The benefits of marketing your Surrey home now

Despite the stamp duty holiday coming to an end now is a fantastic time to put your property on the market. If you’ve been waiting to sell your home, why is now a great time to put your plans into motion?

The limited timeframe of the stamp duty holiday gave many homeowners a real impetus to make some changes to their lives – even those who may not have been considering a sale at the time. The heat in the market may be temporarily cooling, but there’s a bigger issue bubbling up and it’s one that’s very positive for sellers.

What is apparent is the growing number of buyers who are still searching for their new homes. They too were buoyed by the stamp duty holiday and their dreams of owning a new home have not diminished. Once you decide you’re going to move it takes quite a lot to dampen those spirits and decide not to. We all know that once you sow the seed it’s difficult to go back –  those On The Market or Rightmove searches don’t just go away!

Our Dorking and Reigate branches have significant waiting lists of prospective buyers wishing to buy a new home; from first time buyers dreaming of putting down roots to second/third time buyers thinking about a changed work/life balance. 

The pandemic has changed much about what we need from a home, with prospective buyers now able to consider properties further afield due to changing working patterns to families looking to move out of big cities but still looking for good transport links. Working from home has become the norm and many large and small organisations are happy to let their staff continue to do so, which opens up much larger geographical areas for would-be buyers.

With their minds firmly set on moving, we’re finding that those searching for new homes are as keen as ever to make a move and with the launch of several new tempting mortgages, such as 0.99% five-year fixed products, buyers are able to pick and choose from a mortgage market only too happy to accommodate them. Mortgage advice is available from our seasoned professional partners.

So, if you’ve been putting off your sale for fear that the market is slowing, pick up the pace!

Our teams are ready and waiting to help you to sell your home. Take advantage of our decades of experience in the local and regional property markets, our 40+ strong network of branches across the country and our skilled, professional and expert staff. Contact our branches:

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