A legacy of Old Rectories and Vicarages
Few can be surprised by the fact that a significant number of buildings in England were built by the Church. Not only are there a significant number of chapels, churches and cathedrals on the listing register, there is a wealth of rectories, parsonages and vicarages. Following the Restoration and throughout the 18th and 19th centuries the Church of England built rectories, vicarages and parsonages in towns and villages across the country. Their legacy is some of the finest examples of domestic architecture and together form an important collection of historic houses

Today many of the former vicarages and rectories have been sold off by the Church as they became a drain on funds, too large and expensive to maintain. However, when it comes to the private buyer wanting to buy an historic house, the opportunity to purchase an old rectory or vicarage ranks right up at the top of their wish list. In general, they offer spacious reception rooms, former “domestic offices” which with care can be turned into wonderful kitchen/dining rooms ideal for everyday family life and no shortage of bedrooms some of which, were necessary, can be turned into extra bathrooms.

Originally these houses were built to illustrate the importance of the Church. Its occupant was regarded as a pillar of society, held in the highest regard. It was a building that without doubt demanded respect and over the centuries their gardens became used increasing for charitable events. Today vicars across the country are now required to look after two or more parishes and live in more modest houses, leaving behind, in building terms, a rich collection of historic houses that showcase be best of English vernacular architecture for which there is a ready demand.

A typical example is The Old Vicarage in Warlingham, Surrey, an imposing Listed Grade II* building. The house has elegant and spacious reception rooms and a beautiful mature garden. It has four or five bedrooms and three bath/shower rooms and plenty of scope. It is a property that brings together an imposing façade with a very welcoming interior. Asking price £1,500,000.

Dawn Carritt
020 7664 6646

28th November, 2017