New Hindhead Tunnel to increase demand for quality property in West Sussex and Hampshire
Writes Andrew Richardson from Jackson Stops & Staff's Chichester office: "The Hindhead tunnel is due to open in April this year. It has been a serious congestion problem on the A3 from London to Portsmouth and the South Coast. I moved to Hindhead myself in 1969 and they were talking about a tunnel then. It has been a major engineering feat to construct it but after 50 years it is finally open. "I believe the implications of this new tunnel are more than just about relieving traffic congestion in Surrey.Lots of bankers and other city workers buy weekend home down here in Chichester and Midhurst, and the tunnel will easily knock half an hour off their journey time. This should lead to a good increase in weekend buyers and consequently demand forhigh quality weekend homes." This is echoed by Andrew Ferrier from Jackson Stops & Staff's Midhurst office who adds: "When the A3M was opened, prices increased over a 12 -month period by 10%. We would expect a similar reaction once the tunnel opens in May with strong demand for properties in both West Sussex and around Hampshire. If you want to find out more about buying property in the Chichester area, why not give Andrew Richardson a call on 01243 786316 or click here. For those seeking property advice in Midhurst, call Andrew Ferrier on 01730 812357 or click here.