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Tenant information

Do you require assistance with finding that perfect rental property?

At Jackson-Stops our teams have many years of experience in the rental market and we are aware of the potential pitfalls faced by someone unfamiliar with the residential rental market. We offer a rental property assistance service is designed to offer selected corporate employees one point of contact in their search for rented accommodation, saving time, expense and effort.

One call to Jackson-Stops will establish your requirements and determine the geographical area within which the search will be focused. At this stage, we will advise on specific details such as commuter times, schools and any other

relevant information that the individual may require.

Once this is established, our staff will perform a comprehensive search on your behalf and a selection of properties will be chosen from our extensive portfolio coupled with searches through other reputable agents with whom we have a professional association.

An itinerary to view properties will be sent that works with your schedule. An experienced member of our team will accompany applicants on the tour and will be able to offer expert on-the-spot advice on a whole range of issues, from furnishings to price comparisons.

What are the costs?

The search and subsequent tour(s) will be free from any charge to the individual. Once a property has been selected the nominal administrative charges, together with any associated tenancy costs, will apply. Please click here for the Tenant Fee Schedule (pdf)

If the employee requires us to undertake additional services, such as checking a tenancy agreement, the cost will be agreed by separate negotiation with the branch office.

What happens next?

Processing a Tenancy Application

Once an applicant has selected a property and put forward an offer to rent - whether the selected property is from our portfolio or another agent's - we will be on hand to guide them through the process of application and the creation of a tenancy agreement. We will consult with the applicant on procedures such as inventory arrangements, transfer of funds and statutory regulations and make the process of renting a property as smooth and easy as possible.

Useful tenancy information and terms

We have put together a useful glossary of terms used within the rented accommodation sector:

Break Clause
These are usually after a minimum period of a tenancy has been served, when the fixed term period runs much longer than the break period, and can be invoked by either Landlord or Tenant. A typical break clause might be after the expiry of five months and the Tenant may serve upon the Landlord 1 months notice; therefore breaking the tenancy at 6 months.

Council Tax
This is a charge made by the local council to cover local community costs, such as rubbish collection, emergency services, street lighting etc. The cost is usually paid by the tenant.

HMRC class furnished rental accommodation as a property with a bed! However, the practicalities of furnished accommodation tend to be all furniture required to enable a tenant to live in the property save for bedding, towels, and their own clothes. However, attention should be paid to what is included at the time of viewing or by establishing a list with the agent. Most properties should as a minimum contain appliances in the kitchen, floor coverings and curtains.

Gas Safety
All landlords are by Law required to produce a gas safety record on an annual basis to show that the gas appliances have been inspected and declared safe by a qualified Gas Safe engineer.

The person(s) or company that owns the property. The fact that rent might be paid via the agent, the agent acts for the Landlord, and thus, the agent is not the Landlord, and not the person with whom the Tenant has a contract.

Length of Tenancy
This is commonly called the 'Term' of the tenancy. Most tenancies are created with a minimum 6-month term, and not more than a 3-year term initially.

Tenancy Renewals / Extensions
Should the Tenant wish to stay at the property longer than your initial tenancy term, that maybe possible with the Landlord's consent, and the Landlord or Agent, will contact the Tenant in good time to understand the Tenants wishes, and discuss the possibility of extending the tenancy term.

Some landlords will be prepared to be flexible on the asking price of properties. This is dependent on a number of factors, such as how long the property has been on the market or if the tenancy is likely to be of a longer term than usual.

Professional Organisations
Most reputable agents will belong to a professional body which means that they have to subscribe to a code of practice and that their client accounts are protected and audited each year. The main three are the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA), the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). We are a member of ARLA www.arla.co.uk and also have Safe Agent www.safeagents.co.uk accreditation.

Most agencies will ask for references from your employer, previous landlord (if any), financial institutions and details of previous addresses for a credit search.
References will also require a "Right to Rent" search. By law under The Immigration Act 2014 Landlord's and Agent's must establish the immigration status of anybody wishing to live at the property that is over the age of 18, which includes children. It does not matter if you are a British National, from a member country within the European Union or anywhere else in the World.

The rent is normally paid monthly in advance, by a standing order, and is due ON the same day as the tenancy commenced each month.

Tenancy Deposits
A deposit, usually equivalent to six weeks rental, (but could be more if there are uncaged pets, such as cats and dogs) is payable prior to signing the agreement. It is held by the tenant as Stakeholder, normally under Government approved scheme rules, against any breach of the tenancy obligations by the tenant, and is held for the term of the tenancy. No interest is paid on the deposit.

Tenancy Agreement
This is a legal binding document between the landlord and tenant, which details the obligations placed upon both parties. It can also be known as a lease or contract.

The person or company that assumes overall responsibility for the obligations within the tenancy agreement.

These include gas, electricity, water, sewerage, and telephone and are normally always costs paid by the tenant for the duration of the tenancy.

Customer Care Policy (pdf)