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Dorking estate agents. In a series of longer client case studies we spoke with a recent client to find out how Jackson-Stops Dorking helped him to sell a property and to discover the real value added to the process.

If you’re thinking of putting your Dorking property on the market, we hope that this first case study gives you some compelling reasons to choose Alan King and his team at Jackson-Stops. Please do get in touch by calling 01306 887560 or emailing

“Professional advice and a refreshingly honest approach to valuation” 

Simon was looking for an estate agent for the purposes of obtaining a value on his aunt’s property for probate proceedings.
On the advice of a solicitor he contacted Dorking estate agents to guide him, but in the end chose Jackson-Stops Dorking due
to their diligence, communication skills and professionalism. 

“I visited each agent in person to discuss the property value but found that I had to push hard for responses, after which I received estimated values that were wildly different. In order to show a sensible average I contacted Jackson-Stops in Dorking and spoke with Alan King.

"I have to say that Alan was a totally different kind of agent and the only one of the four that showed real fire in his belly. “His proactive communication showed me just how interested he was; it’s a fine line but he got it spot on. He came up with a sensible valuation for probate.

“After clearing out my aunt’s property we were in a position to consider putting it on the market and I invited Alan to visit the property. I took to him immediately as he offered professional advice and a refreshingly honest approach to valuation.

"We had invited other agents to value the property for sale, but my experience was that they offered inflated valuations and then failed to follow up. I have learnt the hard way that having a sensible and realistic agent on your side is invaluable.

“We were kept well informed throughout the process and the feedback we received was excellent. I used to run a business so I know the importance of timely communication and I appreciated that Jackson-Stops Dorking consistently got this right. I didn’t have to push for information and feedback as a result of their proactive approach. Indeed, I had a warm and fuzzy feeling that I had chosen the right agent.

“I was very pleased with their service throughout my experience. Of course there were some issues, as is often the case when selling a property, but they dealt with them with professionalism and good humour. I was very happy.

“One could assume that because the property was not mine that an agent would take their foot off the pedal, but this was never the case with Jackson-Stops. They persevered and I was pretty impressed really. Every member of staff at Jackson-Stops was enthusiastic and aware of my property and would pick up and run with the ball – nothing slipped through the net.

“We sold the property in a time of flux; it was a slow time of year and the prospect of Brexit loomed large. However, Jackson-Stops worked hard to ensure there were some potential purchasers and found a buyer in even the most stagnant of markets. When they put in a lower offer, the team negotiated on my behalf and we reached a sensible compromise that I was happy with.

“In truth, there wasn’t a downside to working with Jackson-Stops. All of the staff were really clued up, professional and, importantly, pleasant. I have no hesitation in commending Jackson-Stops. Indeed, if ever I decide to sell my own home they would now be my first choice estate agents.”

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