The freedom to design from scratch

When it comes to furniture, the old adage “one size fits all” simply doesn’t apply. Homes come in all shapes and sizes and it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Chances are you have quite a lot of furniture you still love and possibly some antique pieces as well. Our beautiful handmade furniture will look as if it belongs from the day it arrives; the lovely, weathered finish is a pale honey colour which will sit happily with darker woods and antiques. It comes in a wonderful selection of designs and classic shapes and sizes. For chairs and sofas, you can choose from our stunning range of natural wools, linens and cottons and beds are often covered with bespoke embroidery to make them extra special.

“The great advantage of handmade furniture,” explains Susie, “is the ability to customise it if required. Our workshops are small, and whilst we don’t have the capacity to mass produce, it means we do have the ability to work with customers to get exactly what they want.”

Perhaps you’re looking for a dining room table in a particular size or a set of chairs upholstered in a particular fabric. Or perhaps you are looking for made-to-measure curtains and matching headboard in your bedroom. Buying bespoke is all about allowing you to choose things that will not only fit the dimensions of your room but also suit your style.

This is where our design teams are on hand to help. “Sometimes, a customer will know exactly what they want says Rachel our head interior designer. “Other times, they are still deciding and find it useful to browse through our photo library to get ideas.

Our designers are there to help throughout this process, from an initial showroom consultation or phone call to the home visit.”

We use sustainably sourced hardwoods, which are hand-carved in our small studio-style factories. The advantage of being a small, family run business is that we are intimately involved in the whole process, communicating with our artisans on every detail during the design process, from the overall shape and dimensions, right down to the carvings on a chair leg.

“I like to think it means something to our customers, to know that their kitchen dresser has been carved by hand, specifically for them,’ says Susie.

“Our society has become so accustomed to machine-made products, that we sometimes forget to appreciate the effort, time and skill involved in making something by hand. I really feel that this understanding helps us to enjoy them more.”

There is a common assumption that anything bespoke will be wildly unaffordable and take months and months to produce, but this is not the case. “Typical lead times for bespoke items is 8-12 weeks. and we try to be as transparent as we can with pricing, whilst still giving our customers as much choice as possible.

With premises in many of the same areas as Jackson-Stops, Susie Watson Designs also shares our commitment to the physical high street, to country styles and exceptional quality, coupled with the most modern and convenient ways of working.

As part of a new partnership with Susie Watson Designs, we have exclusive offers available to Jackson-Stops clients. Please ask for details at any of our offices.

Why not drop into one of our ten nationwide showrooms or call our Interior Designs team to make an appointment on 0844 980 8185.


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