Ways to style up your outdoor space for spring

Hopefully the wetter weather we’ve experienced over the last several months is showing some signs of abating, which means planning time in the garden can begin in earnest. Daffodils and snowdrops are beginning to show themselves, which is a clear sign it’s time to turn attention to our outdoor spaces to make them sing in spring…

Looking around my garden at this time of year it’s easy to see the ways in which I’ve neglected my outdoor space over winter. The wooden furniture that needed treating, the leaf-strewn borders and the unloved climbing rose. It’s a long list of remedial work, and the number of jobs makes me think twice about tackling it! Of course, the wet weather gave me a great excuse not to…but no more.

What to do about that ever-growing list of jobs? And it’s even more important to make your outdoor space enticing if you’re thinking about selling your home. Planning a stylish makeover of your outdoor space requires imagination, visualisation, and a lot of hard work!

Thinking about each area of your garden and how it worked or didn’t work last year can be a great way to begin to focus on any changes you’d like to make. Was the seating area in the best place? Could you catch more morning sun if it was moved? How much work would it be to wholesale move an area? Was the shady spot for your anemones the right place? Was outdoor cooking social enough – do you need to rethink where the outdoor kitchen/barbecue is placed?

Out at the front of your property, do you still have great kerb appeal? It can be tricky to ensure that your containers are host to year-round colour, so considering some spring bling, such as hellebores or tulips will give the area around your front door instant lift. Popping a hydrangea in there will give you interest and colour right through to autumn.

Soft fabrics can make a huge difference in your outdoor space so, although it may be tempting fate, you could freshen up those cushions, throws and bunting in enduring anticipation of some fine weather! There’s not much better than a stolen half hour, hot drink in hand, sitting on a comfortable chair in the garden and reading through the day’s news or listening to the birds chirping. Small pleasures!

Even the smallest of outdoor spaces can grow unloved in a short space of time, so if your garden is a balcony perhaps rinse the water out of your outdoor lightbulbs, clean your lean-to greenhouse and take a trip to the garden centre to purchase some lovely ranunculus for a spot of spring colour in your hanging containers. If you are planning to sell your home, having neat and tidy outdoor space, with lots of colour to draw the eye, can make all the difference.

If you don’t have time to spend planning and executing a garden rescue, spend a little on some professional help and you’ll reap the rewards all spring and summer long.