The South Hams is often considered one of the best places to live in Devon, but why?

Located on Devon’s southerly flank, as its name suggests, yet also encompassing large swathes of Dartmoor, the geography and beauty of the South Hams is unique, with rolling green fields and deep, tree lined valleys leading to deep water estuaries. 

The South Hams, framed on two sides by some of the finest sailing waters in the world and fringed with quiet sandy beaches, has understandably earned its place as offering one of the finest lifestyles within the UK.  The mild climate in this region will be appreciated by keen gardeners; slightly cooler summers and milder winters, traditional of a maritime climate, in which ice and snow are exceedingly rare and tropical plants thrive. This mild climate, coupled with fertile farmland and an active fishing fleet has meant that the South Hams has long been recognized as a ‘foodies’ paradise, with many niche and high-end producers servicing a plethora of fantastic restaurants, farmers markets and celebrated food festivals, adding significantly to the healthy lifestyle available.


The additional health benefits of the area should also be noted, with easy access to ample recreational activities on your doorstep; either walking, cycling on the moor or this stretch of coast means hobbies such as surfing, swimming, sailing, fishing and kayaking are all fantastic wellbeing boosters, especially when coupled with the well-known medicinal qualities in fresh sea air, charged with oxygen-absorbing negative ions, simply breathing the sea air alone can help lift mood, decrease stress levels and encourage a better night’s sleep. 


As Ratty wisely said, “there is nothing — absolutely nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” Living near the coast allows you to check the wind, weather and tide by simply opening a window, rather than driving to the boat, only to discover that weather forecast has let you down once again. In addition to this, many popular harbours will only let moorings to local residents, a definite perk for keen boaters. 


Unlike some rural communities, infrastructure in this part of Devon is part of its strength.  Devon is after all a rural county which is fundamental to its charm and it relaxed atmosphere, however the South Hams offers resilient and reliable infrastructure with the mainline railway serving a surprising number of uncrowded stations, offering speedy links to the capital. The A38 (Devon’s Expressway) adds the versatile transport mix, complemented by international airports in Exeter, Newquay and Bristol.


The area is great for families, and is extremely well served by fabulous educational facilities, both in the state and private sectors, there are small primary schools in most villages which feed Ivybridge and Kingsbridge (both rated outstanding) and Kevics in Totnes. There are also three Grammar schools in South Devon as well as a number of independent schools including St Christophers prep school, Mount Kelly as well as a number of independent schools in the Exeter area.


Buyers looking for a sense of belonging need look no further.  You can’t help but notice that the South Hams has a strong sense of community, and residents have always enjoyed a strong sense of self and spirit.  If you would like to know the conditions of the housing market, or are interested to know how we can help, please do not hesitate to contact us.