Don't Wait For Spring


As we find ourselves in the middle of the dark winter months, some would suggest waiting until spring before putting your property on the market. After all, spring is traditionally associated with a time of change and this has always influenced the property market in the past.

However, it might be worth looking at this from another angle as serious buyers do not give up over the winter and can even become frustrated by lack of choice as many properties are withdrawn for the season in the mistaken belief that nobody will be looking at this time of year.

You can take advantage of this temporary imbalance of supply and demand by being one of the properties that is actually new on the market! Whilst viewing activity may be slightly less frenetic, you can be assured that every viewing will count, as you will only be dealing with serious buyers. And serious buyers are usually less concerned by a sad-looking garden, or poor daylight. Indeed, cosy lighting and a real fire will often enhance your chances of a successful winter sale.

Many sellers will inevitably wait until the spring before putting their property on the market – which could flood the market and potentially thwart prices. However, last year’s backlog of frustrated buyers are looking today.

So if you are considering a sale in the coming months we suggest you take advantage of the situation, be strategic, and position your property for an early sale at a time when demand is likely to outstrip supply – which is about now!

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