Landlords are coming back into the property market – why?

If you’ve always dreamed of investing your money in bricks and mortar you may be surprised to learn that now is a great time to realise those ambitions. Choosing to invest in property is a safe way to grow your property portfolio or dip your toe in the water, and returns can be impressive compared to rates of return in holding cash in the bank at the moment. Choose a property management company wisely and your investment will tick over in the background, working hard for you…

Why invest in property?
There are many reasons why you may be considering putting your money into property – you may have saved and want to ensure your money is used wisely, you may be self employed and looking for additional income, as a hedge against inflation, it can give you capital growth and income or perhaps you’re thinking ahead to retirement and a guaranteed income in your later years. Historically low interest rates on mortgages make this sort of investment attractive to a growing range of people. Unlike stocks and shares, investing in property can be a simple way to invest, free from radical market shifts and impenetrable rules and regulations. Saving accounts continue to produce poor returns, so property is becoming more attractive to those who hadn’t considered it as an option before.

Who’s investing?
Overseas investors rate the UK as a property hotspot and make up a significant proportion of property investors. The UK is a prime target as property here is seen as a solid investment. Indeed, DLA Piper named the UK the top global property hotspot, with 33% of 500 high-net-worth investors and asset managers surveyed saying they wanted to invest here.

It’s not all high-net-worth multi-millionaires though! Our clients come from all walks of life: some indeed have a large portfolio of properties, but a significant number are just like you and I – looking to invest some capital into one or maybe two properties to feather their nest for the future.

Points to consider 
Although property investing can realise significant returns, it’s not always easy to get a return on your investment quickly. Property investing is, in the main, for those looking for long-term investment. We’ll take care of the daily dealings of your property, ensuring you can sit back, relax and watch your investment grow.

If you’re thinking about taking on a renovation project to increase your initial investment, you’ll need to consider the time and effort it will take to bring a property up to scratch. A good property management company can help with finding reliable, trustworthy and competitive tradespeople, taking some of the headache out of any works you may need to complete. We provide a 24-hour service for repairs, so can be on site quickly and deal with whatever issue you many have.

Legislation governing landlords, what they can do and what can claim back regularly changes, so having a competent ARLA-certified property management company on your side is invaluable. We understand the changing landscape for landlords and can steer you through the legislation ensuring you’re kept abreast of and fully compliant with any changes to legislation.

All of our Jackson-South South East branches have professional lettings teams, who can give you the best help and advice about getting your foot on the property investment ladder as well as a comprehensive property management service. Whether you are a seasoned property investment pro or tentatively taking your first steps, we’d be delighted to help.

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