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December 12, 2017

Location, Location

Location is clearly the most fundamental aspect of property. But what is it about location that attracts? This is a complex question that means different things to different people, and is usually driven by the motivation for the move. Many agents overlook the driving forces behind a decision to move, yet it holds the key to why people buy, and where.

For example, many people move because they need more space, perhaps because of a growing family and the requirement for more bedrooms and a larger garden. Clearly space comes at a premium, and it may be that in order to satisfy this requirement a cheaper location may have to be considered if the finances are to balance. Then of course there is the issue of school catchment areas, which in itself can have the effect of significantly price-loading an area.


Perhaps the move is prompted by a job promotion which has enabled the buyer to fulfil the aspiration of living in a “better” area. But what does better mean? Leafier, attractive architecture, great views, low crime, good restaurants? The good agent finds out.

Naturally, convenience has a major bearing on choice of location. Proximity to shops or work, transport links, recreational facilities and security all play their part. Good value for one buyer might represent poor value for another, hence the reason that some people are prepared to pay substantially to be close to work, whilst others are prepared to commute for several hours.

It is this complex and fascinating combination of locational needs and desires which makes our job as estate agents so interesting. The accuracy of our interpretation of buyer preferences is key not only to our valuations, but also to our ability to help people move to a home that will delight them.

Whether you’re buying or selling, we’d love to help you move too. Please feel free to call us for an initial chat on 01243 786316.

Andrew Richardson FNAEA MARLA


01243 786316

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December 8, 2017

More visual technology=more viewings

With technology rushing on at an ever-increasing pace it can sometimes be bewildering to try and emcompass all advances, but occassionally a new tool emerges that will really help the business of selling your house.

Andrew Richardson, director at Jackson-Stops says “Every so often there is a step forward that should not be ignored, and we think we have found one that will help enhance our clients property, and by virtue increase their viewing and sales levels.

3D and virtual reality have been out of reach financially until recently, and this new technology allows both the client and Jackson-Stops to present an interactive walk-through of a house, allowing a buyer a much better early view. In this ever-more challenging market environment it is becoming more important that ever to make your property standout from the croewd…this allows us to do exactly that”.


To immerse yourself in the whole property Click here

If you would like you own property displayed in this modern and trailblazing way just call Andrew Richardson on 01243 786316 now.




December 7, 2017

Old Money’s Influence

Many property commentators point to the first time buyer as a primary stimulus for the property market. Whilst many property related transactions are indeed reliant on somebody somewhere down the chain buying without being dependent on a related purchase, the influence of “old money” is often overlooked.

The value of housing assets left in wills every year may have more than doubled between 2006 and 2020 to today’s equivalent according to a Halifax Financial Services report. The report estimates that £420bn of housing assets will have passed from one generation to another by then, with many of the fortunate recipients splashing out their new-found wealth on a new home.

As the baby boomers begin to retire, so their influence on the market will be felt, with about 27% of the population of the UK (or 15.8million) falling into this category. An older, healthier, more mobile population is also likely to move house more frequently than their parents and grandparents did, and they will play an important part in the intra-generational transfer of housing wealth that is to come.

More baby boomers (78%) own their own home than any other UK age group. In addition, baby boomers have witnessed an extraordinary transformation in British society: the rise of owner occupancy. In 1946, an estimated 31% of households owned their own homes – today’s figure is double that! The wealth held in property is likely to be used to assist the next generation in both housing and pension gaps.

The property market can therefore be stimulated from many angles, and a good estate agent will seek to understand and harness these trends to their clients’ advantage!

Andrew Richardson FNAEA MARLA


01243 786316

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November 30, 2017

Quick Tips to Maximise your Sale

First impressions are not only important when selling your home, they are absolutely critical. When people come to view a property for the first time, they are unlikely to be scrutinising the unseen. They are simply trying to get a feel for the property. They will be bombarded with mostly visual impressions, many of which you can positively influence.

For example, if your kitchen is looking tired, it can easily be spruced up with new cabinet doors. Even just replacing the handles can look good, or you could even go further and fit a new worktop. Kitchen flooring which may have passed its best is also usually quite inexpensive to replace due to the relatively small surface area.

Bathrooms can look almost as good as the day they were fitted with a bit of work on the grouting. Hack out any discoloured grout between the tiles or sealant around the wash basins, baths and showers, and replace with new. It’s inexpensive, effective, and looks good. Do make sure you polish any chrome as well, using lime scale remover if necessary.

Do declutter. Buyers want to imagine themselves living there, so don’t distract them with too much of your own stuff, although a cosy home can be more appealing than a clinical one!

Outside, flowerbeds can instantly be given a new lease of life with a generous helping of shredded tree bark compost. Freshly-mown lawns with neat edges look great, as do paths which have recently been weeded. Patio areas are more appealing when they have been jet-washed, but also when they look like they are enjoyed regularly – so it’s worth having your garden furniture out rather than packed away. The same applies to children’s play equipment if you are selling a family home.

The key is a neat, but lived-in look, which will appeal to the heart as well as the head!

Andrew Richardson FNAEA MARLA


01243 786316







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November 28, 2017

Market Comment – November 2017

This November has seen both an increase in interest rates and the abolition of SDLT (Stamp Duty) for first time buyers up to £300,000. Certainly the nominal 0.25% interest rate increase is unlikely to cause most homebuyers a problem. However, this first rate rise in a decade might be regarded as a tipping point for further increases in the coming year and the market remains subdued. This is despite the apparent windfall for first time buyers, which will almost certainly turn out to be inflationary.

Although we remain busier than expected for the time of year there is an atmosphere nationally that we are moving towards a buyers’ market. According to UK Finance, mortgage approvals for purchases are at their lowest for over a year and, according to Rightmove, some 37% of sellers are reducing their asking price (the highest percentage in five years) and new-to-market sellers are being overoptimistic in their pricing. In other words, sellers must price competitively if they are to achieve a respectable sale before the added complication of a further supply of stock hitting the market in the New Year and Spring 2018.

So now, more than ever, sellers should avoid their property becoming stale on the market by quoting a price that buyers will regard as exciting. They should also avoid the mistake of pricing high on the basis that buyers will “make a lower offer”. We employ excellent negotiators and consistently find that we are able to achieve our asking prices (and sometimes even exceed them), but if the asking price itself is too high then there won’t be enough buyers to prompt a sale. This is the type of balancing act that we as experienced estate agents (as opposed to the online alternative) deeply understand, and harness to our clients’ advantage.

Interested in the market? Curious about the current value of your property in context? Why not call 01243 786316 for a confidential chat? You might be pleasantly surprised!

Andrew Richardson FNAEA MARLA


01243 786316

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November 23, 2017

When to Pack

You have decided to sell, but the thought of packing your home up can be daunting, especially if you have lived in the same property for many years.

It is well known that a property sells more readily when it looks and feels like a home, rather than just bricks and mortar, so it could be argued that you shouldn’t start packing until you have actually found a buyer.

However, many people find that much of the stress of moving can be reduced if they start to prepare for the move early in the sale process and there are additional benefits. For example, whilst a property certainly needs to look lived in, an overly cluttered house can be off-putting. It is important that the buyer can see themselves living there, not just you!

On the other hand, it would not be a good idea to have packing boxes scattered around the house. This could look like you are just about to move out and are therefore desperate to find a buyer.

A reasonable compromise is to take advantage of having time on your side and start to pack things which are either cluttering or otherwise unseen. This would include surplus children’s toys, photographs, books and clothes as well as the content of cupboards which can be packed into boxes and then stored in those cupboards.

Garages and sheds can usually do with a good tidy. Charity shops are a great way of lightening your load whilst making your storage areas neat, which in turn reflects well on your property overall. Garage or car-boot sales can be a lucrative alternative.

Once you have exchanged contracts then you can really go to work on your packing, and it doesn’t matter what your property looks like during the time immediately prior to completion. But hopefully your advance planning will by this time have paid dividends!

Andrew Richardson FNAEA MARLA


01243 786316

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November 16, 2017

Agents’ Skills in Demand

The overall shortage of housing stock in relation to demand suggests that finding a buyer should not be too difficult irrespective of which agent you choose to sell your property. So it’s tempting to become less discerning over your choice of agent and simply choose the cheapest!

However, in this market, this approach usually turns out to be a considerable false economy, as the difference between a good agent and a mediocre, or internet-only one, can be highly significant.

First, the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive agent is probably only about 1% of the sale price. However, the ability of a good agent to negotiate the highest price the market will pay (which is probably about 4% more than the average buyer would pay) is clearly worth far more than this.

Cheap agents rely on turnover of stock, rather than the actual amount of fee charged to make their money. With a shortage of stock in a fast moving market, they feel the pinch more than the higher quality agents and are therefore more interested in arranging the sale at any price, rather than negotiating the best terms for their client.

However, the better agents have a reputation to protect, and they are passionate in their quest to secure the asking price wherever possible. Indeed, we often secure figures in excess of the asking price for our clients.

It’s your equity. So when choosing the right agent to sell your home, what is more important to you – low fees, or the most money in your pocket, and the security of a well-managed sale?

Please feel free to contact us on 01243 786316 if you’d like sincere advice about how to maximise your selling prospects – and your price!

Andrew Richardson FNAEA MARLA


01243 786316

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November 9, 2017

Identity Caution When Moving House

Recent research has shown that about a quarter of home-movers leave themselves open to some form of identity theft when they move, simply by failing to redirect their post promptly.

Indeed, almost half of all identity theft cases involve a previous address, and 70% of new occupants receive mail addressed to a past occupant. This often includes sensitive personal information, which can be used by a fraudster to obtain credit in your name.

As some organisations can take several weeks to amend their details, we suggest you start to compile a list of those who will need your new address as soon as you begin marketing your property. This might include schools, the Inland Revenue, banks, credit card companies, the Local Authority, the DVLA, Premium Bonds, clubs, etc.. Then, as soon as you have a moving date, contact them formally with your new details.

Arrange the Royal Mail redirection service for at least a year and register with the Mailing Preference Service to have your name taken off most direct mailing lists. This will ensure mail-shots from lenders aren’t sent to you at your old address. It’s also a good idea to do the same at your new address, in both your name and that of the previous occupier – if only to avoid heaps of junk mail landing on your doorstep!


If you are concerned that you could be at risk from identity theft, you can set up a credit monitoring service with companies such as Experian, Equifax or CheckMyFile.com which will alert you to any significant changes to your credit report, so you can take any necessary action as soon as possible.

We hope you find the above useful, and don’t forget – we’re here to help you with your move, not just your sale!





Andrew Richardson FNAEA MARLA


01243 786316

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November 2, 2017

Interest Rate Rise – Market Comment

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee has just announced a rise in the Bank of England base rate of 0.25% – the first increase in over a decade.

The base rate is the figure on which mortgage rates in particular are based and a whole generation of aspiring homeowners will be wondering what to make of it. Well panic not – although the base rate has effectively doubled, 0.25% remains a very small increase and simply returns us to the same 0.5% rate that had been in force between March 2009 and August last year, when it was dropped in response to the Brexit referendum result.

While those on a variable rate or tracker mortgage will notice a small increase in monthly payments, those who chose a fixed rate mortgage will not feel any effect at all.

If this new rate is passed on to mortgage interest rates, as it almost certainly will be, the monthly commitment of new buyers will be around £37.50 extra per month on a £180,000 mortgage. This is unlikely to have any direct effect on the property market.

This increase appears to be a response to increasing inflation and the indirect effects could be more noticeable. Is this the start of a rising trend? If so, then if you are contemplating a move, it would be worth doing so quickly; sell before any downward pressure on house prices kicks in, and lock in to a low fixed rate mortgage on your purchase.

As your local property experts we’d be happy to advise, without obligation, on how this and any other market influences might impact on your moving plans or property value. Please feel free to call us on 01243 786316.

Andrew Richardson FNAEA MARLA


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Unexpected Buyers over Christmas

Christmas is already in sight and it might be tempting to assume the market will slow down and that it might be best to wait until the New Year before selling.

However, whilst many agents do indeed shut up shop so they can roast chestnuts over an open fire, we like nothing more than to sneak into the office in our Santa outfits and huddle round the computer rubbing our hands in glee as we see our web traffic stats rocket (by 195% over the festive period according to Rightmove)!

Having been among the first agents to embrace technology and social media in the area, we are fortunate that our website ranks highly in the search engines. So over Christmas we always see a huge spike of buyer activity, as people who are anticipating a move in the New Year start to spend their “time out” browsing for properties. They inevitably fall in love with one of our beautifully presented instructions sooner than expected, so our physical accompanied viewing figures over Christmas aren’t bad either!

We certainly recommend that you avoid falling into the trap of waiting until the Spring to sell. The sheer volume of properties flooding onto the market at the same time in March and April can create an imbalance of supply over demand and prices can actually weaken. Serious buyers are still very active over Christmas, when their time off work allows them to view more properties. So we say, “make hay while the snow falls”.

Also, Christmas is a time when a house really does look like a home and this could just tip the balance in your favour when buyers come to view.

So if you are thinking of selling in the New Year or even the Spring, why not bring it forward by a few weeks and let us help you take advantage of this surprisingly buoyant time of year. You’ll then be in a strong position yourself as a buyer to take advantage of any increase in supply early next year. Why not call 01243 786316 today to arrange a no-obligation marketing consultation with one of our local experts.

Andrew Richardson FNAEA MARLA


01243 786316

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