My Story - Richmond Rentals

As part of our regular series of exploring the stories of our clients and associated partners, we talk to one of our Richmond Landlords.

1. What made you choose Jackson-Stops as your letting agent?

Historical involvement with Jackson-Stops and the experience of Edward Simpson, your Lettings Manager, who gives a fair view, is not pushy and, together with the rest of the JS staff at Richmond, gets the job done. Unlike some competitors, Jackson-Stops is not flashy and in my experience is not inclined to give false expectations.


2. What are the main things you consider when assessing prospective new tenants?

Primarily, it’s the financial covenant strength of the applicant, together with satisfactory references, and whether they are offering a reasonable rent.

3. What are the most important things a letting agent can do to smooth the process for landlords?

From the outset, it’s vital to give an honest opinion of rental value and proposed quoting rent; be proactive in finding tenants, rather than reactive; give a balanced view and make recommendations as to tenant acceptability; avoid pushing the landlord to accept the first offer that comes along! Finally, agree a sensible letting fee at the outset.


4. What are tenants looking for in a rental property?

A pleasant clean environment where all appliances work.  A reasonable rent and lease term, and a landlord who deals immediately with problems or shortcomings.


5. What do you think makes Richmond a great place to rent?

Its wonderful mix of facilities, be it shops, restaurants, culture, schools, open spaces, river and parks, coupled with enviable transport links and history.  These benefits far outweigh the problem of being on the Heathrow flightpath!


Get in touch to discuss your letting or renting requirements with Edward or the rest of the Richmond team, they would be delighted to help.