Surrey Spring property sales

Latest research from Jackson-Stops shows that March is the busiest month in the year across all aspects of the housing market: from those moving into their new homes to those listings their properties, through to buyers filling in their initial application forms with our branches.

If you’re one of the many thinking about selling your home in the coming months, you’ll be able to take advantage of the increase in those looking to be in a new home for the end of the summer, keen to be in the right catchment area for a new school, or to be firmly ensconced in their new home before autumn sets in. Appeal to these buyers in the Spring months and you may well have a sale on your hands, but don’t wait for everything to be ‘perfect’. Planning your property sale can begin now without the wait for picture-perfect conditions.

Don’t hold your fire for your garden to be at its absolute peak before marketing your home – it’s not the estate agent you need to impress! If you hang on to market your home until your garden is in the throes of displaying all of its colourful glory, you may miss out on the increased market activity that takes place over the next month or so.

At this time of year, our advice is to use this period to work with your estate agent to discuss your sale, measure up for the floor plans, get your boiler serviced and gather any other certificates and warranties together, agree the particulars and approve the glossy brochure. You’ll then be ready to hit the ground running with the final additional of professional photography when your garden is about to spring into action.

Aiming to launch your property into the market just before you feel the garden is going to be at its best means that when viewings are arranged, your garden is at its absolute peak. A buyer that comments that the house looks even better than in the brochure is someone that is thinking very positively about your home.

A few well-placed planters with glorious spring bulbs will brighten up even the coldest of corners with a riot of colour, and new gravel will have your driveway looking like new and really brighten up the exterior of your home. Employing a professional window cleaner to treat both inside and out will ensure that all important spring sunshine is not viewed through streaky panes.

A good, professional agent such as Jackson-Stops will be open and honest with you about any updating or clearance work that needs to take place before you put your home on the market and will suggest reputable companies to carry out any work. An even better estate agent will work with you on a marketing timescale that suits both you and the market conditions.

Choose an experienced agent who knows your area well, knows what buyers are looking for and has an active database of prospective buyers to make sure you have a steady stream of viewings when your home looks its best, and the hard work you undertake now will mean you reap the rewards in the coming months.

We’d be delighted to talk with you about your property, a clear marketing strategy and how our local property experts can spring into action to ensure your property sale is successful. Contact us:
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