New home for the New Year?

As daylight begins to reduce, chilly starts to the days become the norm, and plans for the coming months are considered, you may be feeling a renewed motivation to plan for your next property move.

If you would like to sell your home over the coming months, and be in a new home in the New Year, you'll need to prepare your property for sale, and our South East based estate agents can help you with their top tips and their property marketing know-how...

Kick the competition to the curb
Making your home the best on your street begins with some home truths. Would you want to buy your home if you saw it while on a walk? Does the paintwork need some attention? Does the gutter leak when it rains? Is the 'welcome' mat at the door past its best? Do you need to replace the plants at your front door? See your home from the perspective of a buyer and you’re off to a great start when it comes to any small remedial work you might need to do.

Tick off that list
We know how easy it is to keep adding to your to do list without getting anywhere, but when it comes to property sales and ensuring your home can complete, it's paramount to keep on top of those jobs and that list. A great psychological trick is to keep your list short - you'll complete a few jobs and feel good. Then you can add a few more for the coming week.

A buyer's eye view
You may not notice the stain on the hallway wall, where your dog leans after a wet walk, but your buyer will. How about the dirty shoes on display from Saturday sports, or the dust gathering above the door frame? Take an objective look around your home, or better still get someone you trust to do so, and come up with a list of small jobs that need your attention.

Keep it clean
Easier said than done if you have a family running about your home! You'll want to keep your home looking just like the estate agent photos for viewings, so keeping on top of it every day is a must.

If there's a growing pile of anything - washing, letters, fridge magnets, doom boxes filled with who knows what, consider streamlining and even packing away until you're in your new home. You may even surprise yourself with the items you don't need on a daily basis.

Fresh flowers send a great message to a potential buyer - that you home is clean and fresh and receives the attention it deserves.

Finding the right estate agent
All of the work you put in needs to be matched with the marketing experience and know how of a competent estate agent. No good you making changes if they are not reflected in fantastic photography, accurate words and a beautiful brochure.

Ensure your home is seen by the right buyers
It's not enough to get prospective buyers through the door. Talk to your agent about how they vet clients in order to ascertain if they are serious about buying your property. Keeping on top of everything to keep your home spic and span is no mean feat, so you'll need your agent on their toes to bring in relevant people.

How we can help
We have decades of experience in the South East property market, backed by a national network of 40+ offices and clients from all over the UK and beyond looking for a new home. We advertise our properties extensively on social media both on our branch pages and our national pages, and we utilise the national press with weekly advertising in The Times, The Telegraph and regular advertising in Country Life.

Talk to Jackson-Stops
If you’re in any doubt about the best way to present your home, please speak to us as we would be delighted to help and advise on the best possible way to show your home. Our teams of skilled property experts have been advising people just like you for decades and will be delighted to assist to ensure your property is presented at its absolute best.
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