson-Stops & Staff would be delighted to provide you with a seamless lettings and property management service for your buy-to-let investment property, or portfolio of investment properties. We operate from our well-established network of 12 prime office locations in North, City and South West London, covering a wide geographical area across London.  All our offices are linked through industry specific software which contains the properties’ attributes and details; we record tenant requirements and send out electronic alerts when suitable matches are found.  We offer a range of stunning properties, from studio apartments through to large family homes in the prime areas of Mayfair, Chelsea, Pimlico, Holland Park, Richmond, Teddington, Weybridge and Wimbledon, as well as key central locations in The City, Bloomsbury and Southbank.

Client management and service excellence
In order to work successfully for you we make sure that we listen carefully to your specific requirements and deliver on the services we promise, aiming to exceed your expectations whenever possible. The starting point is our people; your dedicated team would bring together the relevant mix of sector, client management, lettings and property management expertise. We enjoy unrivalled knowledge of the areas local to our offices and we are willing and able to respond to any enquiries you may have. Our experienced teams are industry qualified and able to deal with all levels of enquiries.  As the only current firm of estate agents to take up membership to the Institute of Customer Service, we have placed client service firmly at the top of our business agenda, carrying out the necessary audits and staff training in order to attain accreditation from this highly-regarded organisation.  We work hard to provide a flexible, bespoke service to our clients. By listening closely, the Jackson-Stops & Staff team will take time to hear the things that others can miss.

Knowledge and experience – an unrivalled track record
We have a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from working with other Landlords and high profile corporate companies and we would be happy to discuss this in further detail with you. The talent and experience that Jackson-Stops & Staff can offer is unequalled and the proficiency of our professionals is endorsed by the following list of major clients, for whom we work across the globe.

Our dedicated, experienced property management department is based at our newly refurbished Wimbledon office and ensures that our managed properties are fully compliant with all safety regulations (including Gas Safety, Electrical Safety and Furniture and Furnishings Acts) and that they meet with the Association of Regulated Lettings Agents (ARLA) standards; this provides an assurance to our clients that we are specialist advisors on the letting process, from the initial enquiry through to ending the tenancy and handling the deposit. 

Our people, your team
Jackson-Stops & Staff is confident of the value its staff will bring to you. Tracey Cumming, as Head of Lettings, and Simon Quinn, as Head of Property management, will work hard to ensure that we deliver beyond the required service levels to you; that we exceed your expectations and that our relationship with you is managed effectively at all levels.

We believe that good communication is key to successful collaborative working and we are completely committed to ensuring we maintain an ongoing, effective dialogue with you.

We are able to offer very competitive rates and would be happy to discuss this in further detail once we progress to the next stage.

Why Jackson-Stops & Staff?

  • An unrivalled knowledge of the property sector;
  • A bespoke estate agent with long and existing property management department, enhanced continually over the years;
  • Innovative leadership which provides a dedicated resource of highly experienced people ready to facilitate your immediate needs;·
  • A single point of contact for Landlord and Tenant in Property Management;·
  • Access to experienced and trusted portfolio of Contractors;·
  • Regular property inspections with full written report and photos;
  • COMING IN 2015: Landlord Login with ability to access statements, invoices, and inspection reports.

July 18, 2014

Cooking up a storm in Weybridge!

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We’re delighted that the BBQ we sponsored at this year’s Manby Lodge Infant School Summer Fair was such a success. As you can see from the photos, Mums and Dads had great fun flipping burgers on the stall, which raised a fantastic amount of money for the school’s PTA. Our Weybridge office is located just further along the Queens Road and we enjoyed seeing plenty of parents walking to the fair with their children to support their school.

BBQ mums BBQ Dads

July 4, 2014

All the fun of the fair!

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ManbyOur Weybridge office  is delighted to be sponsoring the BBQ once again at this year’s Manby Lodge Infant School Fair, which is being held on July 12th from 12 noon until 2pm.


The burgers will be supplied by fantastic local Oatlands Village butcher, Maurice Jones,  and members of the PTA will be on hand to flip them on the day.



Do pop along to support this fantastic primary school and grab yourself a burger from our sponsored stall!

February 18, 2014

Jackson-Stops & Staff is delighted to sponsor the Oatlands School Half Marathon Team

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The first Brooklands Half Marathon takes place in and around Weybridge on Sunday 30th March. Oatlands PTA is entering a team of some 20 intrepid runners all aiming to complete the course, whilst raising funds for 2 incredibly worthy causes. Firstly, some expansion works that are required to alleviate the current pressure on space at Oatlands School in Weybridge. Secondly, the Little Oaks Ward at St Peter’s Hospital, which is the Oncology Unit for children aged 0-18. This is being done in honour of Harvey Broekhuizen, a former pupil of Oatlands School, who was diagnosed with Leukaemia at the age of 6 whilst on holiday. On return to the UK Harvey had to have 6 months of intense chemotherapy which sadly caused him to lose his sight, which has only partially returned. Harvey is in remission but has to visit St Peter’s hospital monthly for chemotherapy, as well as having daily oral chemotherapy, monthly steroids and three monthly chemotherapy into his spine.

Oatlands School

The Little Oaks ward has a play area but they need more toys/entertainment facilities. Furthermore many oncology children are so poorly they aren’t allowed to leave their rooms due to the risk of infection. For these children the runners would like to raise funds to purchase additional/more modern in-room entertainment to try to make their visits a more enjoyable experience.
Funds will also go towards what are called “distraction toys” for when the children are having treatment to distract them from the discomfort.

The marathon is taking place on 30th March 2014, starting at 09:00hrs and we wish all the runners the very best of luck with their training before the big day! Please give what you can by clicking on the link below to donate:


January 20, 2014

Property Secrets International

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internationalWe’ve been working with one of our Weybridge Landlords on his exciting new venture, an online magazine called ‘Property Secrets International,’ which features useful tips and advice, as well as interesting articles about buying and renting property abroad.

We were delighted when the magazine went live on the Apple appstore and it has already been downloaded by many people from all over the globe, including Madagascar! Please take a look for yourself and see who you recognise from Jackson-Stops & Staff…



October 16, 2013

‘A’ List Glamour comes to Weybridge!

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Our Weybridge office was treated to the sight of a very beautiful Joan Collins opening the new Shooting Star charity shop just further along from us on the Queens Road last week.

A glamorous Joan Collins cuts the ribbon.

A glamorous Joan Collins cuts the ribbon.

Ms Collins arrived to a crowd of excited local residents and paparazzi outside the shop and treated everybody to a few words and plenty of photo opportunities. We wish the charity every success.

September 18, 2013

Detached house to rent close to Walton railway station

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Weybridge estate agents Jackson-Stops & Staff have a family home available to rent close to the railway station in Walton on Thames.

The four bed detached property is located on Oatlands Mere, a quiet road on the prestigious, private estate in the heart of Oatlands village. It comes complete with a fantastic double aspect drawing room, double garage and games room.

The house also has gardens leading to Broadwater Lake, a popular local nature reserve.

Monthly rental is £4,200. Click here for more details and to arrange a viewing.

Family house to rent Oatlands Mere, Walton, Surrey

August 27, 2013

Family house to rent in St. George’s Hill, Weybridge

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Weybridge estate agents Jackson-Stops & Staff have a family house to rent in the prestigious St. George’s Hill estate.

The five bedroom property is at the centre of the estate on Camp End Road and comes complete with spacious grounds and garaging.

Monthly rental is £5,500. For more information or viewings, contact the Weybridge office on 01932 859355.

Family house to rent on the St. George's Hill estate, Weybridge

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