Jackson-Stops: A potted history

Today Jackson-Stops is proud of its forward-thinking, modern approach to agency and client service. However, its staff are equally proud to look back on the company’s rich history, which spans well over 100 years. It was established by Herbert Jackson Stops in 1910, with the first office opening in Towcester. Shortly afterwards, ‘& Staff’ was added to the Jackson-Stops’ name to engender its true family spirit and in 1919 the office moved to Northampton. The company achieved great prominence in 1921 with the sale of Stowe House, later becoming Stowe School, with a 19-day sale and auction taking place under the Duke of Buckingham’s instructions. The opening of Jackson-Stops’ auction catalogue began with these words:
‘It is with a feeling of profound regret that the Auctioneer pens the opening lines of a sale catalogue which may destroy forever the glories of historic Stowe, and disperse to the winds of Heaven its wonderful collection, leaving memories of the spacious past."

This momentous sale positioned Jackson-Stops’ as an agency which dealt with the disposal of significant buildings of historical importance, a status it retains to this day.

In 1924 the first London office opened in SW1 and was followed shortly by another branch opening in Mayfair. In the 1930s, the expansion continued with offices opening in Leeds, Dublin, Yeovil and Cirencester, the latter two being the first of what became strongholds in the South West and the Cotswolds, respectively. After the war, branches opened in Chichester, Chester and Newmarket, with the Leeds office being relocated to York. Herbert Jackson Stops died in 1949 but on its 50th anniversary, the company opened new offices in Chipping Campden and Midhurst.

Expansion continued during the 1970s, with London offices specialising in the residential property opening up and in 1985, Jackson-Stops & Staff celebrated its 75th anniversary. During the years that followed, new offices opened in Exeter, Darlington and Burford.

In 1992, a management buy out took place and the Jackson-Stops & Staff Consortium was formed, with a structure of privately-owned businesses which continues to this day. The Dorchester office opened in 1994 and central London coverage expanded in 1997, with the opening of offices in Chelsea, Holland Park and Pimlico. Offices in Taunton, Wilmslow, Truro, Ipswich, Norwich, Rustington, Woburn, Cranbrook and Sevenoaks followed.

In April 2002, the company expanded into Richmond, Teddington, Weybridge and Wimbledon, extending its coverage in and around London. In the years that followed, offices opened in Bury St Edmunds, Winchester, Earlsfield, Shaftesbury, Barnstaple, Newbury, Sherborne, Dorking, Hale, Tunbridge Wells, Oxted, Arundel, Canterbury, Goring-on-Thames, Bridport, Barnstaple, Burnham Market, Blandford, Reigate and Chelmsford.

In May 2019, our newest office opened for business in Mid Sussex, in the beautiful village of Lindfield. Today the national Consortium retains strength in numbers and coverage, with an ability to draw on the experiences of a successful past to create successes for clients in today’s modern world.

Do get in touch with your local Jackson-Stops’ office to discuss your own property requirements, we would be delighted to help.