Property market comment from Jackson-Stops Hale

Overprice at your peril. Market comment from Anthony Jevons, director at Jackson-Stops Hale.

Our advice for successfully selling your Cheshire property is to choose an agent who will price your home accurately.


One could be forgiven for assuming that the UK property market has ground to a halt given the downtrodden comments in national media. While London and some regions may be experiencing lower than average numbers of property sales, here in Hale, Bowdon, Hale Barns and Altrincham we’ve noticed that there is still a high number of active buyers looking to purchase a new home. 

They are, however, more cautious at the moment and only properties that are priced accurately are floating their boat.

Our advice to you if you’re thinking of putting your home on the market is ‘overprice at your peril’.

Choosing an estate agent who will give you a sharp valuation is key in this political climate. Any agent can whet your appetite for a sale by offering an inflated value, but overprice by even a few thousand pounds and you will miss the market and may even end up chasing it. 

Getting the price right at the beginning is vital and will lead to a sale. It will do you no favours to tentatively put your home on the market for more than it’s worth as savvy buyers know the score and have done their homework.

Make sure to choose an estate agent who knows the local property market inside out and who will ensure your home sale hits the ground running with an accurate price. 

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