My Story: Communication is Key

In the first of a new blog series called ‘My Story’, we talk to one of our long-term landladies about renting out her properties with our Wimbledon team and why communication is key:


Q: Why did you choose to let your property out with Jackson-Stops?

A: I chose Jackson-Stops a long time ago, probably about 15 years ago now. I was recommended to them by a friend of the family at the time - I was having a few problems with my previous letting agent, they were going through a change in management and the downsides of that were filtering down to their customers.


Q: Why Raynes Park? 

A: For me, Raynes Park has been a brilliant place to let properties; I have two flats and have never had more than a few days between tenants. In fact, we have had to hold tenants back from moving in to give me enough time to carry out a few repairs in between tenancies! Over the years I have seen a vast improvement in the area. The train line has always been good, which is a major factor. There is now a Waitrose, Starbucks and a few lovely independent coffee shops, cafes and restaurants - the area is buzzing. Raynes Park is on a main line route into London without the higher price of Wimbledon but only one stop away. Parking is easier and there is a convenient corner shop all on your doorstep.


Q: What are tenants looking for in a rental property?

A: Tenants are looking for a home, somewhere they can love to come home too. I feel that if you can keep it looking its best you stand a much better chance of them taking care of your property. I rely totally on Jackson-Stops to choose and vet my tenants. This is a service I can’t recommend highly enough and it has served me well so far.  Being a landlady is about offering your tenants a place they can call home. If there was something amiss in your own home, you would want it fixed ASAP and I consider it my duty to get that done. Communication is key. When your tenants call you, respond as quickly as you can. Their time is just as important as yours. Keep them updated on what you are doing to help fix the problem, it may not be able to be fixed there and then but if they know you are trying to get it sorted it helps. Remember they are paying the rent which gives you an income.


Q: What is the most useful thing an agent can do to help the process?

A: In my opinion the agent is the key to a good tenant. They have the chance to meet them first. They get to chat with them on several occasions, whilst taking bank references,employee references, etc. I feel the staff at Jackson-Stops have got a good insight into what makes a good tenant and this has served me well over the years. I also think it is best for the agent to collect the rent as this eliminates any ‘money talk’ with your tenant, which can cause difficulties. If you are not collecting it yourself they can’t take liberties. This again eliminates your problems: leave this to the professionals.

Get in touch with our experienced team to discuss any aspect of letting property in or around Wimbledon, they would be delighted to answer your questions.