Preparing Property for Market

16th March 2018

Preparing Property for Market. With glimpses of spring all around, March and April are popular months for thinking about putting your home on the market.

If you’re considering a move, Richard Addington, director of our Exeter office, has some words of advice to ensure that you consider
all angles when preparing property for market.

Thoughts may turn to sprucing up the exterior of your property and ensuring that internal paintwork is pristine, but before you embark upon those important first impressions, think of the preparations you will need to consider to ensure a sale goes smoothly once you have found a buyer. Preparing property for market begins long before you pick up a paintbrush:

– Think of where and when you will move to once you have a buyer

– Consider renting or other short-term arrangements as this can significantly reduce the stress of trying to tie in a purchase with your sale

– Appoint a solicitor at the outset as you will need their advice from an early stage

– Help your solicitor and agent to make sure that all the questions a buyer might ask can be answered. This will include:

* Making sure that the paper trail relating to all alterations/improvements is in place

* Asking your solicitor to check that there is nothing in your title that needs tidying up

* Conveyancing has become much more detailed over the last decade and don’t assume that just because there were no problems when you bought the property that none will exist now

* Most issues I come across relate to inaccurately drawn boundaries. These can easily be resolved but it is much better to do so before a sale rather than when a buyer is waiting.

* If you are selling as an Executor, make sure that Probate has been granted (or will be shortly)

* If there are other occupiers of the property over the age of 18 make sure they all consent to the sale. I have had instances in the past where a sale have been thwarted as the owners had not taken that precaution.

– If you have a mortgage, find out if there are any penalties if you redeem it early. This could impact upon your choice of timing a sale.

– If your property comprises more than just a house, talk to you accountant about any Capital Gains Tax implications of a sale as, again, that might help to influence your choice of timing and method of sale

First impressions
Once the formalities have been taken care of, attentions can turn to the property itself. First impressions are vital so make sure that the approach to the house is uncluttered and appealing.

Buyers make up their minds in a mere eight minutes, so having a well manicured garden, glossy front door and cared-for hallway will give them a great first impression.

Remember to consider:

* Paintwork on gates, walls and the outside of the house itself

* The surface of the drive should be pot hole free and all of last year’s dead leaves removed

* Parking should be easy and convenient. Remove all other vehicles from the front of the house.

* Always leave the entrance gate open when viewers are expected

* Gardens should be tidy and not give the impression of being difficult to manage

* Lawns are likely to constitute the greatest part of most gardens so make sure they are mown

* Internally, concentrate on the rooms that will be used most – hallways, kitchen, living room and main bedroom. Make sure these are tidy, warm, uncluttered and bright.

* Keep pets under control when you have potential buyers visiting the house

There’s a lot to consider, but taking the time to get these things right at the time you are thinking of marketing your home can save time, stress and money in the long run.

Preparing Property for Market. For professional advice, details of our innovative property marketing and access to our experienced team, please do contact Richard Addington at our Exeter office:, 01392 214222.