Escape to the country

The pandemic has most definitely changed our outlook on life, our health, our work, where we live and what we need from a home. With prospective buyers now able to consider properties further afield due to changing working patterns, an escape to the country looks to be on the cards for many and for many years to come.

Working from home may have come to an end for some UK workers, but many have seen the merits of such a lifestyle choice, albeit one that was foisted upon us at the beginning, and those with sympathetic employers – or those who work for themselves – have decided in droves to continue to create the perfect work/life balance for them and their families.

Well-connected towns and villages in Cheshire and North Wales are most definitely on the radar for those looking to continue their commute from kitchen table to home office, and there are several factors at play that are aiding these decisions.

Connection is key
Better broadband in more rural areas has meant that hamlets and villages once ignored by those who need a great connection are now firmly on the priority list. Gone are the days when a country retreat meant hours trying to connect to the internet. High speed and superfast broadband is now available in some of the most far-flung corners!

Transport links
Working from home doesn’t mean disconnecting from your office, and good transport links play a part in choosing where to live. We’re fortunate in Cheshire and North Wales to be connected to great transport links in the form of well-kept A roads and quick access to the UK’s motorway network. It’s possible to live somewhere pretty rural and still be in the office for a meeting in an hour.

More for your money
The dream of having more for your money is also driving prospective buyers to look further afield. More outdoor space, an extra room, a teenage hideaway or a garden office – these things may have been off the table in larger, urban towns and cities, but move half an hour out of town and you’ll be surprised how much more you get for your money.

Green and pleasant land
A wonderful aspect of living in the countryside is the unbridled access you’ll have to wide open green spaces – all on your doorstep. There’s nothing quite like a morning coffee, then the front door swings open and off we go on a countryside walk. It does wonders for your mental health!

Making it happen
With their minds firmly set on moving, we’re finding that those searching for new homes are as keen as ever to make a move as soon as possible and with the launch of several new tempting mortgages, such as 0.99% five-year fixed products, buyers are able to pick and choose from a mortgage market only too happy to accommodate them.

Mortgage advice is available from our seasoned professional partners. If you’re thinking about selling your rural home in Cheshire or North Wales we’d be delighted to help. We have a waiting list of purchasers looking to up sticks and make their pandemic lifestyle more permanent. Contact our Chester team:
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