Century old Waitrose signage uncovered at Pimlico branch
Nicholas Butterworth, Chief Executive of Jackson-Stops & Staffs London Group, explains: Whilst recently undertaking renovations at their branch on Sussex Street, the Jackson-Stops & Staff Pimlico team removed their current signage to uncover not just one but two historic Waitrose signs which are thought to date back up to 100 years. These dates have now also been
verified by Gavin Henderson, the Partnership Archivist at John Lewis.

The historic signage has been carefully removed and donated to the John
Lewis Heritage Centre. The shop is one of the 10 original Waitrose stores bought by the John Lewis Partnership in 1937 when they were acquired from Wallace Waite. Waitrose first appeared on the high street in 1904 when
Wallace Waite, Arthur Rose and David Taylor opened their shop in Acton.

Today over 350 branches of Waitrose exist around the country. I think we can
all agree that it is really exciting to have revealed the history of the beautiful building and to have found such well-preserved signage.

All of us at Jackson-Stops & Staff are passionate about preserving our wonderful built heritage and this is a fantastic reminder of the histories that
exist in many London properties. It is also a reason why many of our clients come to us in search of a property with significant character and a story that
will continue to endure for years to come.