Life on the open road!

Whether it's the lure of the open road, retirement, or just time for a new adventure, buyinh a campervan can be the answer. The older generation among us may finally have the cash needed to buy their pipedream camper, and those of us with weekend wanderlust may dream of finishing work on Friday afternoon, packing a toothbrush and heading to the hills for some R&R.

Campers are us
It’s a significant expense, so you’ll no doubt spend an inordinate amount of time doing your research. Ask friends and family for their recommendations – they may have experience and be able to offer advice on any pitfalls you may not have considered.

Will you need a pop up roof and additional sleeping space, or are you happy with a dining room/bed arrangement? Do you want to cook up a feast in a fully functioning kitchen, or will a pared down version suffice for quick trips away? Do you hamper after the classic retro styling of a VW camper van, or would you prefer a modern aesthetic? Is second hand your purchase of choice or do you have means to buy new? And are eco credentials important to you, as well as range?

Touring UK and Parkers have excellent guides on buying a campervan, and details of the newest models for 2022.

Camping – re-packing never ends!
Packing a car for a week’s camping takes military precision and often calls for photographic evidence if one has a chance of retuning every item for the journey home. You may be a veteran at camping, but even happy campers know the stress associated with packing a car!

What appears to be a small selection of items can quickly become a headache for those in the back seat, as more and more is added. No amount of packing and unpacking will squeeze your belongings into the boot. What you need is a bigger car!

As camping can be a great environmentally friendly way to holiday, you may wish to opt for a car with greener credentials, giving you more miles to the gallon on longer trips and ensuring your carbon footprint is as low as it can be.

Boot space is obviously a top priority – there must be somewhere for the piles of stuff you don’t really need! Larger tents, especially the new self-inflating versions, can come in large cases and so being able to pack that and other items in one space should be a consideration.

Country Living and The Telegraph have some comprehensive guides – from festival pops ups to full on family camping.

Happy camping!