Google Verified Reviews Exeter estate agent

9th May 2018

Google Verified Reviews Exeter estate agent. Our service is only ever as good as our clients’ experience and we are fortunate to have some very happy clients.

Our most recent Google verified reviews give a flavour of the lengths to which we go to ensure that, whether you are selling your property or buying your next home, you can rely on our experienced and skilled staff to steer you through the process to a successful conclusion.

“An outstandingly positive experience. Choosing Jackson Stops based on personal recommendations proved to be a very good decision. From initial discussions regarding realistic value JS input proved constructive and helpful. The quality of material produced was outstanding. As a result the whole process went forward smoothly while potential local competing properties remained unsold.

“What we did not expect but much appreciated was their guidance of the process through exchange of contracts and to completion, when the process was in danger of getting bogged down in various technical wrangles. We have no hesitation in giving JS a 5-star rating and full recommendation.”

“Michael Clark of Jackson-Stops and all staff at the Exeter branch were brilliant in smoothing the way to our buying our beautiful home in Devon. A friendly, attentive approach with excellent communication with our own estate agents as well as us made it a much less stressful experience. Would highly recommend.”

“Richard and Michael were extremely professional and at the same time a pleasure to deal with in our new purchase. They were most accessible and accommodating to our various requests. Thanks for all your help in getting our dream home.”


Google Verified Reviews Exeter estate agent. Do contact us if you are thinking of putting your home o the market or if you are searching for your next home in Devon: 01392 214222,