Accurate property pricing – is a higher valuation always good news? Cheshire property news

Accurate property pricing. Holding out for a higher price for your property?

If so, there’s a chance you could be jeopardising your sale. Choose and agent that offers more than simply a higher price...

Rightmove carried out research that showed the importance vendors place on getting an accurate valuation of their home. You might be surprised to learn that it came at the bottom of the pile!

They placed it below creating a property advert, having an agent conduct the viewings, adding the property to Rightmove, negotiations and post ‘sale agreed’ service. It’s a pretty important aspect of a sale, so relying on an agent that might inflate your property valuation to win your business is a risky strategy.

Getting it wrong at the beginning can set vendors up for a lengthy sales process, when it could all be so much easier. Accurate pricing is critical!

Buyers are nervous about value, but know that it’s simple to make a comparison of property asking prices on the Internet, so if yours is way off the mark - or even just a little off the mark – they will know. Buyers may be put off, and won’t engage with you, if they think the price isn’t accurate. They may think that your expectations are too high and that there would be little point in negotiating the price.

Sellers obviously want the best price for their property, and need to ensure they cover their moving costs, but they shouldn’t be wooed by agents who over value their property. It’s nearly always followed by disappointment.

Sellers would be wise to ignore agents that offer false gifts, and should ask themselves ‘is this a fair price?’ ‘What is the agent’s comparable data?’ ‘Why have they chosen that price?’ and most importantly, they shouldn’t run away with fantasy valuations for their property.  

As ever, choose an agent with a good understanding of your local property market and prices and one who will be honest with you about your property’s worth.

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