Renovating a Surrey property. Speak to your estate agent for valuable advice

Renovating a Surrey property. Speak to your estate agent for valuable advice. If you’re thinking of renovating there are a number of pitfalls to be aware of before pursuing these opportunities.

Given the stakes involved we’d recommend talking over planned home improvements with a trusted local agent.

Talking it over with a reputable estate agent is crucial if the work is being done with the intention of adding value or selling on. Some work you may wish to undertake will make no difference to the value of your property, but other works, such as increasing square footage or adding a conservatory, can add a lot of value.

In addition, some refurbishments will make a property more saleable but not necessarily more valuable. Bathrooms and kitchens can be costly to renovate but sometimes don’t change the price point in any significant way. Therefore, taking good advice before you dive into a project, and considering your aims and objectives, is crucial.

Beware your insurance!
Renovators sometimes forget to consult their insurance policies before undertaking work. If you don’t keep your insurance provider updated on major works you are undertaking the policy could be invalidated, as it may not take into account the risks associated with a renovation or extension. A good broker is essential in this case, providing reassurance of a stable insurance policy and one that is not in breach of the property’s mortgage conditions.

Make sure your property is insured for the right value. Although policies tend to be on the generous side in terms of an upper claims limit, when undertaking renovations and extensions, it is often easier than you might think to exceed this value. It is also vitally important that insured values are not confused with open market values. Insurance value is the cost of rebuilding the home, not the price of the property.

If you are going ahead with renovations, or if you’re thinking of buying a property that needs some work, here’s a handy checklist to keep you – and your budget – on track!

Location, location, location
You may not to be able to afford the location you have your heart set on, so look for properties that require a little love and attention in up and coming areas with good access to great schools, transport links and local amenities. Is there a new supermarket planned? Is the transport network expanding to the area? Are there lots of new businesses opening up around? View our homes for sale.

Do you homework
Has the value of locally renovated properties increased enough to make the projects worthwhile? Some home improvements will add a lot to the value of a home, with others less so. Do you homework and check the local market.

Draw up a reasonable budget – and stick to it
Many home owners go full steam ahead into a renovation project with no clear budget, leading to – sometimes – huge overspends. Make sure you account for all aspects of your renovation work and if possible have a little in reserve for unforeseen work.

Do some snooping
If you’re looking to build a kitchen or loft extension, have a look around the area. Do other properties have extensions? If so, you may
be in with a better chance of having your submission granted.

Check out local building regulations
Not all councils follow the same set of building regulations, and what might be granted in one area may not be granted in another.
Go to your local council offices – or check out their website – and look through recent approvals to see if similar projects have been given the green light.

Draw up plans and consider the services of an architect or project manager for larger projects
Heath Robinson is not your friend when it comes to property renovations. Having a clear plan and a plan of action is paramount to ensure contractors know exactly what needs to be done and when.

Small is beautiful
Even if you are not considering a larger renovation project, smaller tasks such as replacing windows or floors or fitting a kitchen will benefit from a clear budget and set of priorities. If you’re not careful even the smallest job can go way over budget without some sound financial planning.

Fixtures and fittings
It’s easy to get carried away with new taps, wool carpets and sash windows, but budget for these expenses early on and stick to your guns. Whole budgets can be blown on fixtures and fittings!

Renovating a Surrey property. Speak to your estate agent for valuable advice. Our reigate office is staffed by seasoned professionals with excellent knowledge of the local area. They can advise on our current list of properties for sale and the value renovations could add: 01737 222027,