Develop Land

Sell Without Moving

Estate Agents are usually associated with moving house. However, many people overlook the value a good estate agent can bring to your current property, even without the need to move!

For example, perhaps you no longer use your large garden since the children have grown up and even keeping it tidy is a chore. Have you ever thought about selling part of it to a neighbour or developer? Land values have rocketed in recent years and many people have paid off their mortgages decades early by selling a small part of their land.

If you don’t have enough land to sell off for development, perhaps a neighbour might appreciate some extra access space. And don’t worry about a new house being built in your garden – you can always stipulate restrictions to the new development as part of the deal.

Perhaps you applied for planning permission in the past and it was refused. Planning policy has relaxed considerably over recent years and you may be successful second time round, potentially adding thousands to the value of your property. This particularly applies to the addition of parking access and spaces, as our roads become increasingly congested.

We are certainly not in favour of concreting over our wonderful countryside and green urban areas. However, sensitive redevelopment or reuse of redundant space can be good for the community, and could pay you personal dividends that you never realised existed.

We are experienced in identifying and negotiating lucrative land deals for all concerned and work closely with vendors, residents, developers and planners. So next time you are pruning the roses or clearing up the leaves, think about the possibilities and give us a call. It might lead to the most money you’ve ever banked without moving! Please contact Andrew Richardson on 01243 786316 for expert property advice.