22 buyers chasing every property across our network

Nick Leeming, Chairman of Jackson-Stops, comments on the most recent HMRC property transaction statistics: “While the data is skewed by the market closure in April 2020, it does still provide an indication of how the landscape has shifted, one year on.

“Transactions are down by a third (36%) month on month in April, as competition from buyers tailed off slightly after the rush to meet the initial stamp duty deadline. But, on the ground, we are not seeing activity slow down at all and our agents are as busy as ever. The number of new applicants that registered with our branches in April was on par with the number that signed up when the market reopened last June, and we now have 22 buyers chasing every instruction across our network of branches.

“Sales across our branches in London’s new 90-minute commuter belt were the busiest in April – with Chichester, Ipswich and Northampton leading the way.

“While demand for a new lifestyle continues to fuel the market, it cannot be sustained for ever. I would suggest that anyone considering selling their home to do so now while the market conditions are so favourable and there is still room for further price growth.”