The early bird catches the worm - why marketing your home now could pay dividends

Latest Jackson-Stops research shows that March is the busiest month across all sectors of the housing market and it follows that April will continue this trend.  To find out how, if you’re planning a move, you can benefit from the opportunities this activity brings, ready on….

If you’re one of the many thinking about selling your home in the coming months, you’ll be able to take advantage of the increase in activity that the Spring brings.  Motivators such as trying to get into a new school catchment for September, buying a holiday home for the summer brought about by increased awareness of the availability and advantages of purchasing one, once people get out and about in the better weather, collide with the ever present upsizers, downsizers and investors to make the Spring the perfect time to get on the move.  But don’t delay, appeal to those buyers now.

Don’t hold your fire for your garden to be at its absolute peak before marketing your home. If you wait to market your home until your garden is in the throes of displaying all of its colourful glory, you may miss out on the increased market activity that takes place over the next month or so.

At this time of the year, our advice is to work now with your estate agent to discuss your plans, get your boiler serviced, gather any certificates and warranties together, book in the EPC and floorplan and run through the text that will be used for marketing – you will then be ready to book in the professional photography when your garden is at its best to hit the market running.

A good, professional agent will be open and honest with you about any updating or clearance work that needs to take place before you put your home on the market and will suggest reputable companies to carry out any work. An even better estate agent will work with you on a marketing strategy and timescale that suits both you and current market conditions.

What else can you do at this time of year to ensure your property stands out from the crowd?

Outdoor appearance
Step outside and take a good look. Gutters full? Do your windowsills need a lick of paint? Windows clean? Window dressings still up to scratch?  Is your porch harbouring cobwebs leaves –these kinds of things become invisible when we pass them every day, but whilst it is a cliché, first impressions do count when it comes to  selling

A sturdy ladder and a sturdy constitution and you’ll be up to the gutters in no time, clearing out the dead leaves, or you may choose to pay a professional! A new set of curtains or linens and a deep clean of those blinds will make your home look appealing from the outside. Clean the gravel, wash the ornaments, make sure the drive is clear of debris – all small jobs that than make a big difference.

Internal audit
Make your rooms appear larger and brighter with neutral colours, mirrors and clever lighting.  If there is one thing that all buyers ask for it is “light”, so you may love that dark Farrow etc etc

In the kitchen, clear the surfaces so prospective buyers don’t think there isn’t enough storage space.  Fix that drawer that hasn’t quote closed for a few months and buy baskets to help tidy those piles of “bits” that we all have lying around.

A breath of fresh air
Spring is a great time to consider having your carpets professionally cleaned, but even more important to have this done before viewings. Your beloved family pet may leave more than fur hanging around and you may have grown accustomed to their odour! Fling open those windows and bring the outdoors in.

Choosing the right estate agent
Always get at least three agents to visit. Your chosen agent should know the area well, know the target audience for your property and be able to demonstrate a proven track record in selling homes like yours. Don’t fall into the trap of choosing the agent with the lowest commission rates – cutting corners when selling your biggest asset will never go well. Make sure you aren’t tied into a long exclusive contract and don’t be swayed by ridiculously high valuations (unfortunately, this is how unscrupulous agents will try to win your business). Above all,  find an agent you have confidence in and can work with, preferably qualified with bags of experience – selling a house is a team effort and that personal relationship between agent and vendor has to be built on trust.

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